What I already got - My First public video - SGU Megabuild (PS: Use the subtitles/captions)

2 months ago
So, this is the fist video as meantioned in my tweet. It showes what I got so far. Sorry, for the not so good quality of my voice ( I just used my headset and I can't ...

English subtitle

so let's see.
uhmm. yeah. so. this is my first time recording
a video and uploading it publicly to youtube,
I've made previous videos before with but
just unlisted so only I could see it or if
I shared the link.
Some of you who might come here via my facebook
or twitter post, those who found it over youtube,
what I am going to do is, uhmm....
I got as you can see, some virtual reality
with motion tracking, like these hands are
in position of my motion controllers.
uhmm, I am using a HTC Vive.
I am always like overambitious so, I wanna
make a megabuild, for Stargate Universe (SGU)
Destiny ship.
Some of you might go like "nah, he is never
gonna make it" so in this video I am gonna
show you what I already got.
And I try to make regularly updates.
I am using Unreal Engine 4.
Like this is the, uhm... like on this side
is the template, as you can see, VR-Template.
And I input some blueprints that I already
got. uh....
So let's get into it and I show you what I
So uh....
You might see that it is a bit diffrent from
the original template, because I already messed
a bit around.
Starting out whe got the gate.
That one just has normal textures, oh well
not really textures just material and all
the details you see is really in the mesh
as you can see.
I am planning on going over it with some....
What's the name of the programm again?
Substance Painter and Substance Designer.
I made the Gate in Blender.
(Free Programm) and then Imported it in here
and made some uhh.... yeah, Blueprints...
Unreal Engine Blueprints, So...
The default VR-Template is when you press
the trigger on the motion controller they
make the fist and if it's close to something
you can pick up, it will pick it up the object.
What I added is, if I press the Gripp-Button,
it will make this Pointy-Finger.
Took me heck a long of
time until I figured
how that worked.
So umm... right now we got the remote.
The remote will look every time it is used,
it will look which gate is the closest, currently
it is that one overhere is the clossest, If
I would walk over there, that one would be
the closest and yeah, and it will communicate
with the closest gate.
Here we got the three gate addresses, that
the gate can dial, uhh... this one right in
the middle is over there, the one on the bottom
is it's own address the top one is on the
So let me show you what happens if it dials
its own address, so we wanna select the one
that's below, so we press on the down button
and then on the dial button.
Those of you who can read it, great, the other
ones just will have to learn it, sorry.
It was also kinda difficult to figure out
how to make the lights work propperly.
It looks nice in a dark room.
so yeah, It can realise "oh, it is my own
address" and it abords after the last chevron
is dialed, so let's dial one of the other
twos, let's see, uhm...let's dial that one
over there, so we go up again one and dial.
Oh... wrong one.
so yeah, you see the soundeffect is playing
but the animation is not quite there yet,
I haven't figured out how that works.
Also I have made a 3rd person blueprint...
ehh... version, where you just can walk into
and come out the other gate.
This one with the VR-Pawn I haven't quite
figured out how that works, so I am just gonna
throw in the remote.
I haven't figured out how I
can make it keep the velocity and comes out
on the front of the gate.
I figured out how to set the velocity of the
remote so it comes out on , ehh... it comes
out on the front, but with 0 velocity, so
it will
just drop.
Let's see.
So it's over there now.
over here.
I am just gonna turn that off.
uhmm... yeah.
Those of you who like math can calculate how
many different combinations there are with
36 symbols on it
and 7 symbols in the address.
have fun
yeah, I got the remote
I got the gates
just to show you that it can distinguish which gate is the closest
But that is not what we are here for
Then Second one
I got this lovely door over here
You can see I already used substance painter on this one
I think you can not see it
the HTC Vive together with Steam VR
has like a chaperone system
that shows you where the walls are
Probably you can not see it
lovely door whith some nice rust here
I can walk through it
I have to figure out how to make a walk
instead of just teleporting the pawn
But whatever
Just press the button
And there we got the door
and a hallway
you can see; door has substance on it
Hallway not yet
But I am getting to that later
So let's close this door
It is a little bit laggy
I don't have the best quality Graphigs card
GPU (GTX) 970
I need to upgrade that
to maybe a 1080 or 1080 Titan
Let's see how much money I got from work this month
So again, press the button
door opens
it has a bit of dirt and rust on it
those of you who know
the destiny is a really old ship
like 15 million years old or something
I got the apple core
No textures yet
havent gotten to that
and we got over here
as you can see this panel
way too big currently
It's gonna shrink
I'm gonna make the screen and the buttons
no textures yet
just material
This is basecly what I got so far
it is quite all I got
I am kinda... don't really wanna say proud but
kinda looking forward to doing what this will turn inot
so we have the windows
can look through it
and yellowish
as I said
Just standard VR Template
oh... wrong side!
so, let's walk over there
also something that took a while to figure out
here on the remote
The buttons
I can push them whith the hand
it won't work
or with the finger it won't work
it will only work if I
Make thsi Pointy-Gesture
I haven't figured out how to get around this sound problem
But I hope I will make progress with that
That's so far all I got
Put down in the comments what you think
Maybe I will have to make a retake
I know my microphone is probably not the best
I can't really go record in a clauset
I don't really have a script so I just recorded what came to mind
Hope you liked it
leave a comment in the comment section
I also will put a link into the discription to my facebook and twitter...
or just twitter
for those who wanna keep updated
on my progress whith the Programm
So yeah
hope you like it and see you soon