THIS SYMBOL MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME - Explications et Conclusion

2 months ago
Après tous les messages "this symbol means everything to me" dans Splatoon 2, on fait le bilan de ce qui s'est passé ! Vidéo à voir avant celle-là et qui ...

English subtitle

Last week I made a video about messages that were spreading on Splatoon 2
and I asked you guys to take part in a little test: you had to write the same message
"This symbol means everything to me"
You've been a lot to participate and thank you and in this video we'll see the results!
If you haven't seen yet the first video about it, go see it before watching this one
because it'll explain you the concept.
So let's get back to what happened.
Last Wednesday, around 4:00 p.m I published my message, the first message was:
"This symbol means everything to me"
With the diamond of the EvilSquad
I drew it a bit differently than in the video but the idea was here
and I published my video right after that and 10 minutes after there were other messages
that started to pop in Splatoon 2.
Messages that you guys started to publish and which have increasingly spread in the game.
Around 5:00 p.m Octoboy put this kind of message too and you've been able too see it on your own Square
And finally the hashtag
#ThisSymbolSplatoon has been used more than a hundred times on Twitter right now
there were a lot of messages in Splatoon 2 that appeared with this text
which you had edited, adapted to your style, written as you wanted
Anyway, a message that spread little by little in inkopolis.
About 90% of the Squares were filled with this message in Europe.
There were even some messages like this on the American continent
And even some messages in Splatoon 1 but the "who is on our plazza" system is different so it didn't really spread.
We figured out that within all those "this symbol" messages
There were some messages that remained, untouchable, they didn't disappear
Even when I got out of my Square, changed my character, did it with secondary accounts..
Theses messages were still appearing on my Inkopolis square so it must have been some well settled messages
with a lot of "likes"
that hasn't been overthrowned by the meme we tried to create
After that, people asked themselves questions on forums to know where this message came from, why there were so many of them in the game
Some people told them and there were even explanation videos on YouTube
to explain the concept to people that don't speak French and that don't know that.
"..and pretty much where this meme came from was a French Splatoon 2 YouTuber who is really popular
in the Splatoon 2 community I'm sure you have heard of EvilSquid pretty much this meme came from EvilSquid
just because he wanted to create a meme.."
EvilSquid : And finally people that didn't know me
started to publish this kind of messages.
After understanding or not, some English-speakers
published their messages too in Splatoon
"These symbols mean everything to me"
without putting the hashtag on Twitter and that is pretty interesting.
We noticed that the messages that were displayed in one's Square were pretty much the same as the messages of one's neighbor.
the messages I saw on my square were the messages that you guys probably saw too
which means that maybe the most "liked" messages are displayed everywhere
and not only on some people's screens.
There's of course a some variation
but generally we almost saw the same thing!
There were also people who were complaining on forums or in messages, even in Splatoon
The Alliance Rainbow even blocked the hashtag on Twitter in order not to get spammed
And finally the next day some of your messages started to disappear and has been replaced by other messages
other people who put that kind of messages so there were like a big recycling of the messages of the symbols
we have been able to see some new ones appears and the old ones dissapears
Octoboy and me at this moment were still visible, I think because we had more likes than the others
and so we were dissapearing slower than the others but a bit before 48h after we published our messages
we started to dissapear and I think that 48 hours is the limit before we definitely dissapear from inkopolis
because I had none message to peoples that said saw me after that time and finally before the end
that's the new Splatoon update and so the nerf of the tri-slosher that made appear new messages
that have little by little hided the messages about the symbols and today everything get back in order
there's still obviously some messages about the symbols on the square but that's not the majority
there's much more varieties like there could have efore
Anyway you get it, the message spreaded himself and started to dissapear, today everything is calm like before
and this little experience was the occasion to learn a bit more about how the messages works
and mainly to confirm what I had already in mind
between the thing hat we learned already is that the number of messages that we can see on the square
is not always the same, normally you saw 15 inklings with a message plus you have inklings that you have met
in 4v4 or in Salmon Run but for the accounts that had never go online or in Salmon Run
well, theses accounts, theses lvl. 1 who never played :( see a lot more of inklings, until 25 or 26 !
but they don't see anyone around Salmon Run and around the 4v4 mode, so everyone is on the square
with a message, so they see a lot more messages than the others.
Obviously we don't stay newbie and lvl. 1 for too long so it's really an exception.
after the messages are region-locked. In France, we only see the messages of our European neighbors
and a priori we'll never see Japanese messages or even messages from the American continent here !
That's why this message did not really spread himself on the American continent
because if there were some Canadians that had posted that, they wasn't enough to make emerge a movement.
After we had the confirmation that that's after 48 hours that the messages dissapeared
and that was the messages with the most of "likes" that appeared the most on the others players squares
because indeed that's because you liked the messages between you guys that the messages appeared so many times on inkopolis
that's not only because everyone put some at the same time, but mainly because you voted for the messages
that were talking about the symbols and it can be confirmed very easily:
that's also Octoboy and me that stayed the longest time on the Inkopolis squares
because we're a bit famous, then more people has voted for us than for the other messages.
I think it's not only depending on the votes but the algorythm that choose the messages that are shown
takes the real-time-votes too
which means that a message that have received a lot of likes, but receive no more will dissapear and make place
for new messages that don't have a lot of likes but are becoming popular really fast
even if they have less likes.
We'd been able to see that the message that appears was not depending on the friend list.
By comparing with people on Twitter and even with my different Switch accounts that don't have he same friend list,
the messages were the same with all of them, no noticable difference about it.
The ones that were in my square was the same that the ones that were in your square.
We saw that the memes could spread themselves really fast but dissapear really fast too.
About the precedent memes, for the furries & lgbt if they were here for so long that mean that they were resisting
and a tight fight between the "Pro-furry" and the "Anti-furry" that made messages share and made the meme here for longer
so if we don't resist to a movement, everyone put his message at the same time and 48h later it's all over.
So if you're sick to see a certain type of messages in the inkopolis square,
it's better to don't talk about it and let pass the fad.
We saw too that there are always peoples to grumble, to criticate a meme
and there are even some people that report messages for spam... I saw that on a forum.
So I don't know what is doing Nintendo about the reports there's others thing to test on it
but at the moment that's the conclusions that I learned about all of that !
There's still mysteries about the way the messages are spreaded and I think I'll make others tests
in different way, and I will use my secondaries accounts, that are not famous, to see if I can get impact
with the messages of my secondaires accounts even if nobody know them.
So I encourage you, if you see messages in inkopolis squares that ask you for example :
"Take a picture of me and send it to EvilSquid on Twitter"
Don't hesitate to do it, because that's maybe a secondary account of mine that is trying something.
And even if others people try some stuff, I am interested to know, so... don't hesitate !
If you see a message like :
"Social experiment, like this message" or
"Social experiment, report this message"
or something like this, don't hesitate to do it, because that is thanks to these kind of tests that we can understand
how the messages works and I think doing these kind of tests later.
Voilà, I hope this summary of all that interested you, I laughed a lot theses last days
and I tried to imagine which symbol the game characters could choose with messages like this.
You've been so much to follow the fun and to take part of this, so thank you all !
theses last days had been hilarious, I hope you liked it
That was EvilSquid I tell you see ya' soon in a future video ! Bye !
@SplatEvilSquid: ...And that's the moment when I became famous on YT
@OctoboyYT: Woooow, i put down my hat