What sucks about being a youtuber

2 months ago
Being a youtuber sometimes sucks. You have people calling you in the middle of your shooting and some of you might be asking "Why don't you just shut it off!

English subtitle

how's it going everybody welcome back
well this week I really want to talk
about a few things now I mean now I've
done a bit of research and hello yo
sorry guys I know you see my call ten
times being what do you mean ten times I
got no call from you are you calling
from Grandma's phone this is her number
yes so well I'm calling from my
grandma's home that's your grandma too
dad put some respect on her name did
your anyway yo yo anyway yo die what do
you want not shut up who the fuck told
you you could use my footage on your
YouTube channel I don't know man I
thought it was cool I mean where do you
think that was gonna go like you know
I'm trying to do this YouTube thing bro
I mean like I thought you'd be
supporting I don't give a shit what
you're doing if that would suck I'll
come to your house doc I know where you
live B y'all come to your house every
time there's a strike a family visit
Rose yeah I know you come to my house
bro so why is this a big deal like ya
know you want some pasta take your mom
and your dad run coming through and
being the shy boy okay we honestly who
is this what do you mean who is it it's
a muscle building Billy no not Billy
June 6 hey take belt Billy Billy Billy
yes bill I can't do this man what the
hell you hurry up bro I'm like I was in
the middle of shooting and like you got
I got how's it going everybody now I
don't know if you guys ever been in a
situation where a bunch of people
hello hey Sonny are you doing mate yeah
I'm good Oh Hector how's it going man
I'm pretty every good I'm gonna fucking
piss cuz I you've been using my identity
for the wrong reasons
I told you if you're going to like use
for identity you can use it for that you
can use it for robbery you can use it
for attacking the Queen I don't really
give a fuck but look man you didn't ask
me I told you that you can use more
identity for robbing banks attacking the
Queen because queen and lot actually a
large Justin Trudeau he's pretty pretty
nice but this is all the point don't you
mean subject listen if you want to use
my identity for like your YouTube thing
they would you didn't tell me you didn't
tell me that you were going like you
okay listen first of all I asked you
okay and before you Bill Billy Billy
called me all right you guys were both
shooting at the same time I told you
guys exactly where the footage was going
so why is it being brought up right now
you put on YouTube and you along I want
the money for it
it isn't like whipped cream whip whip
now what quick I say probably whipped
cream that's how you say right I don't
know man like you're are you barfing or
something it's not what cream is whipped
cream shop listen if you want to put me
on youtube I want money or like drugs
how's it going everybody have you ever
encountered people who really piss you
off and who the fuck is this hello cool
he gos kia - Radhika Reggie mean we got
like an old garage Domino sorry sorry
sorry sorry
Le'Veon ability Kaja hector sega barbar
moon curry and a Pathan Aikido de una
Carta I can still make Alinea this okay
I'm sorry man I did a Pathan you see
this me just a bad bad phone Caliente
right so like I don't know I picked up
at our wisdom get into Jaime's you know
Holden marrón de Blasio's del Plata
gonna die I don't need to know that I
mean it's cool we tenemos Iranian
Neah Bay is on we're cutting her nose I
didn't even do anything Boyan no Jade
opal on Appa Yakka mappoint on TV :
I'm pointing at 80 gonna hop in man Oh
Connelly Keeler I see grocery Daria I'm
done I can I'm done for the day I tried
I tried to record sorry
stop please after you Billy you dad I'm
sorry it was me okay
anyways I hope you guys liked whatever
this was comment like and most of all
subscribe and if it weren't for these
people coming in the wave guide and I
will ship boy Brown status panning out