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I'm happy for that so this it's a vlog
Oh how's it going everybody - Ivan
welcome back to your daily blogs damn
super super excited for today's vlog
it's a travel video long travel video
especially for my favorite places to
travel to him going there today I'm
going to Portugal super excited for this
today how you doing everywhere region
writer what do you doing imma just just
finished editing yesterday's video today
like there and I like a second ago two
seconds ago and here it is on ready to
export some an export this bad boy up
and let's get going on the road to
Portugal I'm super excited
we're leaving there right now I am in
the car I'm on my way to Belfast
that's the airport we're going to get
the flight from Ireland to Portugal
super super exciting excited Sam okay
guys so we're here at the airport super
excited right now we're going to go on
pretty soon we're probably gonna get
something to eat first and the moon the
moon is looking well look at the moon
the moon right up there
therefore right now I'm super excited
for you play the time yeah oh look as
cool lookin tunnel kinda thing with me
right now
I like this we're going to hopefully try
catch your flight right now hopefully it
doesn't get delayed for church right now
we're going to the departure part we're
going to get we're going to be departed
like this was guess there's a security
section with you with the security and I
better try inviting through the little
conveyor belt thing just to see if I can
should I just remembered I just wash
gear my bag I'm gonna have to empty like
everything like oh okay guys we're here
we got past security we're in the lunge
well you wanna call for lunch got
restaurants we've got shops got loads of
stuff I want to look at the sunglasses
but I mean this is my pair of sunglasses
right here but I want to see you leave
any red bands here do you guys got lots
of things okay okay guys the thing right
now I'm myself a pair of ray-bans be
nice fit await I've wanted a pair of
these for such a long time so I'm going
to take these ones off not gonna discard
these I'll probably use these sometime
before a nice it's open these off
this is the way out of the cafe perfect
we are boarding the plane right now you
have super super javi with this type of
saw me yeah I'm wearing these Riggins on
Glavine we're just super hype for these
because the want a pair of these for so
long these guys come under stairs he's
excited it's our pleasure our plane
right there that's our plan our green
plane by the way guys remember I was
talking about that number 72 haunted me
like everywhere I go with there our
boarding thing is EA o 72 the sun's
action raisin right now it's getting
right over the knee who like it's been
dark right up Illinois as far as I've
seen two bars like the sunrise in and
Ireland and then we'll get the Portugal
and it will be like in the middle of the
here we go now it's gonna be warm in
okay guys so we left the airport like
just that I going to go go ahead to get
a taxi it's a green ball stuff is cold I
did sleep a little bit on the plane not
going to like pretty good had the best
leave ever in the plane oh the plane or
the different forgot that the doors are
switched here like the steering wheels
me off of the side
here's my man right now who's going
thank you very much that guy's taste the
music it's good and you'll sleep well
your your your only this time would be
okay okay guys so left on my luggage end
there I'm going over to say hello to
Georgie hopefully see your haven't seen
in like a whole year I don't know if he
still works in this cafe over here we're
gonna go see another cameraman and
recording a ready man I'm older man okay
yeah I said hi to George in the cafe
it's really cool to see him again I
switch cameras over to your sony
handycam camera the one that i
absolutely love to use because the
lightness is always perfect or whatever
way you look at this
and the colors balance out really nicely
okay guys I go right in the some on Sam
over here Sam how's it goin
are you enjoying yourself with the water
cold oh you look like ever the good time
yeah we was looking for my AZ record
with the GoPro okay
Cooper had undergone I believe in you
okay guys order some food right here and
why is it like when you say everything
every time I come here I get this and it
is so good I'm not even joking this is
like the hot dog okay
it has many chefs and it's like hmm this
is it right here is a hot dog there's
like mustard mayonnaise red sauce and
ketchup then you put the chip and
sprinkle it on top
what's the crack oh good acting against
the post look off in the shuttle and the
shadows are angry people will play pool
later Sam okay right now right now also
Sam's super se fried mess right now you
know why Sam the fried mess Sam didn't
get any sleep last night
and he's just as brain starting to eat
itself because they seem so tired
oh my god it's such a nice day we're
we're here in albufeira also want my
favorite place to the travel here we are
in the free pool
what okay we found our room welcome to
the creme welcome to the place so I'm
gonna tell you guys a little that my
place right here this is a lot area
right your way we're gonna turn right
now you have super silver one right here
over here we have and all our so fun
over here we have the mountainous
assault a number one whatever this
Balkan a look over the edge you guys
look at that as freaking beautiful
beautiful view right over here both
channels well and they've actually got
this is the and station right here the
kitchen the Caribbean station right here
we've got a sign for the culvert in here
