Top 10 Entertaining Masamune-kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun’s Revenge) Characters

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Top 10 Entertaining Masamune-kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun's Revenge) Characters.

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Top 10 Entertaining Masamune-kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun’s Revenge) Characters
In a world inundated by rom-coms, Masamune-kun no Revenge stands out from the rest. The tale of a young boy’s attempt at revenge upon a beautiful tsundere is surprisingly good, invoking laughter and deeper emotions throughout the series.
Masamune Makabe sets out to teach his former friend, Aki Adagaki, a lesson she will never forget. His plan? To get Aki to fall for him and his newly improved appearance, then dump her in a public fashion.
Along the way, Masamune encounters various difficulties that set him back in his secretive plot.
While this anime may seem typical in many respects, it is the characters, their personalities, and their development over the course of the episodes that give rise to this anime’s fame.
We at Honey’s Anime have compiled a list of the most entertaining characters from Masamune-kun no Revenge.
These are the characters we feel made the show worth watching, whether it was because they made us laugh, made us think or made us want to come back for more!  .
10. Chinatsu Hayase.   Chinatsu is Masamune’s younger sister, and while she does not have many appearances in the anime, her small comments allow us to see a glimpse of what Masamune used to be like.
We first see Chinatsu casually eating junk food while her brother is working out. Masamune puts her down for eating recklessly the way she does, and she responds just as sassily.
Chinatsu often pokes fun at her older brother for the new things he does, like working out only in underwear or reading through her romance manga.
While Chinatsu is obviously not a main character, she provides needed context for Masamune’s newfound obsession with revenge. Most of her small snarky comments poke fun at her brother and are rather humorous.
She acts just like a younger sister should, in teasing and prodding her older brother to get a response out of him.
9. Midori Yuisaki.   The Adagakis’ secretary, Midori Yuisaki is a beautiful and dependable woman who sincerely cares for Aki.
However, underneath her normal appearance, Midori is actually a bit crazy! From the moment we first meet her on the island trip, we begin to realize why it is that she loves and protects Aki.
Midori seems to get rejected by men – a lot. And Aki is able to take on her own cruel persona, humiliating men thoroughly, which Midori views as the most valuable aspect of Aki’s personality.
Needless to say, Midori does not like Masamune at all when she first meets him. She views the young man as a threat to Aki’s man-hating lifestyle, and tries her best to take him out.
Her antics lead to some of the most hilarious parts of the island getaway arc, and although she is not seen too much before or after that moment, that episode alone should earn her a spot on our list!  .
8. Tae Futaba.           One of the first characters that Masamune meets when he transfers over to Yasaka High School, Tae Futaba is the kind and outgoing class 2-B rep.
Tae quickly finds she has developed a crush on Masamune, and confesses to him early on. Although he rejects her advances, they still remain friends and Tae keeps her feelings about Masamune to herself from that moment.
She continues to be mature about the whole situation, choosing to look at life positively. Tae is one of those characters whose personality leaps off the screen.
Despite being rejected by her crush, she handles it well and doesn’t seem to get jealous when Masamune spends all his time with Aki or Neko.
Her biggest contribution to the humor in Masamune-kun no Revenge are her attempts to play out her fantasies with Masamune and Kojuurou.
She is clearly a fujoshi, and often tries to find excuses for Masamune and Kojuurou to be in romantic situations together, most notably in class 2-B’s Snow White play.
Although her own romantic life may be lacking, Tae does not hesitate to try putting together plans for her fujoshi fantasies!  .
7.Kanetsugu Gasou.   As we continue to watch Masamune-kun no Revenge, it is apparent that Aki had at one time loved the young Masamune, and has always regretted him leaving.
Although Aki puts up a “Cruel Princess” front of disdain to all the men who approach her, she clearly has a soft spot for her chubby playmate Masamune… Enter the lying Kanetsugu Gasou! Because of Kanetsugu’s family being poor, Kanetsugu decides to deceive Aki, leading her to believe that her chubby friend Masamune has returned as her betrothed.
Kanetsugu appears, in all respects, to look like the old Masamune, being chubby and with similar features. Kanetsugu also acts quite kind, treating classmates, Masamune and especially Aki herself in a kind and respectful manner.
The interesting development with Kanetsugu comes from the lies that are spread because of this character.
Aki’s weakness is clearly her old friend Masamune (though the actual Masamune does not yet seem to realize this) and Kanetsugu plays off of this weakness to obtain money from the Adagaki family.
6.Kinue Hayase.           Despite her appearance, Kinue Hayase is actually the 42-year-old head of Masamune’s household.
Mother to both Masamune and Chinatsu, Kinue is an adorable loli character who wants nothing more than to take care of her children, usually by cooking them a hearty (and very unhealthy) meal.
Of all the characters in Masamune-kun no Revenge, Kinue is one that consistently provides comic relief to the series. She dotes on Masamune, but clearly has no intention of changing her cooking habits to match her son’s new ambitions!  .
