The Church in Caloundra Announcement

about 1 month ago
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I'm really excited to be able to announce
a new church we will be planting
in the Sunshine Coast, QLD,
The Church in Calandra
- which will be pastored by Kevin Sepulveda.
Starting a church is always a bittersweet moment,
but, The Church in Punchbowl's
loss is The Church in Caloundra's gain!
This church has been in the making
for a couple of years now
and many people have been eagerly awaiting
this day. Kevin and his family have been
really busy organising all the logistics,
and now that they have a hall locked in,
we have dates confirmed, and all systems
are GO! If you want to find out more
specific details about the church, like
meeting times, soul winning times,
location, you can go to their website
So here are the events planned in the coming weeks.
On Saturday night, the 23rd of September
will be the Sepulveda family's farewell party.
This will be a night spent
over bowling and food at the local AMF
in Revesby. We'll be meeting at the
bowling alley at 4:00 PM and there is
free parking at the rear of the complex
in the Revesby Workers Club carpark.
So don't park at the shopping centre and
pay for a parking spot. There will be a special treat
for those of you who are on time.
The cost of this activity will be
covered by the church offerings
so that everybody can be there,
regardless of their current financial situation.
And if you are from Queensland
and you're planning on being in Sydney
for this weekend, you are also welcome
to join us, you just need to let
us know that you are coming.
On Sunday night, the 24th of September
will be Kevin's ordination. This gathering
will be very different from our normal
Sunday nights, because it will be a night
of prayer and fasting.
I'll be sharing a few words, as well
as a few other men from our church.
This will be the Sepulveda family's last
Sunday with us, so please make sure you
are there for this Sunday night meeting
and come with a heart prepared to pray
for this new future ministry
The next weekend a group of us from Sydney
will be flying up to the Sunshine Coast,
and I'll be arriving on the Friday morning,
the 29th of September.
On Saturday the 30th of September, the next day,
we'll be having a soul-winning marathon
to kick-off the start of this new church and
we'll be meeting at the new church building
at 9 o'clock that Saturday morning.
Then on Sunday, the 1st of October,
The Church in Calandra will officially have its
first Sunday gathering at 9:00 AM in the morning
and I'll pretty much have to leave right after
that Sunday morning gathering
to make it back to Sydney that evening
for our church gathering that Sunday night.
So you can RSVP and read more detailed
information about the upcoming events on
our church website
And again, The Church in Caloundra's website is
So, the wait is finally over, no more excuses.
Let's do a great work for Jesus Christ.
I'm really looking forward to how God's
going to use Kevin and his family, and this
new work, for his glory.
So, we'll see you soon at
The Church in Caloundra.