World of Tanks - Best Replays of the Week International #68

2 months ago
In this episode we have: a fully armed and operational battle station, a cockroach on a rampage, and a Sniper who refuses to give up. Go! To keep up to date ...

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Hello, I’m Luke Kneller and welcome
to Best Replays of the Week.
In this episode we have:
a fully armed and
operational battle station,
a cockroach on a rampage,
and a Sniper who
refuses to give up. Go!
Let’s start with that Sniper,
who is fredstera,
playing on the European servers.
The battleground is Abbey,
where a Rheinmetall Skorpion G
is already idling, ready for the hunt.
It’s a solid pick, combining mobility
with serious stopping power.
As we can see from the first shot.
Firing through the bushes
is tricky, resulting in missed shots.
Nevertheless, our Sniper is
delivering solid fire support.
When the flank looks clear, fredstera
heads back to secure the home base.
A teammate’s in a spot of trouble,
but it’s nothing a high
velocity shell wouldn’t fix.
There’s also
an Indien-Panzer on offer.
Might as well reach out
and touch it, once or twice.
Has the Skorpion put on weight?
Maybe there would be
an easier route up there.
The flankers have started a capture,
but they seem to be
facing heavy resistance.
So much for that attempt.
The team is down to just
three, against ten Reds.
A Sniper’s instinct makes
fredstera seek cover. Just in time.
With a platoon-mate for a spotter,
our Sniper is in a perfect
position to wreak havoc.
The odds look a little desperate,
but there’s a well known cure for that.
Things quiet down for a while,
until a T32 pops up, disturbingly close.
It manages to beat the spotter up
quite badly, before giving up the ghost.
With the platoon mate
licking their wounds,
the next opponent manages
to sneak in as well.
This one is much easier
to put down, however.
Is somebody really
going to try a capture?
Do they expect our Sniper
to come out into the open?
Good luck with that.
With the odds narrowing down to two vs.
four, this is starting to look winnable.
Especially after fredstera picks off
another foe with cool professionalism.
With all remaining Reds closing in,
taking a safe shot becomes impossible.
After the spotter goes down
as well, our Sniper is left alone.
fredstera abandons the nest,
managing to take out the Defender.
Unfortunately, there’s no hiding
from the T28 Prototype.
Even setting it on fire won’t
be enough. Goodbye, cruel world.
fredstera put up an amazing fight,
clawing back the enemy’s lead,
until a comeback was possible.
Unfortunately, no matter how well you
play, it can still end in heartbreak.
Our Invader of the Week is
HempAbteilung from the American region.
The event is held at Mountain Pass,
with Hemp bringing
an FV215b (183) to the party.
This is the first time we’re featuring
the infamous Death Star in a lead role.
Let’s see if it
lives up to its reputation.
The first HESH shell flies out,
shattering armour
like the hammer of Thor.
You’d think the Reds would wake up to
the threat, but it doesn’t look like it.
And so the next shell
strikes even harder.
It’s not like this is
a god-mode vehicle, of course.
Reloads are long, and the
damage is somewhat unreliable.
As you can see.
But the threat of
a penetrating hit is always there.
It’s a bit like facing
a tier 10 version of the KV-2.
Oh, and there’s one more thing.
You only get 12 shots, so make
sure you don’t miss with any of them.
Hmm, I wonder if this
game’s going a bit poorly.
Blowing up some more
stuff probably wouldn’t hurt.
Artillery, how unpleasant.
Thanks for the help, buddy,
I’ve got this now.
Wait, no!
Why did you charge in there?!
What a mess, and that
enemy arty needs to die.
Also in the news,
the team is still doing badly.
And more importantly, our Death
Star is down to just three shells,
two of them high explosive.
A brave tier 8 invades the enemy
circle… but isn’t that Hemp’s job?
It manages to take
care of the pesky SPG.
But what should
our champion do now?
Another bottom tier
heavy rolls into view.
It should be easy prey…
unless Hemp decides to just
lob a shell at it without aiming.
Not your finest moment there, buddy.
How are you going
to deal with it now?
You’ll have to try the HE
and hope for the best…
yes, that will do nicely.
The last teammate is still alive,
apparently winning its
duel with an AMX 50B.
Its capture marches on,
while Hemp is busy taking shells
from another VK 100.01 (P).
Uh, guys? Are we even showing
the correct replay here?
Well, ok, we probably are.
But how does our champion
get out of this mess, never
mind pulling off a capture?
Remember how I said facing
this thing can be intimidating?
The VK certainly seems to agree.
So scary in fact, that Hemp
is free to exit the scene,
leaving the opponent
stewing in paranoia.
That still leaves one problem.
A nasty, tier 10 problem.
Hemp pulls the trigger, blowing up
the massive TD with the last shell.
Driving towards the capture
circle is a torturous ordeal,
as the Death Star isn’t built for speed.
Here at last. A few seconds pass,
securing the capture against a draw.
Hemp prepares as best they
can to bounce a shot or two.
If we’re lucky, the opponent was
right on the edge of the green circle.
And that might be the case, since it
never shows up to contest the capture.
What an interesting game.
HempAbteilung gave us a demonstration
of the Death Star’s
armour shattering power,
as well as some comedy with
the hasty shots. Good stuff.
Crucial Contribution
Now we’ll cross over
to the Asian region,
for a Crucial Contribution by _Chihaya_.
Looks like we’ll get to witness a T-54
cockroach scurrying across Malinovka.
Sprinting ahead of the pack, the T-54
takes a sniper’s position on the hill.
After a cautious start,
_Chihaya_ gets serious
about improving the
ventilation of enemy armour.
Some return fire is happening,
but if anything it just inspires
our champion to fight harder.
Credit where credit is due.
The Red team’s assault
shows courage and tenacity.
