Uffe Steen "US" TonePrint for Hall of Fame 2

2 months ago
Danish guitarist, Uffe Steen created a TonePrint for Hall Of Fame 2 with a 20 second reverb tail to create ambient pads underneath his dry guitar tone, much like ...

English subtitle

(Tore speaking in Danish)
Hi everyone.
We're doing a TonePrint
in Danish for the first time and
and it's also a very special occasion
because we have Uffe Steen visiting us today
A fantastic guitarist, who I think
most Danish guitarists should know.
If you don't then you should make sure
to check him out, because Uffe's awesome
so we are very honored
that he's visiting us today.
- Thanks.
And the funny thing is, is that Uffe
actually lives not that far away from here.
So we probably should have
done this a while back
but we're really happy
that you're here now.
We have worked a little bit on
a TonePrint for Hall Of Fame 2 today.
And you actually had some quite
specific requests when you got here today.
Can you tell us a little bit
about what it is you're after?
What I'm after is a pad sound
that is as natural as possible,
without too much chorus or
octaves or whatever on it.
Just like if you had a grand piano
and you pressed the pedal up and down
And then on top of that, if you could play with
some kind of base sound, that you liked.
So it wasn't just...
how'd you say... the dry sound.
But then you can
of course use an extra pedal.
- We cheated. There are two!
- Yeah, we cheated.
- One Hall Of Fame isn't enough,
you gotta have two!
- You just gotta!
- We got no problem with that.
- It doesn't matter, we're allowed to!
So we've got two of them.. and many
people have got their own reverb in their amp,
and there's probably many people
who already have a reverb that they really like.
So it's no problem...
you can still buy a new one...
- Always!
... and get yourself a new feature
by way of what we figured out here.
- I think the whole idea about the piano thing...
I think it's a really good analogy for
what you actually can do with it
coz there's that aspect of
you can play some chords,
or arpeggios and let them ring out
and then you can play over it, whilst it kinda
hangs on in the background without it...
often when you have a very long reverb
each time you play, you're adding to it,
like you're stacking on top of it
then it gets kinda messy in the end.
- Yeah, and you can't really
change chord either, for example.
If you wanna play more complex chords
then it's possible, coz you can
take it away again and play over it.
- And we're using this new MASH technology
which we launched not that long ago
in Hall Of Fame 2,
and in reality what you're doing is,
you're simply controlling
how much reverb is coming in
by pressing down on the MASH switch.
So when it's not pressed down,
it's actually a totally dry pedal.
Nothing happens at all.
And when you press down,
you actually fade the reverb in over the top.
And you can actually,
how'd you say... set, how it reacts.
And also, like you said before,
to get a little extra reverb going on
there's a Hall Of Fame afterwards with
just a kind of neutral plate setting
just to give it a little ambiance.
- Exactly.
- And a delay as well ... just because.
- Just to make it fit.
- Cool.
Can we hear how it sounds?
- Yeah, let's give it a go.
What's really cool is that you can...
like with a piano pedal, you can...
hold it there...
And then it hangs there.
And then when you let go,
it still hangs there, and then you can ...
- Really cool.
And one of the things
I think is really cool about it is,
like you said,
it's the natural sound, it's not...
It's not drowning in octaver and chorus
and it's not that kind of freeze sound either
which is really cool,
but has a very synth-like sound
almost like pressing a button and then
there's just a drone all over the place.
- Yeah, I think I prefer that it has
sort of the same sound all the time,
as the one we chose and we've spent
quite a short amount of time on it
so the basic sound could
be even better by fine-tuning things.
But the function is really cool.
- And also, because you can adjust it
with your foot it becomes a bit more
of an organic thing.
- I could also be better at that than I am now.
- Yeah, we really put you on the ...
You had ten minutes
and then the camera was rolling.
We aren't making it easy for you here.
- And I'm not used to pedals at all.
- But it already sounds awesome,
so that's super cool.
Have you thought of a name for it?
- Yeah, well I think if it's
supposed to be international ...
my, what's its called?
My initials, US.
Something like that, maybe.
- That's the one!
So, can you play a little more for us?
Maybe with the looper? Some kind of...
- Yeah, I made a small loop just before...
I'm not so used to this either,
so I guess I have to press here, right?
- Woah!
- That's it's!
- I guess we'll fade out here!?
- Yeah, I think so!
Nobody's gonna say
you don't mean it, in any case.
- No!