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Transformers Universe Bumblebee Robot Cast? What's up guys? My my name is RBG and welcome to another Transformers Movie related video. This is a ...

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What's up guys? My my name is RBG and welcome to another Transformers Movie related video.
This is a segment where I cover news regarding the latest TF movies and create different discussions and theories on what will be featured in the films.
Today I wanted to create a wishlist on robots I wanna see in the newest film titled, Transformers Universe: Bumblebee.
I figured since you guys loved the wishlist video I did on TF5,
why not just make it an annual things since it's been announced that these movies will be released on a yearly basis.
Now since the Bumblebee movie will be taking place 21 years before the events of the 1st film
I feel like it would be the perfect time to feature more classic G1 characters who didn't make the cut.
The fact that this film will take place in the 1980's makes it feel like we're treading back to those Gen 1 roots.
There are so many opportunities to fix the things the last films deliberately got wrong,
and there's a chance that those who've since given up will get back on board if the script is done correctly.
They're already breaking that Bay tradition where the movie's gonna debut in the winter instead of the summer, so we have a little over a year to get things in order.
But with all that said let's get into our list.
The 1st on our list is Blaster.
This is a character we really need to see in this movie or future installments down the line
because he's not really featured as prominently in the modern Transformers universe.
As a matter of fact I think the G1 show is the only time we've seen him in animated action, and this is including the 86 movie.
But anyways Blaster was and is 1 of the coolest Autobots fans have ever bared witness to, a miniature "ghetto blaster" boombox.
Yeah 1 could argue that he's nothing more than a offs hot version of Soundwave but I sorta beg to differ.
The fact that hip-hop was the big thing at the time and beginning to flourish,
it was sort of a common thing to see your local disk jocky or b-boy toting around a boombox.
I think this is something that gave Blaster that big appeal, especially from the Black audience.
I mean yeah we had Jazz who catered to that hip-hop genre with his break dancing and his Black voice actor.
But Blaster just seemed to embody that culture more,
and as I said since this film is suppose to be set in the 80's it'd be fitting to have him in.
As far as his alt mode is concerned I'm not quite sure if they should go the classic route.
Like I don't think an oversized boombox would look right in a universe sought in this realistic format.
This has been shown with characters like Frenzy.
But I think the designers could make some kind of tricked out vehicle that's equipped with speakers or something that's hip-hop centric.
Next up is the Insecticons.
Say what you want about the live action movieverse and their lack of faithfulness to the source material,
by now it's a given that they'll never come close to getting the characters right like they did in the 1 film.
But what they lack in research they more than make up with their creative visuals.
Watching scenes like Ravage sneak into tightly secured top secret facility with millions of his micro drones
and Shockwave cause utter chaos with his giant driller goes to show how much the special effects team are willing to up the scale.
Hell I'd even go so far as to say that some of the KSI drone transformation sequences in Age of Extenction were creative
even though they failed to realize why the property they're filming is called "Transformers."
So yeah there's always gonna be that 1 moment that showcases visual eye candy in each film.
With that I said I feel that those VFX talents should be utilized on the insecticons.
They're some of those quintessential villains that can go from being low tier lackies to top tier antagonists.
Ravenous and aggressive, Insecticons can digest 95% of known matter, reshaping their findings into enormous subterrannean hives.
Existing as a near hive mind, they represent a deadly and invaluable resource for those willing to find a way to tame them.
But since we don't have the brilliant mind of the likes of Shockwave we'll have to settle for someone else to take the leader.
I'm thinking some of the main Insect robots like Kickback, Hardshell, or maybe Sharpshot.
Each robot has proved to be a stable in the Gen 1 era of Transformers
and it would be so cool to see them make their live action debut, especially for a movie set in the 80s.
I know we've seen similar iterations of the Insecticons in the Bay movies like Megatron's chromosomes
but those don't really show a fraction of what the menacing Decepticon hoard can do.
It'd be cool seeing Kickback lead a massive swarm of fellow insecticons as they consume everything in sight.
Next on my list is the highly stylized, Sunstreaker.
You know what they say, in every pile of shit there's always that rare jewel that's just waiting to be polished.
And out of that steaming turd via Revenge of the Fallen came Sideswipe, the duel bladed speed skater.
As bad as that film was Sideswipe quickly garnered a following from modern Transformers fans while reminding G1 fans that you can make the classic characters even cooler.
But with all that said we didn't get a chance to see our favorite badass showcase his coolness enough.
