What REALLY happens in Pokemon - episode 5 (1/3)

3 months ago
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English subtitle

Narrator: Last time, our hero Ash Ketchum and Misty...
Narrator: Uh...Does anyone know her last name?
Narrator: Ash and Misty were traveling through the Viridian Forest.
Narrator: Little did they know, they were actually walking through the set of Bee Movie 2.
Narrator: And the bees were not so happy about it.
Narrator: Lucky for them, a young man was able to help escort them out of the Viridian Forest.
Narrator: Hoping they would let him join in on their adventures.
Narrator: Yeah...That was not the case.
Narrator: Meanwhile, a bunch of police cars surrounded Ash's mom's house, ordering her to open the door.
Narrator: But unfortunately for the police officers, Ash's mom wasn't happy.
Police: Come on, Ash's mom. Please, you gotta understand.
Police: We can't go home to our families until you open that door.
Ash's Mom: Well, if you can't go home to your families, then bring them right here!
Ash's Mom: Because I am not opening the door!
- Police Officers: Wow, she's good!
- Police: She is good!
Oak: What's going on over here?
Oak: Excuse me, coming through!
Police: Please! You've taken down our general, our assistant general, our assistant junior general,
Police: Our assistant junior under general, our assistant junior general under higher foot- Just, PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!
Police: Wait, what? It was opened all along?!
Police: Guys! The door was opened all along!
Police: Oh.
Ash's Mom: Well, I'm impressed! I didn't think any of you would actually try to open the door!
Ash's Mom: Want some tea?
Oak: Oh, I didn't come here for tea.
Ash's Mom: Oh, um...
Ash's Mom: Would you like some chocolate, then?
Oak: I didn't come here for chocolate either.
Ash's Mom: Maybe some ice cream?
Ash's Mom: A pack of gum?
Ash's Mom: (third hand appears) Some cheesecake?
Oak: Your son took one of my Pokémon, and someone's gonna have to pay!
Ash's Mom: Wait!
Ash's Mom: Two cheesecakes?
Oak: Fine.
Police: Alright guys, you know the drill. If the house is unlocked, we just open the door, barge in and arrest her.
Police: Should be simple, right? Nothing could go wrong!
Police: Alright, change of plans. Turns out the door's NOT unlocked anymore.
Ash: And then he said, "Can I join your team?" I mean, can you believe that guy?
Misty: Ash, we know exactly what he said, alright? We were there with you.
Ash: I'm just glad that we're out of that Viridian Forest.
Pikachu: Can we make a quick stop at the nearest Pokémon Center so I can attempt to escape while you two hooligans are distracted?
Ash: What was that, Pikachu?
Pikachu: I said, can I rest up at a Pokémon Center?
Ash: I could've sworn you said something else.
Pikachu: No, no. I have no idea what you're talking about.
Ash: Alright, then. Let's go rest at a Pokémon Center.
Pikachu: Great.
Ash: Go ahead and get some rest, Pikachu. We'll wait for you over there.
Pikachu: Excuse me, hi. My name is Pikachu and I tell those two idiots over there that I was gonna get some rest.
Pikachu: You with me? Okay.
Pikachu: So, here's what I wanna do:
Pikachu: I want you to call the cops, and let them know that I'm being held, hostage at Pewter City.
Nurse Joy: Uh...
Pikachu: Little confused, are we?
Pikachu: Haha, yeah. Maybe I said it a bit too fast for you to comprehend.
Pikachu: Pick up the phone.
Nurse Joy: Pick up the phone.
Pikachu: Dial up the cops.
Nurse Joy: D-dial up the cops.
Pikachu: Tell them I'm being held, hostage.
Pikachu: Tell them I'm being held, hostage!
Pikachu: What? No! I said dial up the cops!
Pikachu: What are you doing? This is not at all what I'm asking you to do here!
Pikachu: Where did this toilet even come from?!
Pikachu: Okay, this is getting a bit too much for me. Maybe I should start over-
Pikachu: Why don't we all just calm down for a second-
Ash: What's going on over here, Pikachu?
- Pikachu: That crazy lunatic is trying to kill me!
- Nurse Joy: I did no such thing!
Ash: Wait a minute, aren't you that same woman from the last Pokémon Center?
Nurse Joy: What?
Ash: Yeah, yeah! You're Nurse Joy!
Ash: How in the world did you get here?
Misty: So...Was Nurse Joy able to heal your Pikachu?
Gary: Where are we, Squirtle? I really don't like this place, it's too scary!
Squirtle: Ugh, do you really have to talk this entire time?
Gary: Sorry but, when I don't talk there's just a REALLY awkward silence and-
Squirtle: I DO NOT CARE, okay?!
Squirtle: If you really must know, I'm gonna meet up with an old buddy of mine!
Gary: Will they help us find Pikachu?
Squirtle: I don't know, is the sky blue?
Gary: Uh...Actually, the sky is an illusion of what light of the Sun reflects onto where-
Squirtle: Everything about you is just built to irritate me, isn't it?
Gary: I'm sorry.
Squirtle: Yeah, whatever. You just stay there, okay? I don't want you embarrassing me while I meet up my old friend.
???: I'm impressed, Squirtle. Here I thought you were the last person ever gets off.
Squirtle: Oh, just spam me with all the introductions! Come on out, I need to have a word with you.
???: Hehehehehehe.
Nurse Joy: So, what brings you here?
Squirtle: I'm sure you've heard about Professor Oak's missing Pikachu.
Nurse Joy: Of course I have, have you forgotten who I am?
Squirtle: Heh, not at all!
Nurse Joy: Let me guess, you've been asked to return the missing Pikachu, and you need my help once more?
Squirtle: Not quiet.
Squirtle: You see, Professor Oak hasn't trusted his grandson to return the Pikachu back to his lab.
Squirtle: But, I have other plans!
Nurse Joy: Oh, so you haven't gotten *inaudible* after all.
Nurse Joy: May I ask what those plans are?
Squirtle: I'll reveal it to you when the time comes.
Squirtle: But for now, I need you and your organization now more than ever.
Nurse Joy: I see.
Squirtle: Soon will come a time where Pokémon will be ceased to be enslaved by less obese such as the human race!
Nurse Joy: Wait, aren't I a human too?
Narrator: Looks like things aren't looking so good for our hero, Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu.
Narrator: What could possibly be behind Squirtle's plan?
Narrator: Where have all the Nurse Joys gone to?
Narrator: Wait...Is the plural way to say Nurse Joy, "Nurse Joys" or "Nurses Joy"?
Narrator: Is Professor Oak enjoying his two cheesecakes?
Oak: These are a bit overcooked.
Narrator: Find out next time on "What REALLY happens in Pokémon"!
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