Temperature of Love [사랑의 온도] Seo Hyun Jin ❤ Yang Se Jong Ep 16 part 2

13 days ago
Sometimes a change of scenery is what's needed to cause some forward motion, and if that's the case, then Hyun-soo and Jung-sun are in luck. They're both still ...

English subtitle

Temperature of Love: Ep 16 part 2
As Jung-sun and Hyun-soo sit enjoying the view, Hyun-soo excuses herself to the ladies room.
Jung-sun tells her again not to get lost, but she protests that she wont because shes been here before.
She decides to do a bit of solo exploring, and when she doesnt come right back, Jung-sun grows worried and tries to call her.
But of course she left her purse with him, with her phone inside it.
Jung-sun goes looking for her, so when she comes back to the spot where she left him, she finds him gone.
They both set out to search, growing more and more concerned when they cant find each other.
Hyun-soo narrates that she could only think of one thing in that moment: “I must see Jung-sun.
” Things hed said to her race through her mind as she runs all over looking for him, about how she pushes away the man who loves her and how she should give up on him if thats all her feelings amount to.
Being unable to find him reminds her of losing him the first time around and how shed discovered that she loved him only after hed gone, and wondered where shed ever meet him again.
Eventually she makes her way back to the place she last saw him and stands there, frozen.
From behind her, she hears his voice saying, “You said you wouldnt get lost.”.
Hyun-soo whirls around, and when she sees Jung-sun, she throws herself into his arms and starts to cry.
She wails, “I was wrong.
I messed everything up.
I acted so cool and conceited that I ignored all the signs you sent me.”.
She backs up, and in a rush she confesses that she meant to call him jagi, and Jung-sun grins, asking if thats important right now.
Laughing through her tears, Hyun-soo says that she has to set things right.
She says shes going to stop thinking, because she lost him once because she thought too much, and shes spent five years thinking about it.
With a big happy smile, Hyun-soo tells Jung-sun, “I love you.
Im in love with you.” A look of wonder comes over his face, and he tells her, “I know.” She immediately chastises him for being so mean when he said she might push him away again because theres nothing stopping her from doing it twice, but Jung-sun only says with a laugh that he warned her he was difficult in other ways.
Jung-sun softly tells Hyun-soo to stop talking, and opens his arms wide.
She falls into them, and they stand there for a long time, savoring the moment.
Just as Jung-woo finishes up his business, CP Yoo calls him to change the terms of their agreement.
He wants to fire the two other writers they hired, and hire Hong-ah instead.
Otherwise, he warns that Unruly Detectives may get an episode cut, which could be devastating for On Entertainment.
When Joon-ha learns that Jung-woo is on his way back to the hotel, he urges Kyung to find Hyun-soo.
She texts Hyun-soo, but she and Jung-sun are enjoying their time together too much, so Hyun-soo decides to stay out.
She does tell Kyung shes at the Soho Dongdong Bridge, which Joon-ha reports to Jung-woo.
He tells him its a romantic spot, perfect for an “accidental” meeting.
He asks Kyung why Hyun-soo would go there alone, but she says shes not alone—shes with a guy.
Joon-ha frantically calls Jung-woo and says that Hyun-soo isnt at the bridge after all.
But Jung-woo decides to go to the bridge anyway, as long as hes nearby.
Hyun-soo and Jung-sun sit by the water, and Jung-sun cutely scoots a little closer to Hyun-soo so that he can slide an arm around her.
He watches her carefully for any sign that its not welcome, but she just leans her head on his shoulder and relaxes into him.
Hyun-soo murmurs that she wishes time would stop, and Jung-sun responds by taking her hand in his.
They sit there smiling, just happy to be together.
Across the water stands Jung-woo, whos spotted them from the bridge.
He remembers Hyun-soo saying that theres a man she loves, stunned by the realization that that man is Jung-sun—the friend whod promised to help him plan the perfect proposal dinner.