But there’s a point when those
virtues turn into suicidal folly.
So far the attempts to step on our
cockroach haven’t really done anything.
Hits like this just slow
it down for a moment.
Some fool goes for a capture, but
the attempt is doomed from the start.
Maybe this Red roach would
offer more of a challenge.
Doesn’t seem like it.
It’s practically a free kill.
But while we’re here, let’s
send that Lorraine a little gift.
Maybe it’s time to finish this.
Assaulting their base
should do the trick.
Ok, flubbing a shot on an AFK
machine is a bit embarrassing.
Quick, pick up another
kill to make us forget it.
Finishing off the zombie tank
secures a slightly dubious Top Gun.
There are still three
targets out there, of course.
So maybe there’s still time
for a proper 6th kill.
This UDES 03 would do nicely,
but the teammates are too
hungry for a piece of the pie.
One last chance.
Nope. Close, but no biscuit.
But hey, that
Top Gun still counts, right?
And in any case this was a Crucial
Contribution, which _Chihaya_
definitely received with that monstrous
pile of damage. It’s all good.
Top Gun
Now let’s kick things
into an even higher gear,
with a Top Gun rampage
from the American region.
The city of Kharkov is about to
feel the fury of AgentePM22’s E 50.
It’s nice at the top tier,
especially in a match without
any tier 9 TDs or heavies.
In these conditions, Agente can
rely on the armour quite a bit.
Within reasonable limits, of course.
There’s a steady exchange of fire,
until our Top Gun grows impatient.
Die already, why don’t you.
Now that Agente’s appetite has been
whetted, the feeding frenzy can start.
This big boy is too sturdy
to go down with a single shot,
so it gets another one.
At this point Agente is forced
to slow down a little,
simply because there’s
nothing else to shoot at.
A short bit of driving later,
the cliché about a target
rich environment comes to mind.
Would you prefer another saying?
How about “a fox among the chickens”?
Bang! You’re dead.
It seems that there are cappers,
trying to ruin the fun.
The SuperPershing will do
nicely for the Top Gun kill,
even though it seems a little catatonic.
What were we doing again?..
Oh, yes. Killing dudes.
Has this FCM rage quit as well?
What’s wrong with these people?
The remaining Reds are gathering.
Maybe they’ll finally
put up a proper fight.
Like that. Nice try from the 13 90.
There goes the last friendly,
followed into the garage by its killer.
The remaining pair put up a good show,
even though they can’t really
get through the E 50’s armour.
Eventually, the faster machine
zigs when should have zagged,
leaving the Czechoslovakian
machine all alone.
And speaking of that one,
why waste a shell when all
you need is a swift kick.
That was certainly impressive.
13 kills, 7.6k damage, and with almost
a thousand hit points remaining.
I get the feeling that AgentePM22
didn’t even break a sweat.
And now, we’ve come
to the episode finale.
This time the replay,
which impressed us the most
was a Defender game
from the EU region.
Our champion is VikingMD,
who commands a T25 Pilot
Number 1 in an Encounter at Ensk.
This catchily named medium tank
is thinly armoured, but fairly mobile.
Its strong points lie in gun handling,
accuracy and a high rate of fire.
Which comes in handy if, for example,
you need to clear some obstacles
before the action starts.
Aside from the demolition work,
the opening moves aren’t
particularly noteworthy.
Things heat up nicely when our Viking
Defender squares off against a KV-4.
The Soviet heavy
is a tough nut to crack.
Let’s crack a few
of these softer ones first.
Crunchy, but what to do next?
Maybe give the KV-4 a parting shot
or two, and then head for the city.
Come on KV, you really need
to watch where I’m going!
Hello, AT 7! Can you
guess what happens next?
And look at this, another free kill.
I wonder why they seem
to be ignoring Viking?
On the other hand, the overall situation
is starting to look pretty grim.
Wait, what was that?
Back up a little and…
Dammit! That could
have been a clean kill.
And again. This is getting messy.
There’s still a solid
buffer of hit points,
but trading shots in such a thin
skinned machine just doesn’t feel right.
The capture siren begins to wail,
but in an encounter there’s
no actual hurry to respond.
Not when it’s just
a single capper, anyway.
A second one drives through
the circle, revealing their position.
I guess it was this guy, whom Viking
swats aside with contemptuous ease.
And here’s the actual capper.
The first reset attempt
is a little embarrassing,
but as I said, it’s not
like there’s an actual hurry.
With a teammate to distract it,
the Tiger P is easy to put down.
Sadly, the friendly isn’t long for
this world. But neither is the KV-4.
So it’s a duel then, for the
endgame, and not a fair one.
Or would you like to take
on a KV-3 in perfect repair,
with what is left of this
thin skinned med tank?
The heavy settles into the capture zone
like a dragon guarding its treasure.
There’s plenty of time for Viking
to pick the perfect approach.
And yes, this is the time to start
using APCR ammo. Good thinking.
The first shot punches
clean through the armour,
but Viking doesn’t feel
like hanging around.
A second attempt works as well,
but this time the KV
is ready for it. Careful now.
Now that the dragon
is alert, how do you kill it?
Viking has the longer view range,
so it should be theoretically
possible to… ok, there it is.
Did it spot you?
I guess not. Fire at will!
It’s a great setup. The resets prove
that the shots are going through.
The KV refuses to take a blind shot,
holding fire until its hit
points run out. Victory!
What an excellent game!
VikingMD managed to take
on a tough heavy in full repair,
with a tank hanging by a thread.
And not only that,
but it was done with style.
That’s all for this episode.
Ok, I know you might be angry—
there’s a little bit of a delay.
But it’s my fault this time.
So, let loose in the
comments, guys. I deserve it.
I’m Luke Kneller. Thanks for
watching and I’ll see you next time!