The Perfect Formal Night Watch - MVMT

13 days ago
Hi Cruisers, We've got some posh cruise gear today! I have always wanted something a little more elegant for formal nights on cruises, and now I've found it.

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hey cruisegear lovers we are here at
the park to show you an unboxing with
you our new movement watch you guys have probably seen movement all over
Instagram it is all the rage their
hashtag and their page looks something
like this and they were kind enough to
send me an awesome pair of sunglasses
which you've already seen on this
channel and this beautiful watch we are
unboxing today the beautiful 38
millimeter Jane in rose gold it is
absolutely gorgeous but I haven't seen
it yet so hopefully we can figure out
how to put this sucker on do you want to
let everyone know right now that we are
offering a discount code well movement
is offering you a discount code go-to
movement and use the code
cruisetips15 to get 15 bucks off your
purchase we will be sure to describe
that in the comments below or the
description below as well at this video
so let's take a look and see what's
inside this pretty little box alright we
have a little inside the sheath we have
another pretty white box is really
really sturdy and beautiful and let's
take a look at the watch prying it open
alright and one two three there's the
grand reveal very pretty very delicate
I'm really excited to wear this on
cruise formal nights what do you guys
think is it gorgeous hopefully the wind
isn't making too much noise here looks
like there's a few little accessories in
the box as well we have a little tool I
think that you can use to adjust the
watch right here and some instructions
on how to operate it and a little coupon
to share and get $15 off and a little
description of the products so alright
let's put this beautiful watch on I
can't wait I'm really excited I do not
own a lovely watch right now you guys
know that I always use my my Apple watch
for everything I use it so much that I
actually bought formal bands well my
husband bought me formal bands for the
cruise but I really like the idea of
being a little bit more dressy so let's
see how Jane looks on I'm gonna go ahead
and pull it out of here and take off
some of the protective casing it looks
like they've wrapped it and plastic
pretty good hopefully I can get that off
quickly so it's kind of like a saran
wrap thing going on here so it's a
little bit sticky which is nice because
I know it's protected but sorry
guys are having to see all this I want
to be gentle because I feel like I'm
tugging so hard that I'm going to break
the watch like I need you need a pair of
scissors but I'm not in my house right
now so I don't have a pair of scissors I
cannot get this off
okay note to those of you who are
purchasing one of these watches they're
wrapped very securely in plastic
grab a pair of scissors and if you're
unboxing it at the park take a pair of
scissors with you anyway it's here it is
it's open and it's delicate and
beautiful and I'm really excited to try
it on and see how easy to adjust let's
take a closer look I'm wearing a couple
of Pura Vida bracelets today that I
think kind of complement it nicely let's
see how we work this little guy here it
looks like this particular part of it
moves up the watch a little bit if you
want to adjust it and then you just take
this edge and pop it in just like that
and clamp it down I am definitely going
to need to use the adjustment tool to
move this up a little bit here is kind
of how it fits on my wrist but I do have
a relatively small wrist but let's take
a look how pretty it's gorgeous I'm
really excited to check it out okay so
tell me what you guys think of my
beautiful new timepiece in the comments
below let me know if you decide to use
the discount code again it's cruise tips
15 at MVM t-dot-com thank you so much
for joining us today for our outdoor
unboxing until next time getting gear
and get cruising bye
first me of the week
we're gonna have to trim this out