5 days ago
動画右下の字幕ボタンをONにして見てください。 ゲームバージョンはPCです。 今日の3番目のソーティソロ攻略。

English subtitle

Hi, this is Num69.
Invisible Loki with a whip would be better, but I use Mesa this time 'cause I like it.
The Primary is Tigris Prime with corossive setup.
The Secondary is AKStiletto for PEACEMAKER.
Without a melee weapon, Mesa's health increases.
The 3rd ability is on, always. If not, dead.
Wooooo! So pleasant!
Anyway don't dry up the 3rd ability and energy, then
you can be on GOD mode with the 4th ability frequently
like this. Well, that's it. As usual, I lost my concentration on a latter half of this video, and
it will be messy, so you can quit watching around here as you have already seen Mesa's way.
If you insist, well, enjoy the rest!
Ayatan! I've already got one from Maroo today!