Tangled Cute Moments Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 19 - Purple Elephant

13 days ago
Tangled Cute Moments Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 19 - Purple Elephant ♥ Subscribe Purple Elephant : https://goo.gl/GdcWJe ♥ See more playlist: ...

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The leading voiding her oh
Hey Varian, first off. It's Cass not Cassie secondly. I'm slammed so oh. Yeah. I hear you
So did I tell you that my invention can create an entirely new element?
You should see some of the inventions on display look at these crazy goggles. Oh hi varium I
Haven't seen you since we since your last invention almost killed us, so glad you're here with what looks like another invention
No no no we'll need Ben here, we'll put guards here and
Does this mean we're out of real guards, too
We've talked about this Cassandra. I just don't know that you're ready dad
I've been training with the guard since I was six
I know Castle procedures and protocol better than anyone, so if there's any other reason why you feel
I'm not ready besides me being your daughter
Fresh for this goods body and into by dummy
Handsome morsel doctor Alcott st. Croix arrives to name my entry into this contest first prize
This is also inspiring. I'm gonna go invent something right now
When I present it to master dr. St. Croix. It's gonna take two people to operate it
Hey want to be the assistant for my demonstration
No look no
I can't catch a break today
Alchemy so you've got a knack for this kind of thing any chance. You'd want to help you yes, I
Mean, I'm not - hey if I help you you can help me and be my assistant. It'll take a minute
Okay so for my first invention
I wanted to start off with something small and simple can he take his tiny little claws off my eyes now. Oh, yeah
Give you the hey hey
Rapunzel that's really amazing, but it's already been invented hmm, okay
I guess I'll chalk that up to being locked in a tower for 18 years
Good thing I have lots more amazing ideas where that came from oh
You're talking about getting that guard assignment from your dad aren't you?
No matter how much I want it or how hard I work his standards for me are higher than they are for anyone else
Yeah, my dad's
Hey, I have an idea. I'll finish your chores for you, so then you can do your guard duty
And then maybe you can take a few minutes to be my assistant
You sure you can get all this done. I don't eat them. No wait don't tell me
We chopped them, but knives can be really dangerous, that's why I invented besides
I think they have something like that already really this too. Oh how am I supposed to know everything?
That's ever been invented. I don't know maybe something a little more practical
Varian that princess
What are you doing? I'm helping cast with her work, so she can pull guard duty
But you shouldn't you'll be setting up your exhibit. So you know I got everything under control on the
Staircase um unfortunately no, but I have chosen my very best man for the job
Wiped out who me not dis fainted uh I mean fin finished
What kind of monster would leave a wet floor or people that slip on it?
Stan what happened all the way back we need someone to replace him as master st.
Croix, security detail don't you have somewhere to be during the judging?
I'll do it
You ready because a certain Alchemist could use his assistant
Listen Varian. I'm really sorry, but things have changed. I can't help you anymore in the next five minutes
Less is the judgment begin show time
Dangerously wet hallways cold wet clothes wet hair that takes forever
And I'm uses cutting-edge applying technology to release a powerful
Focus stream affair the results what used to take powers to dry now take seconds
Fifty pounds of sand it turns into this I
Call this new element
And panache I was almost inclined to give your device a mediocre
Assessment Claire. What does that have to do however?
considering your
Make some noise
this year's the romance a tional moment you've all been waiting for will never look the same I
Give you the status fear
Glorious I see no need to continue this contest
Not just being dumb, but you did impress me very and you're a great kid you're smart you're compassionate. You're
unique thanks
For saying that Oh looks like st. Croix liked your invention after all
You chose me
Don't flatter yourself kid now come on. We've got a job to do
This is bad how bad?
Okay, so very bad. How do we stop it? There's only one way to stop it. I gotta get close enough to pull the handbrake
Where do you think you're going Megatron so make a drag can generate that kind of wind speed and blow against the vortex yes
Blondie hands down your best invention yet
The part of me I believe I've been folded in half I believe this was meant for you and
This was meant for you
Thanks and Varion about putting my own ambition in front of our friendship. I'm sorry
You know what Dad? I'm gonna set this aside for now. I think my friend needs my help
Well as captain of the guard turning down an assignment doesn't bode well
But as your dad. I'm proud of ya Rox
It was amazing they just kind of sprouted up a couple weeks ago I
Have never seen anything like it
We collectively are going to figure it out, but I need to know that I can trust you you can count on me
We have much to celebrate during this year's goodwill
Gopher grabs our princess has redesigned. The gopher grabs seal of goodwill
Ladies and gentlemen of Corona, I gotta hand it to you blondie the people of Corona. Love you
They sure do you know how to make a girl feel special? I mean, I've never heard so much applause and weights a cheer like
Hooray oh, right
All right
Who cares not everyone has to like you that's part of life Eugene's right someone could not like you for any number of reasons?
