What To Do When Someone's Choking

10 days ago
You're at home eating with your family and someone starts choking. Do you know what to do? What should you do if you are by yourself? Choking is the fourth ...

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choking is the fourth leading cause of
unintentional injury death in fact more
than 5000 people died from choking in
the past year so now we're going to
demonstrate choking relief to you keep
in mind that mild choking is pretty
common you're eating dinner with someone
they may just start coughing and that's
okay let them allow them to cough and a
lot of times they can relieve it
themselves if they do some really hard
coughing and making a lot of noise
that's okay but if the choking becomes
severe what's gonna happen is they're
clutching at their neck they may be
turning a shade of blue or whatever but
they're not making any noise so that's
when you know it's a very severe thing
and it's an emergency you need to act so
Austin's gonna come in he's choking
right now he's severe he's clutching at
his neck I gotta ask him are you okay
are you okay are you choking okay so I
want to help you all right so I'm gonna
turn around so to perform abdominal
thrusts otherwise known as the Heimlich
you take one hand with the fist
thumb side in grab the other hand above
the belly button force it in and up so I
have to do this several times until I
can relieve the choking piece whatever a
foreign object that he is out of his
airway and if not successful then I just
let him rest and just keep in mind that
you have limited time four to six
minutes of lack of oxygen it becomes an
emergency and becomes more of a CPR
emergency the the brain cells start
dying the heart can be affected then you
may have to go to a CPR okay choking
relief on children may require slightly
different techniques so if they're
shorter about the height of this
mannequin here you would just have to
kneel down to get to their you know
stomach level and be able to do the
thrusts just the same way you did on
adults except just maybe on your knee
so same technique just get down on your
knee to get to that abdominal level
choking relief for infants is a little
different because of their size instead
what we'll do is we will use back slaps
and chest thrusts that means you'll be
supporting the head at the jaw tilting
the baby facedown keeping the head below
the the chest and giving five firm back
slaps then turning the baby over still
keeping the head down 5 chest thrusts so
repeat this while the baby is still
conscious until the object is removed
otherwise if that baby quits responding
then you will have to lay the baby down
and begin CPR well the best thing to do
if you're choking and alone is not go in
a closet not go in a restroom you can
cough very loudly but if that doesn't work
you can lay your chest or your stomach
over a chair or a table but at the very
least go out where there are people
around make a make a commotion let
people know that you're in trouble so
that they can potentially help you so
for someone that's too large the method
would be to go under the arms or if it's
a pregnant woman you want to do under
the arms as well because you want to do
chest compressions will force just as
much air out as abdominal thrusts and
obviously it'd be very dangerous to do
abdominal thrusts on a pregnant woman so
it's best to go up here under the arms
choking prevention is especially
important for children and infants
obviously not allowing young children to
have large pieces of hard candy or
things that they're immature digestive
systems are not able to handle yet for
older adults
obviously alcohol increases the odds of
choking there are certain foods that are
more difficult to digest or you know if
they take large bites of a bagel or you
know a large sandwich you're trying to
cram too much in there at one time snack
foods like popcorn and grapes or nuts
those things can actually be small
enough to just perfectly block the
airway so you just want to be more
mindful to chew it more carefully
those are just some of the tips that
would work but there's no perfect
prevention other than just being more
mindful about your eating thank you for
joining me I hope this information has
been helpful for more information on
health and wellness for you and your
family go to cone health.com/
wellness and remember don't hesitate to
act you can save a life I'm Rob Emory