Tessa Brooks Dancing Compilation || COUPLES REACTIONS

2 months ago
Thank you all so much for watching. We love you #ALLstars Tessa Brooks Dancing Compilation Original Video ...

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hey guys welcome back to our channel its
your boy Alvin and Latina shout out to
be our Allstars she see you I see you we see
you let's go
this was a request this was a request
this was a request this was a request
I just putting it out there all right
how many times you gonna put it out
there let's go somebody was like why do
you react sonography are going to hate
on her but just cuz I don't like
something doesn't mean I'm hating okay
everybody doesn't like everything so but
just putting it out there this was a
request we got that plan in the
background oh you just glued over oh
yeah this press of Brookes dance
we put on the table brandy you back yeah
you're not worthwhile horse hold up
Dylan and it's getting so big
motherfucker what the fuck nigga I ain't
no cow you can chop it up beat it again
you've been here a few girls all the way
because you believe in my birthday
take it
vamos duck it is good I supposed to spit
let's go on my teeth am I supposed to
spit on the fresh butter Oh miss Willis
back on Africa so many blessing on the
brink of my Rachel's looking party for
me and Jamie
in those
alongside excited to take in some sights
for the you supposed it's actually
pretty formal quarter should emit
electric color one and again I will
occur if your agenda that there may be
appreciated market every person changes
walking over me
she can dance you mean if you guys again
if you watch our reaction to dance
I am very moved by male dancers before a
female dancer that's just me she knows
how to dance
um I was I was very impressed I didn't
expect to see that I knew she could
I know welcome from the music video the
thing I didn't see much yeah no I knew
she could dance I didn't know that all
that so definitely appreciate the
request as far as I'll go I liked it I
like to did it this I just
I found myself watching other people a
lot no I was definitely watching hard
because I that's the whole point in
watching news yeah but I found my eyes
going somewhere else because they
weren't in sync with her right sometimes
it was because of that because I saw
somebody mess up it wasn't her in one of
the clips somebody messed up but there
are times like she's a hard worker you
can clearly see she worked like this is
what she loves to do that's her passion
but I'm not sure she's like there I
don't know some of the dancers that I
saw there were parts where she's going
hard and then you should be like real
feminine with it and I wasn't seeing
that like I wasn't seeing what I would
expect to see but other than that she's
a she's a good dancer impressed me I
must say that um it was very impressive
I did not expect I didn't know that of
her I just know I know where her passion
really hit this dance I think you should
definitely keep doing what you do
because that's you you're good you're
work hard at it
you only get better keep up the good
work as far as dance go I know I mean
I've known she was dancing for a long
I know that ain't going nowhere but yes
I'm just not interviewing I like it let
us know in the comment section because
we would like to know your thoughts on
this and I'm not you know my girl to cut
me off and I want nobody in the comment
section like oh you're not impressed say
anything no I'm just uh I just love them
and go watch kynges if you haven't
already my kids down I just love a male
dancer ki nja
is there a senate z-v yes can just if
you guys liked this video let us know if
you're not subscribed so I can boy hit
there's life and we love you all so much
for watching and women poopy boobies
love you