Tell'em What They've Won! - Episode 1

2 months ago
Tell'em What They've Won! A game show where regular people, are pit against each other, in a heated round of trivia, to win this weeks grand prize. Episode ...

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prerecorded live in Dominguez Springs
California it's, tell'em what they've won!
I'm your announcer Lucas held, and now
give it up for your host, the one, the
only, Drew Brooks!
Welcome folks to
another exciting episode of tell them what they've won.
A quiz show where we pit
regular contestants against each other
in a heated round of trivia, to win this
week's grand prize.
So Lucas, I heard you were in Palm Springs. How was the golf?
Oh I wouldn't know, I actually had a medical emergency.
Great! we'll be right back after this word from our sponsor.
Do you ever have
episodes of missing time? If so, you--
You must- Today. It could just save your life.
Is that true?
keep your eyes on the skies.
Let's meet our contestants.
Our first contestant is a recreational
basketball referee hailing from Michigan
Nebraska. Please welcome Tim Churms.
How you doing? I'm pretty good how are you?
I'm doing great! We're doing great!
Lucas you're doing great? Yes Drew!
uhh. Alright.
So, tell us a little about yourself Tim.
right now I'm just
doing recreational basketball for a kids you know.
How's it wrangling those children?
It's a pain in the butt. haha. But I love it. It's fun.
I love Basketball. Love the kids. Two of em myself.
Two kids!
So anyway, tell me do you have
any special talents?
motorcycle maintenance
motorcycle like a real rebel
So, you're a criminal.
That's a valid question.
Are you a criminal?
No sir.
You know what? Let's meet your challenger...
Our second contestant is a lady doctor from
Snow City Alaska, please welcome
Slasher Tyson!
Welcome to the show
How are ya?
Aw, I see you're already in cahoots ha ha ha
The police are on their
So tell us a little bit
about yourself
uh well like the announcer said I'm I'm a lady and a
but not an OBGYN just a general practitioner
If you say so
are you guys ready to play? Yeah.
Too bad!
Here's the word from our sponsor.
Is your car safe to drive?
Can you see safely?
Can you steer safely?
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are you feeling okay Lucas?
Half face is drooping.
Never felt cheddar mommy!
let's play!
ok. This first question is for you
for 500 points
what is the most Italianist thing you've seen
The most
clocks running
You mean the most Italian.
I can repeat
the question
the San Gennaro festival Maybe in little Italy?
OOOh! I'm
sorry that's incorrect
How would you know?
Your second question 1000 points
How do
you make a meatloaf?
You buy some ground beef massage it together with a couple of
cracked eggs some bread crumbs and
Parmesan cheese salt and pepper mould it
into a loaf you put the loaf into a pan
probably with clear inch of water put
the pan into the oven 350 375 bake until
juices run clear I'm gonna say 30 35 minutes. That's it.
That's correct.
Wow. On to your challenger this is very
exciting you know 800 points that's
going to be tough to beat are you up for
it yeah ok here we go
name four products that have changed
what it means to be a flibbertigibbet these days
flapjacks, squirt pumps, banana peels, and diapers.
that's correct
I didn't think she was going to get it
and she got it
it's very
exciting isn't it Lucas?
excuse me?
you're looking better. I like
for 500 points name a vegetable
likely to cause a commotion
I'm sorry. You know. That's incorrect
what's the
for 5,000 points and perhaps for the win
are you ready?
Your final question
What are you hiding?
The clock is ticking
for 5000 points
I gotta tattoo in college.
calm down Lucas because you won
stop looking at me
calm down Lucas.
Becasue you've won!
congratulations Wow!
tell'em what they've won!
The wrong kind of pool table! No matter what kind of pool table you wanted for your den
This is the kind you get. The kind that's
specifically made, for that specific game
you specifically don't know how to play.
The wrong kind of pool table is
America's Choice for incorrect fun.
Oh my god. Aren't you excited?
yeah. that'll be...great.
fantastic and thank you so much for playing
until next time, remember
Good night everybody!