Vlog #21 Ramadan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2 months ago
Vlog #21 Ramadan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Before Ramadan starts I wanted to enjoy the other side of Dubai. #partyhard #bluemarlin #beach When ...

English subtitle

Thanks for watching another vlog of NNinWonderland.
Just arrived in Dubai.
Today Iam going to Barasti beach.
I used Careem. Do you know it?
Careem operates in Dubai and Bangladesh.
sort of like Uber.
This is still on my list.
Today it's closing season.
We have a VIP reservation.
Let's go inside and see what's there!
It's a new day.
She needs her coffee, then she will speak.
Ofcourse she laughing again.
I am her intern.
We are going to Dubai mall.
Last day of shopping with 90% discount.
I wanna get a golden bikini.
And then we'll see.
Look what I've found!!
There is even a train going through the mall.
This is so funny. A store with living fishes for decoration.
The fridge is full.
Sharing fridges. It means that anyone can fill the fridge.
Hadida Bomba just filled it.
We are gonna take 2 bottles for ourselves.
1st day Ramadan. We are going...
I do not understand why we took something from our own fridge.
For all those people that are late.
This is what the government is offering.
At every traffic light they are offering packages.
This is amazing!
Water and some juice.
We are at a mall. All the shops are open till late.
Until about 12?
Cause during the day people don't shop.
Everyone is working.
They only work 5 hours a day.
Because of the month Ramadan.
Then they break their fasts and eat.
Then praying.
And then people still want to shop.
We went to this mall to have a coffee.
Look behind me. It looks so nice!
We just came back.
Everyone broke their fasts.
We are almost late. Ofcourse...
Normally we just walk. It is only a 5 minute walk.
To the mosque.
Somebody wants to take the car there.
Look how I look like now!
Who was the one singing?
Leave me alone.
Day 4, 5 I don't know.
What are we going to eat today?
We are going to eat Mandi chicken.
Chicken mandi.
I don't know what it is.
Sort of Biriyani.
Delicious! A nice cup of coffee.
Finally broke my fast.
So delicious. An espresso.
We just arrived at....
We are going to the Naif mall.
I want to buy a lamp for my vlog camera.
Sandra wants to find batteries.
It feels so nice outside now. Not so hot anymore.
50 degrees during the day.
We are sort of covered.
Perhaps wrapping a scarf around me.
Let's see what kind of rubbish we are gonna buy.
In old Dubai.
We just arrived in Naif market.
And we are going abaya shopping.
This is the first store.
Ok, actually we already saw a few.
I saw really nice ones.
I have chewing gum under my shoes or something.
I saw nice ones with a zipp, so you can close it all the way.
One you can bind around you.
Let see what kind of nice abaya's they have.
We are now at JBR.
We are at the Ghostbusters place.
There are only 2 of them in the whole world.
1 in the USA and 1 in Dubai.
Spontaneous action.
It's 12 am.
We will get VR glasses to put on.
We will get a gun.
And then we shoot.
We will see all kind of things coming to get us.
It's 15 minutes.
And only 110 dirhams.
Only...? 30 euros.
I've never laughed so much.
It was really amazing. It was so worth it.
I decided to come to Sandra's office.
And then you run into this!
If you DO eat in the month of Ramadan.
It's a little bit harder. But not too difficult.
You can just buy your food, but you can not chill outside.
Look at the chairs behind me. All piled up.
Behind this curtain, Sandra is getting some breakfast.
So you can easily eat here behind the curtains.
The fridge has been filled again.
So sweet.
People came to fill the fridge with packages of fruit.
But we have a spy among us.
She is checking how many pieces people are taking with them.
What?! Are you taking 3 packages?!
Is it just for you?
Come back now.
The drawing is so nice.
I think people will understand now.
Let's see if they are really gonna follow up.
We are going for an iftar.
Trying to get in at least...
It's so crowded! We are really late.
So we got our small foodpackage again.
Some people live here.
So yes, they probably also wanna go home.
Imagine if you live here.
Very annoying I think.
We got a foodpackage on the way.
It's finished already.
Too late too late too late..
We made it.
This is terrible.
You understand that right?
Look at them smiling.
We are in the Armani hotel in Burj Khalifa
We are just partycrashing. Iftar partycrashing.
This is soooo bad!
But yeah...
So bad, but so nice (I think).
Really special.
I am gonna take you outside.
It's probably only for smokers outside.
But I wanted to show you the Burj Khalifa fountain.
My last evening in Dubai.
Don't tell me it is finished...
Too late!
Too late too late too late.
We are very late.
Just in time for taraweh.
I am not sure how many rakaat.
This is the Jumeirah mosque.
We just finished our prayers.
And attending this lecture of Mufti Menk.
We are on the way to Abu Dhabi.
I wanted to see the mosque there.
We are here.
Sort of in time.
But not all totally.
We are not gonna make it before we are inside.
This is where they have iftar.
In front of the mosque.
And we will eat here.
We made it.
Let me see what's inside.
So nice!
Ah so delicious!
My favourite.
It is really warm here.
This is so weird.
Everyone is showing up.
And they are taking what they can take.
They probably take it home.
It would be a waste to just throw it away.
That's the other side of it.
We thought we can just eat slowly and enjoy.
But it is gobbling the food down.
This is not really....chill.
I don't want that much food. So people just take it with you.
Maybe they are taking it home.
Oh, that's why they gave it to us.
These are our packages.
We are ladies, that's why they gave us extra.
Like we are that hungry.
We are here.
This is so beautiful.
Really beautiful.
It's not that busy.