To Take is a Mistake.

2 months ago
Fish Allen aka Al Capone (White) vs. Fish Andrey aka AK47 (Black) Queen's pawn game DATE PLAYED: 08 August 2017 Facebook: ...

English subtitle

Al Capone is pushing forward...
AK47 seems to be puzzled and confused.
Nd7 probably the best move here.
Thinking so long is a clear sign that trading central pawns and opening up Queen's file wasn't the right move.
"This could be very educational" ~Al Capone
AK47 is barely holding up, something gotta give.
Pawn f6 is the only move here to avoid disaster.
Thinking so long - clear sign of trouble.
Tashtiche is coming!
Check, Fish!
The game is pretty much over, White's are going to at least pick up a free piece or more.
"Mating, I don't know, but crashing!" ~Fish on a sideline
Black's resign... Let's analyse what went wrong.
AK47 is such a Fish: Qxd1+ Rxd1 O-O -- King is out of pin and Knights supporting each other, so there was hope...