For instance maybe you have a stupid goatee that makes you look ridiculous
Gregorio the goodwill gofer represents half a millennium of honor and tradition throughout this kingdom
We're still talking about the rat right gopher listen blondie
you're just gonna have to accept the fact that some people aren't gonna like you ah
All I can hear is his gravelly boo
over and over in my head
Yeah, no. She's not nope not letting it go
You know Pascal, maybe Eugene and Cassandra were right you know what I'm not even gonna think about the word boo anymore
Let's just sit and enjoy our afternoon
Thank you, thank you my pleasure son spread the goodwill that
Sweet little old man can't be the same person who boob me
Now we just need to figure out who he is someone has to know him, right?
If there was someone he didn't like that person would have to be the most oral oh my goodness
That's the guy who booed you isn't it yes
Rude guy or rude guy yeah, oh boy
Nobody likes rude guy cuz he's such a rude guy
Hey look at that uncle Monty
You jeans right?
Everyone loves him. Uh do you know where I could find him Monty is a very private person well sure your majesty
Here's a wonderful little shop in town. This is all just a simple misunderstanding
I need to clear things up so me and uncle Monty can be friends
These berries things are impossible I
Just don't get it guys. It's are. You sure I can be trusted with this hollowed Corona institution. I was talking to the Gopher
Monty can't be as great as everyone says Pascal. I mean this here says that he owns a sweatshop
Can I call you Monty apparently
Haha, so I see you're a gopher grab fan figured that out all by yourself
Huh somebody booed me and I was wondering and what're you gonna? Do huh?
Huh you're gonna throw me in the dungeon cuz I Buju. Why is that while you're here to oppress me?
that lollipop wasn't free you know I
Am not giving up that easy Pascal if he can't see what a likeable person. I am well. I will make him see
Look at this now this
Just as I thought hollow in my day chocolate sculptures were solid like our values
Okay come on raps give it up clearly this jerks got serious problems
He could just see that I was Monte's the guy who hates you and there's nothing you can do to change it you're right
There is nothing I can do
Can I help you young lady yeah dumb and totally useless thing I
Sure hope the foolish but clearly
Well-intentioned person who made it regrets it
Misty miss misty and I will have some jelly beans
every kind, but green because I hate green a
girl after my own heart
Eugene did you eat all the berries no no of course not?
Big problem find me some dim berries
And I'm telling you my
Great-granddad what a wonder go for grab that year I come from a long line of gopher grab champions
Oh, they used to say that our family had the gift program, and it was my dream to carry on our family tradition
But that's enough of the weepies hey, I know I've got just the thing to cheer us up
Yes, but, I would say I can't stand her why I mean why you want to know why I
Don't like her. I don't like the princess because Oh
Trust me Monty. Sometimes. You just gotta say the heck with it
Maybe but I couldn't know I mean I don't even have a partner well guess what I?
hope these aren't storm at
Will you know for someone careless enough to leave poor Gregorio alone with somebody who would eat all of his berries you're being really particular
Attention ladies and gentlemen I know we're all anxious to see Gregorio the Gopher do his thing get ready
Are a little hungry guy, aren't ya I
Mean you gotta ask yourself am I spreading goodwill or am I spreading good
Bhim berries emissary know what you mean, what do these were supposed to be been berries?
Come on misty let's show these youngsters how a gopher is really caught
There is hop no. No no let's take that bridge. We'll catch him on the other side
Sorry misty. I can't take that chance
I think you were right forget me
Get that gopher no no don't forget me. I was trying to south brave. It's backfired
Your majesty you went to all of this just to win my favor
I know I know it's a little crazy, but I just had to know why you booed me
Since you've returned everything's changed
I mean come on a royal in bare feet pub thugs in the castle the list goes on
It's like you and your free spirit of a total disregard for
Tradition you put on this deceitful charade and made a complete fool of me
Oh wait, so are we friends again of course not and we never will be?
Because I don't like you
All right all right as you all know the gopher grab is a sacred tradition. He's good old uncle Monty