Top 10 Android Apps From July 2017!

2 months ago
Today I'm showing you my Top 10 Picks for the best Android Apps from July 2017. The Apps I mentioned in this video and both Free and Paid, I have highlighted ...

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Hey guys and girls it’s me JoshyTek.
Today I'm going to be showing you my top 5
picks of the best Android Apps from July 2017,
so fire up the play store and let's get downloading.
Before I begin the video all of the apps that
I will mention will be in the video description
but apart from that let's get into the video.
The first app on my list is called Auto Wallpaper
When opening up the app for the first time,
it would prompt you to create a folder.
You can add a series of your own images into
this folder.
The app gives you extra settings like filters
you can apply to your selected images.
You can set the days that you want for the
images to change to each other, you can have
the ability to set the duration you want the
image to show before switching to another
image and you can also set the start time
and end time and there's plenty more options
if you’re not satisfied.
If you get bored of your own wallpaper and
you want to change it now and again, this
app could be for you.
Do you ever get annoyed whenever you take
a screenshot of something but you can’t
get everything you want into one screenshot?
Well this app called Long Screenshot is here
to solve that problem!
After accepting the prompt, you’ll see a
play button, pressing that will allow you
to take a long screenshot and you can scroll
as long as you want the screenshot to be and
if you tap on the square button, the long
screenshot you captured will save to your
phone, I might use this app from now on, it’s
quite convenient, however I do have one problem,
the image it saves becomes pixelated, that’s
the only thing I don’t like about it.
The third app on my list is called Edit Webpage.
You can do a lot of funny things with this
app like tricking your friends that you have
over a million followers on instagram.
The app just opens up it’s built in web
You can edit certain parts of the web page
by tapping on the pencil icon on the top right
of the screen, the pencil will then highlight
green and just tap on the text you want to
edit and you have edited the webpage.
It's a really fun app if you want to trick
your friends
If you’re running the latest version of
chrome and you wish Google Chrome has the
Merge Tabs Button back, well this app called
Merge Apps And Tabs brings back that feature
for you.
The app will prompt you to set it as your
default browser so you can do this, otherwise
that’s basically what the app does, it’s
just a lite version of chrome.
The fifth app is a live wallpaper app called
Chrooma Float Live Wallpaper.
This app was made by the same developer who
made Chrooma Keyboard.
Opening up the app for the first time it would
preview the live wallpaper and you can set
it as your default live wallpaper.
The app changes its shapes every time you
exit an app which gives you a completely fresh
live wallpaper, you can obviously change this
within the app to not do this, but you have
plenty of options like choosing your own colour
palettes, different shapes and even the animation
speeds, it’s a great live wallpaper app
if you want to keep your setup fresh and unique
and if your phone has a big battery then this
app shouldn’t be a problem, you should check
it out.
Probably one of my favourite icon packs that
I’m using is called Diligent.
The icon pack is created by Flatedge which
create many awesome icon packs like this.
If you have watched my What’s On My Android
Series you’ll notice on last weeks video
I have used Diligent for my setup.
Just a quick runthrough of the icons, In my
opinion I think these icons look fresh and
appealing to the eye.
The icon pack is very new to the Playstore
so don’t expect all of your icons to be
themed, it will grow with regular app updates.
Now you may have heard of this app and you
may haven’t heard of it but this app is
called Universal Copy.
What this app will do is it will allow you
to copy anything from any application like
facebook or Instagram.
It’s a very simple app that does a massive
If you want a great weather app, Flowx is
a good option to choose from.
The app might not be pleasing to other weather
apps such as Dark Sky but I feel like Flowx
gives more information to the user.
On the bottom you have options like toggling
to show rain, wind or temperature.
In the settings you have options like changing
the units and this app also comes with a widget
to go with it which is helpful.
The app is definitely a great option out there
if you want an advanced weather application.
Glass Object Recognition is an app that will
allow your smartphone to understand what is
in the photo.
For example I take a photo and after the app
processes the information, it will tell me
what objects are in the photograph.
The app is currently in development but I
feel like this can be put into good use for
something in the future.
BLUK Physics Adventure is a game where you
have to get the block over different pillars.
The game may seem easy but once you get further
into the game it will get harder and more
There's also a premium version which will
allow you to continue from where you left
off but be prepared to pay for that.
So that’s my list of my Top ten Android
Apps from July 2017.
Like I say all of the apps I mentioned will
be in the video description for you to get
but apart from that I will see you in next
week's video and um yeah goodbye.