13 days ago
Ik blijf maar nieuwe lenzen kopen! Daarna uiteten met de ouders van Bryan. Abonneer maar, is lachen: http://tiny.cc/TONYJUNIOR Voor oude schoolfotos: ...

English subtitle

Welcome at a new vlog.
I'm gonna go to the city center with my dad, Ronko and Bryan.
Because I have to buy a new lens.
Mine is broken again.
We are gonna eat something. My dad needs a new camera and we need to take some pictures.
I'm gonna go out for dinner with the parents of Bryan.
Busy schedule.
Welcome at a new vlog.
Okay, the plan.
My dad is coming. We are gonna buy a new camera for him.
Don't worry. He is not going to vlog.
But he is going to shoot video's for RTV Utrecht, super nice.
Did you see that?
I just walked with my eye into the twig.
Dude, I just walked with my eye into the twig.
- You shouldn't do that.
In my eye.
Let me judge.
Now you look like a "draadalg".
- And another one.
Dirty Harry.
Thank you.
- See you next time.
- Have fun with your new stuff.
I'm gonna try it out with some new photos.
I totally forgot to film that we took some ginger shots.
It was really intense.
How are you guys doing? I think Bryan is having a hard time.
- I'm doing fine.
- The taste is not so nice.
No it's really not nice, but it's healthy.
Dad, did you like it?
Did you like the ginger shot?
No that's not the ginger shot.
- Ow the ginger shot is burning in my throat.
- Horrible.
We are going. Ow the car is here.
We are going to eat tapas with Bryan's parents.
I'm going to ask if I'm allowed to film them
Because I'm not allowed to film at their home.
But if they are with me, I'm not sure if they want to be on camera.
Most beautiful scenery of the Netherlands.
I love it. We are going to eat.
At the tapas bar "De Eng".
The nicest of the whole world.
Nice food.
I'm gonna turn off the camera. They don't want to be in the vlog.
How are we doing?
- Nice, nice.
I asked how we are doing.
- Nice, nice is an answer right?
Ow ow, Senna just texted me.
I made a joke with Senna.
There was a job offer.
Job offer right?
For someone to work in the kitchen from 15 years old.
Than I posted that on Instagram.
And I tagged Senna with look at this maybe this is something for you.
And he is texting me now.
He is saying take it offline!
That's not necesarry he says.
We are going.
I like the contrast.
Because there was no parking space when we arrive here.
So my car...
My leopard.
In front of this church, but it's allowed.
It looks a bit weird.
Ladies and gentleman.
It is...
I worked in the studio. And played some Fifa.
Bryan bought Fifa 18, fucking nice.
Only defending is really hard.
I don't know if you are interested.
But it was nice.
I'm going to sleep.
Because Wijnand called me and said he is going to wake me up at 10:00 tomorrow morning.
So I'm going to wake up in 5 hours.
Tomorrow is going to be a nice day.
SLAM! Radio.
And something else, but I forgot. See you tomorrow!