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English subtitle

introduction video
and then personal beauty with another video
in this video here folks will do here
Paulus an dosh to the screen jaú
It is of three races mines
this device here right staff he stopped
working after I have sold is
evenly matched so people I took this
smartphone right here in the technical it
make a device diagnostics for
see what the problem was right
presenting since the technical
He said the screen is Toshi was
burned right
I stopped working so I went to the
buy this torch
the technician had become her right
so he recommended that I make this
purchase or torch and when to
talk he made the exchange took the
Executive toce the new car is I have
I opened the wonder is the guinea
right product
the seller was
You think nothing of clothing is got
he spent a tape right here I have
I took your going to get easier here
boxing everybody is so I
I paid this screen torch show
redeeming of three tests
hundred and forty reais is that
can we have a kit in
CNAA tool to open the device
It has various tools here and here
It is the torch that choice is torches
that black black everything to then
very beautiful
the torch left on the floor is mine
three tests
so people here in my town
has this coach is that he can in
paraíba is key is already
hired other devices
Now I'll see if the device it is
maybe tomorrow or after changing
then I'll take him is to change the
as you can see still there is
and stop opening mars phone
so it is wrong had put sampa
you see in naples
the staff now I'll show you
the corner torch leave a smaller network
three races is pretty good with you
it there is the x such as a whole in color
Black also very beautiful
you is a
such is the complete disc right
so people when I take it I
the coach and he has put right there
then back telling you right there and
everything went well and I is the smartphone sda
I will make a video no matter if
you will got the phone after I you
by after 11 caught in the exchange and fight
device end and return to the show
you you can be all that is the
there is the right kit for him is to take the
feet of the egg apparatus dismantling Toinho
floor wedge alves is 93 proof is
back from china Video Editing
too right
the previous video that was on
shows where the chamamé mines and
three tests
I had stopped working after I
have sold smartphone is possible
idea is that it fell right
and when he arrived where the customer which
phone no longer worked
until she stopped suddenly top the top
right no longer work a smartphone
then it is I get back right leading to iau
technician is changing is that
toshi old with the new
so personal that was the video if
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