W 107-letniej zajezdni tramwajowej / In 107 years old tram depot in Lodz

13 days ago
Zajrzałem do środka Zajezdni Muzealnej Brus w Łodzi. We take a look inside old Brus Museum Depot (English subtitles!). Klub Miłośników Starych Tramwajów ...

English subtitle

Still some trams can be seen.
Ooh. And with some background.
Hello, we are in Łódź at Brus museum depot,
with us is Jakub Tarka - a representative of
Old Trams Enthusiasts Club.
Today we will see vehicles collected here
and infrastructure of this depot. Let’s watch!
Brus Museum Depot
Brus Depot was established in 1910
for needs of tram line to Konstantynow Lodzki
and later from 1929 to Lutomiersk settlement.
Firstly it was operated by Lodz Narrow Gauge Electric Suburban Railways
or it can be called Suburban Trams.
Later, since 1948,
city and suburban tramways have been united,
it has been one company since 1950 as MPK.
Except for these suburban trams,
appeared here trams for urban lines.
Since 1994,
this depot was no longer in MPK structures.
Suburban Trams company was established
and it only operated lines to Konstantynow Łódzki and Lutomiersk.
It was owned by all local governments to which these trams commuted,
also it was a specific solution for Lodz.
However, in 2012
the company ceased to perform its transport function
and thanks to the initiative of Old Trams Enthusiasts Club,
Senator Ryszard Bonisławski
and Association of Transport Engineers and Technicians, Republic of Poland
- succeeded in resurrecting the project of establishing here Museum of Urban Transport.
In 2013,
old trams and buses arrived here,
area was taken care of by our members,
we open it for visitors and of course,
we work on wagons
and renovate them
and trams themselves go out on the city
for some special lines, anniversaries,
so depot also works in this way.
And during these four years of operation, already here as museum,
what has been achieved,
what have you repaired, how it looks?
Over the last four years, area has been first of all cleaned.
It was a depot,
a regular depot,
so parts and items were all over the place.
It had to be cleaned up,
especially as the visitors are walking around.
We finished repairing 803N wagon from 1973.
There was a chassis and trolleys repaired, so this wagon could be allowed to drive.
It has not been renovated yet,
but it allowed the wagon to run
and until last year it was only 803N in Poland, which was actively running.
We were able to refresh modernized version of 803N tram, which is called “Łódzki kanciak”.
It was a tram also withdrawn from traffic in 2012.
On 35th anniversary of Club he was running,
also say it is the first complete project.
By the way, bus mates also did a lot of repairs.
First and foremost, these trams are active,
this is the most important, this is the biggest success of this depot
that it is all in one place and that it can run,
it just can leave depot on a trip.
So we have here two exposures,
one with trams, the other with buses
and what number of rolling stock is currently in these two parts?
There are more than 30 vehicles,
MPK also provide us vehicles,
different at the moment,
in fact almost all MPK historical vehicles are here,
there are two pre-war Lilpop trams,
there is a Herbrand
and a composition of 5N wagons, which in summer travels on the tram tourist line,
so also all those vehicles are at the moment in depot.
Actually for the first time, we already have a problem
with a place, we did not expect to have it at this stage.
But more wagons will come.
We also have exhibitions in former office rooms.
So maybe also from the other side,
as if anyone of locals just wanted to come here to see,
locals or tourists visiting Lodz, would like to come and see these vehicles,
feel climate of this depot.
What are the possibilities?
Brus museum is open primarily during “open doors”,
which are pre-planned in spring and summer,
because everyone is volunteering here,
so we are not able to just share this facility weekly
and at the same time take care of this area,
and at the same time carry out renovations,
unfortunately we have to share this time.
If someone can not come during the open days,
just make an appointment, contact our association,
to plan a visit, then there is no problem and visit is organized.
It also happened that someone who just come here and we are also here,
just let him in and show the depot,
but we definitely would like someone to pre-announce.
Every year several thousands of people visit us,
so that's a lot of interest. It's a good result as for
a small number of days when this area is open to the public.
Okay, I'm ready.
There are some Ikarus, some Jelcz,
something standing there.
We are now at the bus exhibition
of Brus museum depot
and please tell us what buses we will see here.
We mainly see Ikaruses of the 2xx series,
Ikarus 260 and Ikarus 280 buses.
Most of them are owned privately by transport enthusiasts,
primarily: Damian Misiak,
Przemek Bakaj, who owns buslodz.pl site
and Sebastian Ubysz, who owns Jelcz PR-110 from 1982.
Some buses are owned by MPK,
but besides of Ikaruses
there is Jelcz M11 bus, a technical Jelcz cucumber vehicle,
which was used in MPK as a snow plow in “Nowe Sady” depot,
Jelcz PR-110
and our pearl,
the Mercedes O405N2 from 1995,
the first historic low-floor bus in Lodz.
You have to keep these cars safe,
protect them,
because later there would not be any place to find them
and if they would be found,
they could be in far worse condition than simply gaining them now.
thanks for the opportunity to see your depot here.
I thank you for your interest in our facility and our work.
I think it's worth to visit that place.
We invite all interested people
and also to contact with Old Trams Enthusiasts Club.
Thank you very much.
Thank you!