VLOG: Moscow / Встретили китайского актера / Chinese actor / Удача (Eng Sub)

2 months ago
Today u will watch how we meet a chinese actor and how we have a cool day in Moscow.Hey :) I went to Moscow and this was very cool. I love Moscow very ...

English subtitle

and today
4 day
and Katya (my friend) went to Moscow
we are going to the Red Square ahaha
who is she???
and the Red Square
today Monsta X went to Moscow
and we will watch them
of course no ahaha
we went to the Red Square
and we said that we would not watch Monsta X
guy was there
20-25 years idk
and he looked cool
as for the drama ahah
and Katya said
go go go i want to take photo with him
and i said
no no no
but we go because Katya ahaha
he do not know English
and there was translator
and he said ok ok
and translator said
u can take his autograph
he is actor
we said no no no
Movie The Great Wall
we were in shock
but we do not know his name (
and we do not know who is he
but not impotant ahaha
squirrel ( x 30 time)
she is hungry and she eats the grass ahaha joke)
this is very fun and cool)
what does she do???
help ahah
who is he?? ahaha
because idk
my feet are wounded
that people helped me ahaha
Katya is angry because i forget words
My mother thought that a balloon popped ahaha
we came home
i bought the backpack
bought sneakers
very beautiful)
confused words
Sasha are u crazy?
Why did u pull all the trush out of the bag and show people
My mother is calling to eat
do not pray