Two Kings Markiplier Jacksepticeye Animated Reaction

5 days ago
Hey guys hope you enjoy my Two Kings Markiplier Jacksepticeye Animated Reaction. This is a fan made animation by Janice Dublin. Check out the video here: ...

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Hey buddies its ya girl AyChristene and today we are
going to be checking out markiplier and
jacksepticeye animated this is plays
sorts accords the two kings by Janus
Dublin's but before we get into that I
wanted to do a shout out this as long a
reduced this was suppose a benign so
rare but it did so it's happening now to
the three winners of the hashtag by
Christian art contest that I was running
on the official buddy discord if you
have no idea what the official buddy
discord is check out link in the
description box below and we'll start
opening up our contests to you know
Twitter and Instagram also but the last
couple I've been running on discord and
I'm so excited for the winners this is a
hash tag by Christine art contest where
people had to draw by Christian like my
evil dark anti character of who I who I
am you know like dark fire and
antiseptic guy and all the other ones
that now exists from the last dergah
blur video
not counting so markiplier if that
counts but the winners are brands art
pro light cruiser
and Rina Mia now you just saw their
beautiful art pieces but there were two
winners for the written contest the
links for those written works will be
down below but to announce the winners
we've got the baby master that Nate with
so cute and we've got gold mine which
have all the gold lines
profound discord is the picture of me as
a man if you've no idea what I'm talking
check out my his perspective her
perspective video link will be down
below and you will see all my manly
goodness when I was best of my husband
killed it links for those stories are
down below definitely check them out
everybody who entered did a great job it
was so awesome to see what you guys made
and to see the written worked also it
was really dope choice then I might you
know I got they did inspire me for some
things don't say that I just love that I
love that idea but back to this video
the link for this video will be down
below in the description box as well
don't forget to support those artists
and the writers and let's get to the
questions or requests I hope are they
working or finally just disgusting she's
like I'm not happy about what you saying
good King oh you see that look that
thing yeah you don't like that royal
treasure oh look at those Timmy the toy
box for Timmy box goodness oh baby boy
honey please gosh Oh No okay maybe Kevin
some coins
oh I need to ask your permission to go
on an adventure so I can i what is what
being so mean to them Oh out there I
need some gold I think yes it would be
cruel of me to say no to that shit oh he
really wants to you so mean in the
corner of my gold grandma well it's a
shame it's what she needs
all right way to summon people from
another dimension
Yomi to some folks and hope for the best
leap into the darkness oh wow looks like
he wants to do the patties belly
is it the grandma again soup shop
earnings oh she's giving it to them Oh
bag some money's good king oh that's
sweet of her what's with the start music
no no go sir I've returned
would you give me some money this time
say yes okay yes let's give you money
now date some money isn't all my money
right turn Oh who are you can we sell
off some of our construction supplies to
get you out of debt yes
no no II appreciate it Mason but you
know we're gonna need those supplies to
build the town that we can't afford
that's true it's ain't but we still need
money somehow that's also true that
alarms Oh si si now here's the meaning
now put on a show may have the funds to
do so I I've got very little not funds
oh wait a little after the youth of the
sea cake Oh too bad too sad go cry in a
oh gosh they change places would you
like me now hey oh now here's a deer for
you pal not me some of your people's
happiness oh gosh
think I do it coming down to pay go to
the people of this city are becoming
twos dear so did he make a deal with the
devil when you can have money for the
kingdom gosh good king that that titles
gone who would you do oh that's cute
that game seems like it would be a fun
game like you're I guess in charge of a
kingdom and people ask for money of
funds but is that really a choice that
you end up having to make a dude the
double in order to get funds for your
kingdom because that's a great that's a
crazy twist but still like wow what is
this game interested but also like huh
what is this game but I thought that the
animation was super cute I thought it
was funny that they were two separate
Kings with did they play this game
together or did this animator take their
game place and just put them together
did they put them together that's really
cool they played them together that's
cool too but it's cooler if they played
separately in the animator put them
together to make this story which would
be super cute let me know your thoughts
down below in the comment section what
do you think about the game or the
animation if you liked the video check
out the link in the description box
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