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Today we should choose among the members. But we have already chosen Kyungsoo for fun
This ... Every time you say that, Chanyeol will be tortured.
Today... Today Kyungsoo will be the MC
[For Chanyeol]
If you can be an actor, what kind of genre would you choose ? Melodrama? Comedies? horror?
I would choose horror
What do you think of the horror Kyungsoo?
This question is for Chanyeol isn't for me.
I'm Baekhyun, the one who controls the light
I'm Suho, the one who controls the water
I'm Chen, the one who controls the lightning.
I'm Chanyeol, the one who dominates the fire
I am D.O, the strength
I am worried about the young farmer because of the drought
Aigo D.O, where are you going?
I'm drinking water
I usually wear glasses
But I can't wear them at shows.
I would take off my glasses
But I can't see, so I have to look this way
That scared me
Don't laugh! Don't laugh!
It's scarier when you smile.