Трейнхоп сквозь снега

2 months ago
Музыка: Winter Face – Circles.

English subtitle

Freight train hopping "Bekasovo-Sortirovochnoe — Rybnoe"
Come on, in a hurry!
— Come on, on that platforms...
...between those...
...each other!
Choose the...
Exactly, yea, come on!
— Run first, I'll catch up!
In short, the train is going to Rybnoe, info 90%!
— What?
— Info...
The train is going to Rybnoe, info 90%.
— By the way, I thought so too.
— We can turn to Uzunovo now.
— Let's go into gondola car!
— Let's go into gondola.
— Let's go.
— Fucking shit!
Wait, I'll film it just for shot, how we get off and go.
— Sykablyat!
— Just wait.
— Are you serious or what?!
Well, let's...
Do you know how much I didn't film?
Come on, climb up everybody.
— No oncoming train.
— Empty.
— Fuck.
And connection clips?
— There is no at all.
— Shit, well, then go further on hoppers.
— Are you sure?
— Why not?
— Now I'm here.
— There's an action, I hear.
However, we decided to change the car, while the train is going slowly
— There was no one in my view.
Well, it's nice!
Foot dodgeball for warming up!
— Hurry up to get out now!
Fuck if i know...
— Come on!..
— The camera films?
— Yea!
Well, it slows down.
It's okay to get off here.
— Do you think so?
— Yes, come on!
— Oh, fucking awesome!
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