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English subtitle

Living in Institute!
you all
Why look at me?
People say that.
Chen Lin Jian has led people to explore the ancient orchid.The treasure returned is worth tens of millions Demons Coins.
It seems to be like that.
Then why did not you take us with you?
You have no friendship with us.
The ancient orchid city.
Those who join the trip. Most of them are stronger in bronze or higher.
But still many people have died.
Even people of the Sacred Family. Shen Yue is also lost.
You ponder carefully.
I can not guarantee your safety.
You said Shen Yue.
But yesterday we were I also see Shen Yue.
Shen Yue did not return with my group.
I do not know if that is true or not.
But I heard that he came back with someone.
But at that time there was only our group.
There are others.
The trip to this ancient orchid city is worth it.
Yes yes
Young Master Chen To be honest straightforward.
Have you heard?
About the Huyan Lanruo of the Huyan family.She went to a fighter practice class every day.
To find someone named Nie Li.
I heard again At the fighter practice class.
Xiao Ning'er is jealous And had a slap with Huyan Lanruo.
Xiao Ning'er
Is she Shen Fei's fiancee?
It seems that what I heard from Ziyun is true.
I speak to you Shen Fei.
Listen to me brother.
She did not like you
Why do you also oppress her?
Otherwise, someday.
On your head there may be a green hat to wear.
" refers to husband being cheated by his wife"
Or did you choose to forgive her?
Ah ha ha
I'm Shen Fei, you do not have to worry about me.
Xiao Ning'er is a friend of Ziyun.
If you dare to hurt her....
Snow Wind Family
There is only one legendary demon spiritualist.
The Glory City.
Soon it will be in the hands of the Sacred Family.
Nie Li.
How long will we have to climb the wall to escape?
I have no other way.
It is because of Huyan Lanruo.
She intercepts me at the door every day.
What are you doing?
Which class do you study?
Stop now.
Eh! Nie Li.
I have not met for a long time.
Did not meet for a long time.
Nie Li.
Goddess Ning'er.
You and Huyan Lanruo is there such a hit?
I'm just arguing with her in just a few sentences.
Not hit.
Nie Li.
Do you like her very much?
You do not believe the absurdity of that crazy woman.
That's it.
Hey! Du ze.
Do you smell any scent?
What's the smell?
Of course.
It is the smell of love.
Ning'er, do not interest him.
Lu Piao is a be abusive.
You said this to me before the goddess Ning'er.
This or that you make friends.
Get this punch.
Hey. you all.
We are on the road.
What are you doing crazy about?
You just let me.
Otherwise, do not say I'm cruel to you.
To be there He was a crazy boy at the time.
We should
Murder in the city It's too blatan tWhen you look at the attitude of the child.
He does not seem to like us.
Let him keep breathing for another two days.
Send someone to see him.
Do not you both feel annoyed?
The same breath.
Those people
Be a man of the Dark guild.
They would have seen me.
Hey Ning'er.
Do you know who they are?
Look out of their dress.
It seems to be a star restaurant.
Which is the business of the Sacred Family.
Like that?
Sacred Family conspired with the Dark guild.
It looks like Glory City. It will not be a safe place anymore. I must hurry to find more support.
Let's go
We have a place to go.
Hey! where are you going?
You will soon know yourself.
Hey!!! I go with