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2 months ago
Fire slows down the clocks in the apartment so Tom Thomas will have more time to play computer games. The idea works great for Tom Thomas, but not so well ...

English subtitle

Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures?
Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features.
They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt.
But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out!
The Clocks
Go around! Left side!
That's crazy! You'll crash!
No, I won’t!
See? I told you!
Now you talk with your computer like it's your friend.
Listen, that's enough playing for today.
Mom, just a little more!
I’ll give you half an hour, while I cook dinner.
And that'll be enough for today with the computer.
This stinks. I'll never get through
all of these levels in half an hour.
No way.
Hey, but what if we could stretch out the half hour?
We could take the hands on the clock
and move them back a little.
Mom will catch us.
Fine, then let’s slow down the speed of the clocks.
Yeah, but how?
You've got to know things like that!
Since olden times, many clocks
run with the help of a pendulum.
The pendulum controls how fast
the hands of the clock turn.
If you make it longer,
the pendulum will start to swing slower,
and the clock's hands will slow down.
If you make the pendulum shorter,
the clock will tick faster.
Most clocks that are made today don't use pendulums.
They run with the help of springs
or with an electronic chip instead.
But even so, there are ways
to change the speed of these clocks too.
Push it!
Wow, you did it!
It's amazing how much slower it is!
That will give you lots of time to play!
But now you need to slow down
the clocks in the kitchen.
Yeah, and every other clock you got!
I just have to turn this to make the pendulum longer.
Uh-huh! And now the clock will go slower.
- Tideesh!
- Tideesh!
Fire, now that clock over there!
Let’s go do it!
That’s it.
We slowed down every clock
and your mom didn't see a thing!
That's great!
Wow, Tom Thomas, you’re cool!
He got another one!
You're unbelievable. Way to go!
That's strange.
Yey! I did every level!
Oh, thanks! You both just…
The time masters of the universe!
Yeah, but I'm getting really hungry
and Mom hasn't called me for dinner.
Cause a half hour hasn't passed on the clock.
Hey, do you smell that?
Something is burning!
What happened? A fire?
I don’t get it.
I was just waiting for thirty minutes like I always do,
but everything burned this time.
Maybe the clock stopped?
No, take a look! They're working!
Eh, I'll make you some oatmeal.
Oatmeal for dinner?
Mom, I need to… I’ll be right back.
You see what you’ve done,
time masters of the universe?
You've got to go speed those clocks back up!
Ok, ok! We’ll speed them up.
They'll be caught up in no time.
Humans have come up with
lots of different ways to measure time.
For example, if you stand a stick in the ground,
you can measure the time of day
by watching where it’s shadow fall.
That's a very simple clock called a sundial.
Another simple and ancient clock is a water clock.
It keeps track of time by measuring
how much water has poured out of it.
And if the clock uses sand instead of water,
it's called an hourglass.
But humans weren't able to accurately keep track
of the time until they invented mechanical clocks.
They come in all sorts of sizes: from grandfather clocks
to watches worn around the wrist.
Today we also have easy to read
and accurate electronic watches and clocks.
But the most accurate clock of them all
is the atomic clock!
It tells the entire world the exact time.
Tom Thomas, why is your alarm clock
ringing in the middle of the night?
Really, is it still night out?
Look, Tom Thomas.
But the clock says that it's morning.
Yesterday Fire and I sped up all the clocks,
so that’s the reason the alarm went of.
Sped them up? Are you crazy?
Tom Thomas asked us.
So what do we have to do now?
Don't you know?
Get to school! It's time
I’m joking.
Go back to sleep!
Don't worry, I'll get all the clocks working right again.
Can I go and fix them with you?
Huh! Fix them?
You boys are the ones that always make the problems!
Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters.
There's so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters!
There isn't one appliance
That they don't know about,
But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don't let their secret out!
The Fire Extinguisher
So, who can tell me, in the home,
what is the greatest danger of them all?
Well, dogs are dangerous for us.
But what is very scary for us and for humans?
I was just answering what you asked us.
Although your joke was awful, Fire,
your answer was actually correct.
Nothing can be worse
than getting caught inside a house on fire.
Don't know much about chemistry,
but I can handle circuitry…
That is an interesting idea.
I have to try it out.
And that's why every pack-o-mat
has a fire extinguisher inside of it.
And how do you turn them on?
Well, I’ll show you at the end of the lesson.
Nolik, listen, yell “fire!”.
How come?
I just want to find out how the professor
turns on a fire extinguisher.
Forget it, Fire. I won’t do it for you.
You again!
I was joking.
It’s a stupid kind of joke!
And I want you to leave! Right now!
Actually, I should call you parents
to discuss this terrible behavior.
Fire is no joke at all!
Remember, never fool with fire!
Of course you should never play
with matches or with lighters,
everybody knows that,
but those aren't the only things
that can cause a fire inside of a house.
So can a stove, or a fireplace.
And don't forget electrical appliances
like electric burners,
space heaters, and irons.
If you act carelessly around any of these appliances,
they can cause a fire!
And we should never forget to take extra special care
with sparklers, candles, and fireworks.
Sparks can jump off of them and set fire
to highly flammable things like paper, wood, or cloth.
So, what do you do if a fire suddenly breaks out?
That's right! You call the fire department
by dialing the number for all emergencies - 911.
What's going on?
No way. No way! Fire?
It’s burning, for real! Fire!
What do I do?!
Oh yeah. I need a fire extinguisher!
Where are you?!
And that’s how a pack-o-mat
can become a fire extinguisher!
Do you understand?
We understand.
There’s a fire! It's over there!
You don't know when to stop, Fire!
I'm not joking this time!
Please believe me! It’s there!
Nice try, Fire.
Oh, look, he even used smoke this time.
No, Simka. That smoke is from a fire!
I'm sure that this time it's for real!
It's the truth!
I swear I'm not lying!
This time I think it's true, he’s not joking.
We've got ourselves a real fire here!
Toola, Simka!
Turn off the soldering iron!
Got it!
Be careful, kids!
You have to stay back here, away from the fire!
And what can I do to help?
Take out your fire extinguisher!
Long ago, people used to put out fires
with just water or sand.
Today people also use fire extinguishers.
Fire extinguishers are cylinders with hoses.
They are usually painted red, so they're easy to see.
The cylinder is filled up with a special powder or foam.
If someone needs to put out a fire,
they point the hose at the fire,
pull out the safety pin, and squeeze the handle.
The foam or powder shoot out of the extinguisher
and put out the fire.
Our fire extinguishers are just too small for this fire!
We have to find Professor Eugenius to put it out!
I already did!
Alright! Where’s the fire?
Hurrah! We put out the fire!
You Fixies are just the greatest!
Thank you, you saved the whole laboratory!
Not at all, colleague.
If not for you Fixies,
I can't even fathom how this could have ended.
And what I'm wondering is how the fire got started at all.
I had nothing to do with that!
Yes, sure! Then who was yelling, “Fire! Fire!”?
You know what? Maybe it was you that set the fire!
Well if that's what happened, don't even think
about coming back to school without your parents!
Colleague! Colleague! Wait!
It’s all my fault.
I didn't turn off the soldering iron.
Forgive me.
Now we know whose parents
the school should be calling!