Вольво S80. USB зарядка в штатный прикуриватель.

about 1 month ago
Статья в блоге: http://www.ustyukov.ru/avtomaster/usb-zaryadka-v-prikurivatel.html Покупал здесь: https://goo.gl/Ke7c1c Процесс установки зарядного...

English subtitle

Hello dear friends
Today, I want a little
pokolesit in the machine
Replace the socket
under the cigarette lighter
here's a plug from her
We do not use the cigarette lighter
In the car don't smoke
The reason for the replacement
Back goes
It all the time with gadgets
gadgets included
and all the time needs recharging
This here
always have to stick
all kinds of adapters
All that extra wire
I want to put here
a usb device with the insights
2 port
and you put the usb
there is a charge for direct
Another point
Here are so loose in the slot
this cigarette lighter
constantly insert - pull
and it is already starting to come off
with its internal
fasteners and fails
have a finger
I want to replace it with another device
Proceed to the removal of the cigarette lighter
Remove the veneer
she latches
Then take a Torx
and twisted
Click on the latch
raise up and
pulls design
you can open the ashtray
and she will be thrown out
The fasteners are here already
just live
The bottom was normal
The petals are bent and pulled
Go to the table
Today's weather was not flying
the rain lashes the whole day
Here is our decorative panel
and this is what came from Ali Express
Came such a device
He's got 2 usb output
The backlight took green
as panel
But this illumination will be brighter
but behind
I wouldn't bother
Some difficulties
This diameter is slightly more
this here
This diameter we
27 mm
and 27 mm this part
without thread
She gets up in our hole
but then the thread does not pass
and have
Here to clean up
leave only a hole
that you could spin
Just have to enlarge the hole
in the panel
This is the file
Walk a file
there is 28 mm
mm we will have to remove
Begin to break
The process took
a few minutes
The process is completed
The device is in place
Left to collect the electrical part
When the ignition is off
the cigarette lighter disconnected
safely cut off from it wire
Black is minus
Yellow is power
Now all will gather
and check already
with the phone
The ignition will turn off while
Now we have to check
in action on the phone
Plug-in cable
Open the lid
Charging went
What was required from this
Well dear friends
I want to wish you
what would your gadgets
never run out of power
at the most opportune moment
Light - easy repairs
Thank you for being with me
All the best to you
Up to new meetings!