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13 days ago
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English subtitle

First of all, the name is magnificent
Everything that...
Everything that can make you happy
I think that its an oasis because people come here to relax, to be with their families
It is very much without pretensions as well
It's like being in a living room
I have come here regularly for six years now
I discovered Touski when I moved to the neighbourhood
I lived alone with my child
I lived a lot of solitude because there is an aspect of segregation between
what you can do as a family versus as an adult
I was 23 years old and I had a hard time finding activities for the two of us
So we often came here. There is also not a lot in the neighbourhood. Centre-sud is a bit of a cultural desert
So it was very precious for me to have a space away from my house
and to not disturb others because I have a child
plus to be capable to pay for a meal at a restaurant
It was like an event. It has always been an important space for me and my son
Now I have been in Hochelaga for several years but I continue to come here
for monthly events, like Touski Folk
Like almost another other business that opens, Touski received subventions at first
After for years it has run completely autonomously
That shows that self-management is possible
and that it is sustainable
Now there is a crowdfunding campaign because there is a particular context
and a forced relocatoin
But outside of this new context
Touski has functioned for years
very well and independently
and this is very much a model and example
which can inspire many other cafes
but also other larger enterprises
Seeing what it takes in terms of involvement
personal and collective investments
And even in terms of a Montreal identity, I think that Touski is very important
because it has existed already 13 years
I don't know if there are other coops that have been around that long
Honestly it is impressive
and I think it should be known and understood
All-age performance venues are rare
A space where I can bring my son when I do a show is very rare
and it is very nice
It upsets me when my child can hardly follow me when I perform
but also to give access to youth who aren't yet 18
to have access to music and performances
There is a cultural richness in that diversity offered at Touski
There are always expositions on the walls
There is poetry, music...
It is not a hard process to book the space
The fact it is free, accessible, and open to all ages
For me its a combination that is extremely rare, in fact I don't know other spaces
where it is possible to do that
and it is extremely precious above all as an artist and a parent
It is a mix that is very precious for me
I think that Touski also makes it so that I want to come back
When I moved here the first of July
It contributed to my attachement to the neighbourhood
I think it is an oasis and a fort at the same time
There is also food element in Centre-Sud, that we don't have good meals like Touski offers
at an affordable price
and a menu that is always different
In terms of restaurants, Touski is the only to offer healthy and fresh meals
And that is very important
It is also the only restaurant which offers a space to rent, to organize meetings
Where diverse groups can get together
This is very vital
I think its a large important space for many people in the neighbourhood
This is very important and this is not a role that can be played by moving elsewhere
It is very much here (in Centre sud) that we need Touski
When I come here, I think local
So what am I encouraging
a collective
of people, men and women
I love this concept of equality
I think there are going to be flowers, unicorns and rainbows that will come out of my mouth during all this...
I have got to come back tomorrow to same more, go more deeply into my analysis