Tasting Apples

2 months ago
Valerie Nalls tells you about some different apple varieties! facebook.com/NallsProduce www.instagram.com/nalls_produce/ nallsproduce.com.

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Hi I'm Valerie Nalls from Nalls Produce, and
I'm going to do something a little different
It's getting to be fall and if you've ever
visited Nalls in the fall, you know that we
have dozens and dozens of kinds of local apples
that we stock.
it can be a little overwhelming.
You know you might see a few names that you're
familiar with and you might see a lot of names
that you're not familiar with.
So, this week I picked 3 apples that I'm going
to do a little taste test on.
And talk about what they're good for and maybe
those will suit your needs and you can look
for them when you come in.
We don't stock the same types of apples all
season, it comes and goes with when they come
in season.
What we have in the beginning of September
we might not stock all the way until Thanksgiving.
So, don't get so set on any of these for your
Thanksgiving pie.
The first one I've got here is this really
really pretty, it looks like a picture-perfect
green apple, sort of short and fat.
People will probably think it's a granny smith,
but there's lots of other types of green apples
It was grown in southern Pennsylvania and
this is called a Smokehouse Apples.
Now from what I understand these are really
good for baking, so-so for applesauce.
Really good for baking because they're a bit
tart and they're firm, they hold their texture
And hey, some people who make pies want apples
that kind of mush up a little and some people
want apples that hold their shape.
Some people also use a mixture of both.
These will hold their shape from what I understand,
it's a new apple for us, we haven't stocked
it before.
So I don't know how it holds up in baking,
I haven't baked with it yet.
We're going to give it a try.
I am going to guess that it's going to be
really tart.
Often times, baking apples are not so great
for eating out of hand because they'll have
a really tart texture.
Let's see!
Yeah, it's sour but it's not as sour as I
would expect.
If I had this to eat with my lunch some time,
it would not be bad.
And you know, it's firm, but it's not crazy
Yeah, I can see where it would be good for
And like I said, not bad for out of hand either.
Kind of similar to a Rome, if anybody cooks
with Rome in October.
So that was a Smokehouse, good for baking,
good for eating out of hand, not super super
firm but not mushy either.
I probably say it's like a, I don't know,
a 7 on firmness rating.
Alright, so here's my next one.
This is called a Golden Supreme.
We've had this for several years, really really
pretty yellow apple.
Kind of on the big side.
Really good.
Something I will note about these, I cut a
little mark in this probably, I don't know,
45 minutes ago or so.
It's already quite brown, I didn't treat it
with lemon juice.
But I suspect that if you wanted to serve
this on a platter or something you would definitely
need to treat it with some lemon juice to
keep it from turning real brown.
Now these I've had before, they're usually
kind of thick skinned but really sweet.
Super sweet.
I would say almost as sweet as a Honeycrisp,
though maybe not quite as bold of a flavor.
Really really good.
Good for eating out of hand, and because it
has got that thick skin, if you're somebody
who buys a bunch of apples and then lets them
sit around for a little bit until you do something
with them, this would be a good choice because
of that thick skin.
They'll store better and they won't loose
as much moisture.
Great for eating out of hand, I could see
this would pair really well with cheese.
It's a sweet flavor, but it's a mildly sweet
I don't taste any tartness at all.
So, that one is really good.
I've thought for a long time that it's one
of the under appreciated apples on the market.
So, Golden Supreme.
It's a little firmer than the Smokehouse.
I'd say that's maybe like a I don't know,
8 on the firmness.
Alright, on this one.
Kind of a red and green color to it.
This one is called Autumn Crisp.
Related to Honeycrisp, we've had it for a
couple of seasons now.
It did not brown very much where I had it
And I don't know if you heard it, but when
I just snapped it off, it really made a really
loud breaking noise.
Which tells me it's very crispy.
These are always - well I can't say always
- at the time of production these are less
expensive than a Honeycrisp but often times
really good flavor.
So, something that if you're watching your
grocery budget, you might be able to satisfy
that sweet firm apple need that you have with
these instead of Honeycrisp.
So let's see, it's really white on the inside.
Oh yeah that's super good.
It's sweet but it's really got a tart finish
to it too.
Flavor is a lot more complex than either of
these actually.
Because it's both sweet and tart.
Very good.
The skin is thick, not as thick as the Golden
Supreme, so probably not quite as long a shelf
And, I don't see any blemishes but I seem
to recall them bruising relatively easily.
Super good.
Little tart, but very sweet too.
Like I said, the most complex of the three
So, to recap.
Smokehouse not quite as firm as I thought
it was going to be though still firm.
Really good for baking, not bad for eating
out of hand.
Tart and very pretty.
Golden Supreme, a little thicker skinned so
it's going to store a little bit better.
Quite sweet, not a complex flavor but very
Good for eating out of hand, or if you're
somebody who tends to let your apples sit
around for a little bit before you use them.
Autumn Crisp.
I would say this is my winner of the day as
far as an eating out of hand apple goes.
Because it's got complexity of flavor.
It is sweet and tart.
It's a really good apple, and definitely a
good substitution for Honeycrisp if you're
watching your budget.
Honeycrisp doesn't have a whole lot of tartness
to it, but this is a really good complexity
of flavor.
So, would love to hear your feedback about
what you think of these apples if you come
in and grab 'em.
Now, remember there's a limited season on
these guys so don't delay if you want them
come on in and stock up.
They store quite well in the fridge so get
'em , stick 'em in your crisper and you can
have them for several weeks if you find something
that you really like.
Thanks and maybe we'll try this again next
We'll talk later bye!