The Lion Guard Memorable Moments Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 33 - Emma Winter

13 days ago
The Lion Guard Memorable Moments Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 33 - Emma Winter ♥ Subscribe Emma Winter : ♥ See more ...

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It's coming from okuni woods what do we hate really oh?
Nothing thrilling just a high rack stuck in a thorn bush. Oh
Little bee, I think the hyrax is trying to avoid being shredded by the thorns. Oh we can just pull them aside
No, no it's using the scent from the snakes can't mask its own smell that way snakes won't detect him pretty clever
Hey, that was my lunch
The flowers just got me a little stinky is all sticking. Oh oh no I'd say a long sticky
Case it's been I don't know how long no wonder the hyrax ran away from you
Fragrant try taking a dip in Big Springs little bee. I'm sure the fish there will get you clean fish
Hello to you too willing to give it a try why not I'll try anything once
It's been many weeks, how are the fish today more than last time for but not enough for your flood of Crocs
But I think you listen to the hippos because you're weak you're afraid of them
but I'm not afraid of anyone I
Accept your challenge McCool in accordance to tradition the mashindano will take place near Lake motto pay at
Sunset do something about it dad. You're king over all the animals in the pride lands
I am King and is king and in Bundys case he's a stinky little honey badger. Thanks uncle Timon
Thank you too for your point of view, but this really must be done
Ouch he's gonna feel that in the morning. Why are crocodile's always so violent good question. Oh, No
Easy now he's tired who might have better technique, but makuu is too strong
Congratulations. Makuu you have won the mashindano?
you are now the leader of the crocodiles you have very thick skin to fill as
Defeated leader who was banished from the crocodile float
Let me try one last thing one last thing
One three times before that was the last thing kion, hey Kiara
What's the car bubble?
Sasser's just received word that a herd of giraffe have moved in - isn't anyone in the pride lands in their usual
Habitat wait there's more
Looks like makuu and the crocodiles have taken over Big Springs
You're taking over Big Springs as messed things up all over the pride lands. I need you in the cross sleep
Fighting isn't the answer to everything ah only weak and cowardly leaders are free to fight
Let's go
I start using the Roar when I'm angry. I'll be as bad as scar besides
I don't see how I can help I was thinking if you called for another mashindano
You're not really gonna give up, are you kion of course not the circle of life depends on us. See. What are we gonna do?
the animals in the pride lands need to get back where they
Of course your Royal Highness
How about that bum does minty fresh? Oh that's great?
But don't you guys have big?
Grandfather I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm not sure what to do
I think makuu's bully
But who the old crocodile leader says I should just backed out
But fighting can't be the solution to every problem. He needs to know the lion guard can breathe yeah
Personally, I wish there was a way. We could avoid the fight far as I know nobody lives there. No no just about everybody
Nope I think we're good to give kion the high sign wait
No, no no not again
If I could climb trees I know I could get the hyrax to move wait I know how to scale up no
Bunga just grab the hyrax and bring it down here. We'll worry about your stink later
Perhaps it's time. We moved on Big Springs is running out of fish anyway
Sorry about changing your smell Bunga it clearly has its uses, but guna Matata. I'm sure my minty smell will wear off
Giorgia hyena bites pot I
Told you to stay out of the pride lands, did you know my stomach keeps forgetting his stomach forget
Everyone everyone John's in trouble come on
In the Outlands I can see that oh no, and it looks like I can take that trail upriver
Don't worry. Oh, no. I'll be fine
No yes my aunt better go with them make sure Bunga really does know where flat Ridge Rock is
affirmative guys wait up
What's Wrong little bee
Bunga are you sure you know how to get to flat Ridge Rock?
Do you even know where we are
Hyena yep I'm a hyena all right mines are so clever
Especially you Cayenne bring in the Outlands not exactly your territory. I'm going to flat Ridge Rock
So I can get back to the pride lands if that's okay with you
Laughs and you're going the wrong way
All I see are grass trees and zebras oh, I can't believe we don't know where to go
We're the lion guard huh this never happens when kion surrounds hello lion guard
I couldn't help, but overhear you need to write soon. Yeah
Thank you zebras they never know where they're going oh
No you leave this time affirmative follow me
Still following me you're still ignoring my advice about going the wrong way
I'm pretty sure I'm heading towards flat Ridge Rock. We have to meet kion at flat Ridge Rock
Oh, yeah, guess I better be going see you later bear later besties
You forgot to cover himself in mud
To cover himself in mud, baby
Fully you don't need directions to cover yourself in mud just find a nice mud puddle in rockland it. Oh be right back
Yeah, kion would never forget something like that
Hold still Hugh Lions really do think all hyenas are bad all the ones I've met are like janja cheezi and chungu
Well obviously. I'm not like them
Thanks would certainly go a lot better if kion were leading us yeah, but you gotta love all these flies
Everyone there's a ridge up ahead with a flat rock on top event it's gotta be flat Ridge Rock
Thanks I
Guess you guess well. Yeah, you could have told me the trail ended before I went over the hill
Can you tell me how to get to flat Ridge Rock?
Follow that trail
Okay, tell you what it's kinda my fault your heart
Hi guys, sorry guys wait
Well this rock is pretty flat and it's on a ridge Oh
See that that's the circle of life for you oh I
Guess I really never thought about it when more similar than you think kion, Sisi, Misawa. You're saying were the same
To explain
Baby was guiding a
What's wrong we're in John jizz territory and believe it will not leave don't get along
Janja well well if it isn't just Siri you figured out that only three of you didn't stand a chance against me come on
Love playing around
You're not so bad yourself for a lion
Got you now, but it's the last thing you're gonna do
Ghetto boys yes
Eat that raw
Come on boy
Okay that raw thing he's over here
Definitely, but she's a hyena. I know but not all hyenas
You're like janja some of them are good
Sure is nice having kion lead us again. Even if he is walking. Hey guys wait for me