so I'll just got chard we've got a
toilet I know what this thing is the
tanks is my man right here this is a
second square noise probably not okay
there we consoles and special guys we
have a finally I've got a sign right
here I do some dancing assault getting
gentle noble noble number two here we go
this is a puppy number two as you can
see we've got a cool view you can look
over that you can see people down at the
pool having fun you know saying but I
always thought I was the vice chair guy
who enjoyment in your hands day night
really excited errands are you also I'm
going to open time aside for Wi-Fi tries
to say also this thing all the super
excited blossom over to Portugal I want
any Wi-Fi I could offload hamstrings at
all this package to the right hotel
today for me it's over this thing up
okay let's do it on your son okay for a
little white fight package right here
happy days and I'm going to show you
guys a passport one of this okay sound
returned okay I might have rested a
little bit about the kick oh it's turn
it on turn it on ok a few Springs would
you try connecting through the story I'm
going to sue Bobby this works I mean I
spent a hundred time for this little box
from limited white cipher to Google week
so hopefully it works
who can I see bright eyes with the
age-old question can I own as you choose
home page see if that works laughter I
couldn't do that I was really
frustrating and like last year the hotel
was like yeah we have a 10 megabyte
length we're updating next year and I
don't even think they've updated or
going to open up this but just waiting
for this pace to low okay so got the
Wi-Fi situation completely sword right
right now I also in the video currently
as we speak up the stairs I can feel the
Sun burn in my skin that's our warm but
as here I know so probably going to go
into the indoor pool with Sam take the
GoPro with me still over to filming
you're going to say Sam okay it's their
defenses when they're going through
through your why
around here earlier and with last year
we run this school this was some freezin
cool tool ever
I almost was years and this year it's
warmer than it usually is quite cold
Oh guys we left a fool and over here the
balcony just looking out of this
freaking beautiful view like honestly
that is that is one of my favorite views
to look out of all time albufeira the
Sun is setting just like right over here
over the balcony over there and they are
seeing this plane and it was like a
flame is what I'm saying
attached to the back of it it was like
the planes it's flying to have like
writing I've never seen them were you
know in Ireland around from every time
I'm here they're always going across the
skies crazy right now I'm gonna get
changed okay guys just got changed
annoyed we're going to fat cats I had to
the place went last year a lot I was
like one of the favorite bars that I did
go to because there was so much cool
stuff going on and I'm going to take you
guys there today with the good camera
cuz last year all my gear broke and all
I had to resort to to vlog with was a
mobile phone so this year everything is
working about Wi-Fi I'm super super
happy so we're gonna go to five cats
right never before do that this piece of
lavender I have in my hat from Ireland
from Derry and I'm going to put this
here is my lucky piece of lavender I'm
going to take this out of the Hat I'm
going to put this somewhere in this room
there we go there's this like tiny dog
over here like last year and it's still
there it always used to run over it is
most like pet it and so fell over there
I might see it the way back but there
was just push down here but the bush at
night at night the bush smell super
really amazingly good if that's a word
but during the day doesn't smell it at
all so now I don't smell anything to see
this bush here on the way back all these
little tiny pieces of it will be open if
you like David Attenborough like all our
parts of the plant will be open and it
will smell super super good but it's
only at night for some reason do you
guys know why that happens to let me
know in the comments but now we're going
to go if I can I really wish I had my
penny board right here cuz I get this
good dawn
five cats here we are spin oh I decide
was done here it's been like a whole
freaking year are you been promised
Tyler playing some pool we're going to
play some pool a third
Sam's vlogging right over here - you
also check out Sam's channel sound of
roll here you guys know Sam oh my god I
can smell them flourish from frigging
here oh my god if all opens look at this
the heck is going on all the trees is
that up all the palm trees are like
lights around them I'm gonna say and
show you guys this I've never seen this
here before I've been here like four
years I've never seen these palm trees
let up like this it's pretty cool again
if you ask me look at this I've never
seen a palm tree like this what the heck
back in our apartment I'm going to go
out under the balcony to end of this
segment of the vlog because I freaking
love balconies I never really have an
opportunity to end off a vlog in a
balcony like this so on so for ended
also I'm going to give a notification
shirt today's little kids showed it was
the Kiva mole and hope reproduce that
right Kiva mole and thank you so so much
that in the bail you're a freaking
awesome and Fame were you guys wonder if
occasion show to shut the Bell down
below let me know in the comments you've
done so on that I want to end of this
vlog right here has a like button and
subscribing haven't already thank you
guys so much for watching there's a nice
night off and I'll see you guys tomorrow
the next video