This Will Convince You That KOBE BRYANT May Have Been The GREATEST Player The NBA Has Ever Seen

5 days ago
This Will Convince You That KOBE BRYANT May Have Been The GREATEST Player The NBA Has Ever Seen.

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Koby just goes down online and lavender color. I'm ready. He's fine get up
He's tough the Holies placed were broken fingers and everything so i'm keiko be straight
Freaking you know the old movies that they show you in school and hit them in the Achilles
He's done this like while they kill. He's really is a big deal. You know me and looking up, and I'm like yeah like players
players don't return from the Achilles injury all right I
Really bummed out about that but was so cold about that moment
Loved the soul like our us about that moment
He ruptured his Achilles. She knew his season was over
My communities were assaulted Munich you know this
Computer and then ask anybody to help them up walk. Those are the fruitful life with the popped Achilles
Sank two free-throws and walked off like a Jeep. Hey come on
Like it psyched a lot like this is what I'm with so when we compare the Brawn to Kobe on like psychologically
bear up two different levels man like
To behave like if you like to be able to have the mental fortitude
To understand how
Crazy you know you know how insane this moment is but still
Just get up knock down the free throws
Is what it is so
We're gonna control the famous that I can't control
And you know that's to give my team you know a better opportunity to win this game. You know, but my phone is too Fritos
You know I did what I had to do like I said about Lincoln if you can remember that like virus comes riding
Colby into the ground that year
He was alive when Steve Romney. You know the Lakers were struggling they weren't gonna make the playoffs
But it was that one that late season run you know that stretcheth game winners to put together putting the team on his back?
To be ultimately ended up making it to the playoffs. You know they didn't go anywhere from there, but you know
Any heard of it so fortunate that he has to be proven to the Bromley
A-wah a-wah anyone that was they games crazy man that game
Insane insane insane insane. It's a little shy
Like Coleman, I think that was the moment when
When enemy every star you see will eat it
Right it's almost like Colby's like the father
Right like he's like he's like The Godfather
of this generation of players
I mean people say you just lose that favorite player who's being tough to call which spiders gonna be always
Disproportionately among the time. They say cold bright and now it's for good reason
Mean the guy took and this is this is one of the most
Personifying moments for him
of who he was as
As a basketball player and as just a mind like that eighty one point game like
But just score and he puts it it gave. It just be bad ruthless, and it wasn't like the whole definitely last five
The whole never booking bothered me was that illness is such a force thing you know
I'm glad they got era Watts knowledge right the choke is the laughingstock of the whole league
You understand, but you he allowed that young man in this Gulf Air Force itself before then
they're gonna force a 70 point game like he really should have all cookies and then they
literally were foul it's like it just
It just paints the history books and it's not like that Kony bride game
But will his team. I mean they work great. It's running out. He's gonna break even but he will do
two of the victories at night like they were down like 20
All right
And he willed them back into that game scoring eight more points like like that's greatness right there the whole Devin Booker
Bullshit like that's that's not that's not basketball
It's not you know animus that you're kidding me a little dick, and then they'll break the hole Kobe look
At comparisons like this is a joke. It's a joke you know
the minute the the Kobe
Scored 81 points is is something
I don't think we're ever see to get in a modern a game klay Thompson has had some some huge nights
But I think that there's something to be said about when you're are good when you are by yourself on a team
the only way they're gonna win that night is if you score eight your points and
Then oh yeah you go home you score eating more points so on drag ball into the frame
Oh, I'm glad. I got to witness that one
The last game was
so crazy I mean I
Was I remember exactly where I was?
Everybody who loves mama head you know Kobe Bryant's last game, and I was at the gym I
Wanted to get a worker this smell super fun right now
Boom boom
Yeah, I'm at the gym in the game zone right you know my artistic laughs yeah, Kobe sucks is here
Maybe they're gonna be talking shit, and then uh
Keep scoring like pretty kids bacon shots. Oh, we gonna end up with you tonight
That's gonna. End it 150. You know what they're gonna lose anyways
you know
They can win this game, but they could actually win
You know he comes it's a big shout boom crossbow fighting
They're getting excited with this 50 business all right right for three
Inlay the
Energy like you could like people are eating the gym, and they just like I don't think they watch rest board like me
But I'm going to work now
I've been
Losing sleep at 35 minutes right everybody the jiggly like this is crazy let everybody look Emily
Oh, this is crazy right now. I'm like bro. I know this is insane, and you like the same energy in the states
The same exact energy in the stands
That last shot you just pulls up to that same way I suppose oh
Wow Russell look like a group
I like teammate it's like
You gotta make this like you know these are vassal players name game
But save times needs a kid like cozy the arrow keys what he's witnessing miss like he's witnessing this greatness
Lay right in front of his idols by Joe his vintage
Kobe man and his six little spot
And then he sings those final two free-throws
And it's all she wrote
Haven't tweeted on Twitter for like who for like years they fit overweight tweet who's the crazy mom?