5.Kojuurou Shuri.           When Masamune first arrives at Yasaka High, he and Kojuurou become good friends right off the bat.
Kojuurou is a sweet and caring friend to Masamune, and he even admires his friend, hoping to be a bit more like Masamune.
As Kojuurou is often seen as feminine by his peers, he doesn’t seem to have much of a love life. However, later on in the anime, he realizes he has developed feelings of love for Neko.
Neko is one of few people who don’t see him in a feminine light, and so Kojuurou tries harder to be more like Masamune, more manly for Neko.
Despite his turmoil, Kojuurou remains a good friend to Masamune throughout the series. Kojuurou sometimes seems to think less of himself. It can’t help that he spends his time surrounded by Masamune and the women who are in love with his friend.
In addition, he doesn’t really seem to stand out all that much – he’s not great at school, having Masamune tutor him to keep his grades up.
Yet, in his way, Kojuurou is a character that does stand out from the crowd. He is a vital school friend to Masamune, and Masamune seems to care about him, even though Masamune’s entire focus is on his revenge.
Even as Tae continues to push her fantasies on the two friends, Masamune seems to want to respect Kojuurou’s wishes to not be seen as feminine.
Kojuurou is an important supporting character, one who helps move the plot along and connects the various pieces of Masamune’s personality. And despite the fact that Masamune acts strange and ditches his friends so often, Kojuurou remains a gentle friend.
In a sense, Kojuurou is the backbone behind his friends, and his adventures with his friends help make him a vital part of our list.
4.Neko Fujinomiya.     Neko Fujinomiya is regarded by many as a simple plot device to drive Aki and Masamune together, but she actually has a lot more value than that.
Neko is a kind girl who just wants to find love, and she decides on Masamune because, like Aki, she had known him in the past.
She resorts to trying to find ways to get Masamune to notice her, doing things like transferring to his school, not wearing any panties under her uniform and inserting herself in any situation Masamune might be in.
However, due to his determination for revenge, Masamune ends up rejecting her, although she remains one of his close friends throughout the series.
Despite being rather popular and beautiful in her own right, Neko has a lot of hidden problems we discover later on.
She quickly becomes the driving force of emotion for Masamune-kun no Revenge, causing Masamune to rethink what it is that he’s trying to get out of his love life.
3.Aki Adagaki.     Aki Adagaki is one of the main characters in Masamune-kun no Revenge, and she certainly deserves the attention she receives! She may be a beautiful tsundere with a habit of humiliating the men who are after her, but she also has many hilarious flaws.
She eats an exorbitant amount, relies heavily on Yoshino, and has little knowledge of what is considered “normal,” as seen when she shows up to her first date with Masamune in cosplay.
She also has a weakness for her old childhood playmate Masamune, whose abrupt leaving is what has caused her hatred for boys. Only time will tell if she will ever accept her growing feelings for Masamune.
But until then, her back-and-forth battle with Masamune will keep us entertained for a long while!  .
2.Yoshino Koiwai.     Yoshino Koiwai is Aki Adagaki’s maid and closest friend, having been involved in virtually everything in her life.
Yoshino and her family have worked for the Adagakis for generations, and it never occurs to Yoshino to do anything else other than protect Aki.
She quickly discovers who Masamune really is, and decides to help him, claiming she is hoping that Masamune’s revenge might help Aki out of the man-hating state she has worked herself into.
Yoshino may be quiet and demure most of the time, but she has an interesting dark side. She is able to research almost anyone who appears in Aki’s life and discover who they really are, with the exception of Kanetsugu and Neko.
She has no qualms about being a pretend villain with a chainsaw during the group’s outing to the island, and gives off the impression that she could take out anyone who crosses Aki.
Masamune develops a habit of calling her “Master,” as Yoshino becomes his sage advisor on his plot for revenge. Yet Yoshino obviously cares about Aki, and most of what she does is to help her friend.
Second only to the lead character, Yoshino is one whose antics grow on you – she quickly became one of our favorites!  .
1.Masamune Makabe.           Look no further than Masamune Makabe himself for the top of our list! Although Masamune’s focus throughout the anime is on getting revenge on Aki, his attempts to look cool and be smooth sometimes backfire.
And that is what makes for a great series! Masamune’s facial expressions when he was under pressure or had messed something up were honestly some of the most hysterical parts of Masamune-kun no Revenge.
In addition, the way that he handles situations was so relatable and funny that we just had to keep watching to find out what happened next! His interactions with Yoshino, Aki and Neko were compelling, especially as he starts to become a bit more mature (even as he still yearns for revenge).
What else could you want from a main character than for them to be the most entertaining part of a series? We are curious how Masamune will handle the future attempts to court Aki.
As Neko says when she speaks to him after she ends up in the hospital, what path will Masamune end up taking? Will he stay on the path of revenge and deceptive love, possibly dooming himself as Neko has done? Or will he relent and discover true feelings for Aki? There’s still plenty in store for Masamune to decide, and his future is something we surely wouldn’t want to miss!.