Why I Left Mitú | Jenny Lorenzo

6 days ago
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English subtitle

Hey, my people!
I have some exciting news to share with all of you.
My long-lost cousins.
Last month, I made the tough decision to leave
my position as video producer at We Are Mitu.
In order to pursue many goals and projects that I just didn't have enough time for.
Like writing scripts, building my own YouTube channel and social media platforms and auditioning
for film and television roles. And just
collaborating and just getting to do
more things that, you know, when you're
working for a digital media network it's
tough because you have to meet a quota.
You start feeling like a machine and you
tend to feel burned out and when I come
home it's it's a never-ending cycle.
You're constantly juggling work. My time
at Mitu was incredible and I got to
work with so many talented people. But
after dedicating several years to
various digital media platforms and
channels it was time for me to move on
and focus on my brand and my own channel
and platforms and just bring everything
home. And for those of you wondering, I
will be creating the same content that
you've been seeing from me over the
years on this very-
*knock on door*
Just one second...
Hello, my child!
What are you doing here?
Well, what do you think? I'm here to stay!
Here in my apartment?
Of course! In the words of Ricky Ricardo,
Jenny, I'm home!
Sorry, guys. So, as I was saying.
You will be continue to see-
Jenny, do you want some picadillo?
With olives?
Yes, thank you, Abuela.
So, yes. You'll continue to see the same fun, nostalgic, familial content you've been seeing from me
over the years. From my geek-related content to my Hispanic content.
I'm spitting all over the screen and that's cause I'm excited. Because I finally get to bring every aspect
of myself home. Here on this channel. Here on this Facebook page. On my Instagram account.
It's gonna be everywhere.
Child, put on a sweater! It's cold enough to peel your a**!
Grandma, but, I already have a sweater on.
Well, put on another one!
I love you!
So yeah, um, I'm gonna eat picadillo now
because, apparently, Abuela is here to stay
and I'm excited cause... I was very
Thank you guys, again, for supporting me and showing me so much love. Your messages and emails and
comments and I try my best to read all
of them. And it means so much to me-
I am really hot right now. Um.
I really don't know what I would do without you guys.
I think this is a fantastic community and
that's why I'm here to tell you that
just because I'm leaving We Are Mitu,
doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop
creating this content that means so much
to me. That I've been focusing so heavily
on. Coming out here, I have found my
purpose in creating this content now
finally in- on my own platform I'll be
able to finally showcase every aspect of
myself with no restraints and it's it's
very freeing and sure it's it's scary
it's a risk it's a decision. Right? You
have to make big decisions in life and
in this career that's very unpredictable. Um.
But sometimes you've got to make those
moves in order for bigger things to
happen and bigger doors to open and I'm
just gonna give this my all. And if you
guys want to continue to support the
work that I do, I have opened up a
Patreon account. And if you guys don't
know what that's about, just be sure to
check it out I've written a description
on how you can help me to continue
generating this type of content now that
I have officially gone solo. But
everything you guys do- whether you
support me through Patreon or share a
video with your family and friends.
Or just simply watching my videos is enough.
If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be
here today. So let your aunts and uncles,
cousins, and the dog, and the grandma,
and the freaking neighbor who low-key steals your avocados
but you kind of know they do that anyway.
Let them all know where I am. All the
links are provided in the description below. And, again, thank you for believing in me.
I love you!
Alright, I'm coming, grandma!