Trail Run by Night - Chamonix Mont Blanc

13 days ago
Na vier dagen trailrunnen en wandelen in de bergen sluiten Sander en ik onze laatste vakantiedag af met een trailrun midden in de nacht. Onderweg zien we ...

English subtitle

What time is it?
It's a quarter to four
and we just left for our last trail run
here in Chamonix.
We did not catch a lot of sleep, but we're really excited!
Now we just have to come back in one piece.
No regrets, because then we've done where we came for.
Exactly, dying with our boots on and all our wishes fulfilled.
This is the beginning of the trail.
Many slugs here at our feet
Erm, the plan is to climb
in 1 h. No.. 1.5 h.
Yes to climb 1.5 h to the top.
and from there we'll take the purple track.
The track will be quite flat, so that will be great for trail running.
This part is very steep
and there're many tree roots, thus
our pace won't be that fast.
[The quietness of the night]
'Immer geradeaus'
Higher, higher and higher.
[And higher again]
[Nasty climb]
The city is down there and we've reached the tree line.
Here and there we see only some single trees standing.
Whoa, there I almost fell!
It looks like the climbing part is almost over.
Here another short section.
Also the wind increases and
It's more chilly than it was down there between the trees.
It's 5:27 AM.
We've hiked 1 hour and 27 minutes.
and we are at Plan de l'Aiguille.
Exactly according to plan. Even three minutes faster.
Yes, we are here.
I hope you can read it.
Yes here we are. And we have to go to...
We have to follow the purple line,
to Montenvers Mer de Glace.
That will take us probably an hour.
Maybe a little bit more or a little bit less depending on our pace
and the passability.
Let's put back our map and then we'll start...
eating / trail running.
Haha, first we'll eat something of course.
Okay, let's take a look at what I've brought with me.
A muesli bar...
and a foodbox..
with a juicy nectarine.
So I'm gonna eat this and the muesli bar.
That will be sufficient for now.
It's not that late, right.
What time is it now?
Half past five.
Half past five.
[10 minutes later...]
Okay, we are ready to go.
We leave Plan de l'Aiguille and start running.
We hope.
We hope.
How's it going, Sander?
My bag is being difficult, but I'm good!
It's quite cold now, so we have to get started.
[Lost reflective belt]
Ah, a stream.
Be careful.
Good stepping stones, don't worry.
Yes, but our soles are wet. Wow... there I almost got wet.
Not nice to end up in the water.
It stays wet over here.
Oops.. haha.
[My feet are wet]
Some more small streams that flow down from the mountain.
Be careful on this part.
It's six o'clock and above the mountains we're seeing the first light.
It will be hard to see on video, but the contrast might be visible, I think.
We didn't make a lot of progress
Many streams, stones and still a lot of climbing.
We're at the junction.
Ah, the junction. We've been here before.
Now we make some progress.
We can almost put out our head torches...
It's almost light enough...
but to reduce the danger of tripping
it might be best to keep them on
for a few more minutes.
The path is clearly visible now.
[What was that sound?]
[an ibex?]
It's stunning here.
It's really beautiful here.
Let's have a look...
We started 2:45 minutes earlier.
and my watch says it's half past six.
This is 'Le Signal'
People built a lot of rock piles over here.
Beautiful contructions.
And in the background you can see Mer de Glace.
A glacier.
We are surrounded by peaks.
The building down there is the end of the purple track.
We planned to be there in an hour. It's close now!
It's ten to seven.
We are now at Montenvers Mer de Glace.
The end of the purple track.
From here we're running back to Chamonix.
My reflexes are getting slower.
[It's getting tough]
[A bit of walking]
Nice job!
High five!
It took us almost 4 hours.
We ran 19 kilometers...
and it's 07:40 AM.
We're going back to our dorm room.
[Taking a nice and warm shower...]
[... and rest a bit! Because that's what we deserve]