After two good runs in the live action movies he mysteriously vanished,
creating a wide array of theories on if he got killed off by cemetery wind or simply went into hiding after the events in Chicago.
So fans have their fingers crossed that he'll make a return in future films.
Now I know that since Bumbelebee's a prequel we most likely won't get our Silver Speedster,
but we can get the next best thing in the form of his twin brother, Sunstreaker.
He's basically Sideswipe dialed up to 11, a hard headed and egotisctical robot who can be difficult to work with at times.
But no matter how glaring his flaws are he more than makes up for with his effectiveness on the battlefield.
Since Bee is known for being a young speed demon in the movieverse, it'll be neat to see Sunstreaker serve as friendly competition.
And since Bumblebee will most likely lack the ability of speech, Sunstreaker can be that run of the mill motor mouth.
I mean in most incarnations he can prove to be quite audible when expressing how pissed he is when a fellow Autobot can't keep up.
I think this would be the perfect time to reintroduce him
because he's another 1 of those g1 characters who hasn't resurfaced in modern media,
unlike his brother who's made appearances in most of the Align Continuities like Robots in Disguise and Rescue Bots.
If they include Sunstreak I think it's mandatory that he shares some of the likenesses of his twin, like the wheeled feet.
It would also be smart if he gave a brief mention of Sideswipe so the movies can show a little consistency.
Rolling up next is Menasor. The powerhouse combiner who'd be the perfect weapon, if he wasn't so dense.
Last year I mentioned how I wanted to see 1 of the Stunticons, Motormaster in TF5 The Last Knight.
He would've proved to be an admirable foe for Optimus Prime since he also has a diesel truck alt mode and can take a considerable amount of damage.
Hell we almost had him in Age of Extinction until Bay decided to scrap the idea and change him into Galvatron, a decision he probably wishes he never made.
I know I'm pushing my load with this 1 because he'll no doubt prove to be a costly edition to the roster with him being a massive robot but this is just my wishful thinking.
Having the stunticons will make for awesome high speed chase sequences and Menasor can be like 1 of those climactic bossed that our heroes have to find some kind of way to overthrow.
The combiner consists of 5 robots who all possess extreme intellects but they're so smart they each share rigid senses of beliefs.
Causing the group to hamper Menasor's psychological well being.
I'm not sure if the films will ever include that aspect since the robots get minimal screen time but nonetheless it'll be sick seeing the chaotic giant run wild.
Coming up next on the Autobot wishlist is a Transformer I think many fans have been asking for,
for what it seems to be like ages now, Ultra Magnus.
For some strange reason this guy has been getting underutilized in Transformers products across the board from the games, shows, etc.
And I don't really understand why that is.
You'd think the name Ultra Magnus, would describe how kickass the swagged out Blue and Red big bot can be.
He has all the tools to get the job done and I think it's high time the fans see someone other than Optimus Prime bust some Decpti-chops for a change.
If you ask me this is the perfect time to introduce him as sort of a leader or mentor to Bee since the likes of Optimus haven't yet made it on earth.
I mean yeah for the most part Ultra Magnus is known for being the humble soldier who prefers carrying out orders instead of issuing them.
But it's time we see a iteration that sort of deviates away from that
because I think fans including myself believed that he was more worthy of taking the Matrix of Leadership during his original run.
Now if he does make it in I think it'd be mandatory to have him die in some kind of dramatic way to make Bee step up his game and somewhat mature as a warrior.
Anyways if Ultra Magnus has already shown what he can be like in the TF Prime series then I think the writers already have a good idea of what he can be like in the live action movies, which the series borrows heavily from.
And the last Decepticon I have on the list is Barricade.
And yes I know some of you are probably tired of seeing him by this point but I think he's the best rival for Bee.
I mean it's obvious that the two have a well documented history with each other but it'll be smart to show how it all started.
When exactly did Barricade touch down on earth and how did he spend his time?
Those are some of the looming questions fans have for the four eyed savage.
But anyways who do you wanna see make an appearance in the latest Transformers film?
Do you agree with some of the mentions on my list?
I wanna know so leave your picks in the comment box below.
As always I'd appreciate it if you like or dislike the video.
It doesn't have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future content.
And if you're new to the channel and wanna see more vids like this or Transformers uploads in general, subscribe and click on that notification bell.
But anyways this was you're boy RBG signing out on another video.
I'll catch you guys later, peace out.
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