Why Deadpool might have the best character biographies till this very day!

5 days ago
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Hello there guys and girls it's me its
Grifter welcome to Retro Productions as
You most certainly could see yourself
you're watching Deadpool.
You know, that ripoff character from Deathstroke
from DC Comics. But nevertheless
Deadpool is pretty cool. Yeah I'm not gonna
talk about how cool this game is or how
funny it is but I'm gonna we're gonna
show you something special something this
game nailed like no other game ever did
before You know the bio-graphs from the
characters many comic games use that because they show lots of characters that
have biographies you can read about them
or you can watch the character in 3D but
Deadpool, well they really did something pretty cool
in my opinion
I'm not sure why I especially like it but I
think I know why
You might not know it
but I'm a quiet a little artist myself
so I really like comics I've been
reading since I've been a teenager and
as you know there are many different
art styles out there many different
artists who portray the characters in
their own distinctive style
So I'm not quite sure why they did it
with Deadpool, but they nailed it for me
me they really did. They kind of showed
their appreciation for the many different
artists and art styles that there exists
and I'll show you why I hope you
guys can enjoy it please feel free to
subscribe and like this video if you did
Deadpool planted is both hero and
villain dead movers wants a badass
mercenary named Wade Wilson have to be
recruited into the Weapon X program
weight was subjected to experiments that
gave him awesome regenerative powers and
drove him batshit crazy today the Merc
with a mouth traveled the globe in
search of fortune chimichangas dad my
girl omnipotent otherworldly height she
totally wants me and I understand that
because I totally want me to we met
during some of my near-death experiences
we can't be together until I die but I
can't die
Domino has what she calls the
probability manipulation I call it dumb
as luck choose to spend your time as a
mercenary like me which makes her even
hotter but now she works me good guys
like the x-men Genosha the mutant
homeland and eventual sight of a total
massacre magneto ran things there for a
while and promised better treatment of
mutants but then the Sentinels came and
slaughtered all 16 million inhabitants
pretty dark shit school plays that game
though so thanks Marvel psylocke and I
used to hang out in Wolverines little
secret Club the uncanny x-force she's
nothing special just your typical
British turn Japanese psychic ninja who
is wicked and I'm pretty sure
ah the sweet southern belle from
Mississippi rogue is hotter than the Sun
of the sabotage
she says she broke absorbs the skills
powers memories and anything else
through skin under skin contact if I
could get down some sentiments big nasty
mutant hunts robots sentinels can fly
shoot giant flats energy from their
hands and generally hate you thank God
I'm a mutated not a mutant types I mean
who would want one of those metal
monstrosity chased after them
Oh mr. Patti bad guy he's a mutate like
me he never wants to go out for beers
he uses his genius intellect his study
cloning and all sorts of crap the bad
guys do to make army
he's also the boss of the Marauders
total losers who do his evil bidding
evil Wolverine I heal in fact the K from
his DNA some we're like twins except
he's short and furry and he smells funny
he loves it when people ask him if they
can fly the Blackbird he's got these
awesome adamantium claws that cut
through anything including my body when
I piss him off