Taddy Błażusiak - Mega Człowiek, MegaWatt - Red Bull 111 MegaWatt 2017

2 months ago
Taddy Błażusiak - król światowego trialu oraz enduro. W tym wywiadzie na gorąco komentuje swoją imprezę Red Bull 111 MegaWatt. Opowiada o planach na ...

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Taddy Błażusiak
crème de la crème of worlds' trial and enduro
a highlander from Nowy Targ
He was the invincible Champion of Poland in the trial in 1995-2007
In 2007 he switched to enduro and since then
he reached for all the major trophies awarded in this sport.
gaining among others
Six-time World Champion in Super Enduro
Or the title of World Champion in the indoor enduro
He was at the first places on the podium of the biggest events such as:
Erzberg Rodeo, he won it five times
or X-Games, where he won four gold medals
The list of his successes seems to be endless
genius, champion and icon for millions of motorsport enthusiasts around the world.
Hello we are in the mine in Bełchatów, PGE mine
the biggest hole in Europe
And we met here our next ULTRA NIEMUL
which is Taddy Błażusiak,
- Hello
- Hello hi
Listen, Megawatt, the end of the fourth edition, your party, tell me about your impressions after this party?
Red Bull 111 Megawatt as you said, fourth edition
party is growing year by year and I'm proud of it.
I am very proud to be part of this
that I could have brought such a party to Poland and that our off-road riders have the opportunity to ride in such a place.
because this place is very unique
And the fans can come her and watch the best riders in the world,
What is not feasible in Poland.
so it's huge for me.
More than 1,100 contestants on the starting list
From year to year as you said it is getting bigger, do you think there will be more people next year?
As for the number of players it's limited
it is not that we let everybody go
We also need to think about safety and make the competition run smoothly
For the moment we have not yet decided,
The fourth edition is just over, we will be thinking about the next one in few days, as we will all cool down
But it must be said that this was a great success
And if we continue to improve as this year
this will be really...
In my opinion we are at the highest level and then we will go away from the rest
As for this edition of Megawatt
ending, finish itself, last straight
Walker goes on the straight, Roman chase him
very cool behavior of Roman, who did not overtake Walker despite his chance
what do you think about it?
I think that there was no giving place there
Why would he have to pursue for three hours to finally say "you know what the second place is OK"
I think he just did not see any line or possibility, or he did not have the energy to do this attack
At the end of this nearly three hour race
I do not think it was something like "listen, you were first so you can win this"
It's not like that.
especially that there was a fight between them, for a fraction of a second.
You said, in one interview, that you like to race
that you race not only on motorcycle
Now you are retired although you still go on
still doing something
Do you have a plan to race on something other than a cross bike?
you know what, at the moment, I have no plan what will be the next
I do not exclude either a motorbike or a car
For 2017 my plan was to take a step back, or even two
and look arround a little
Catch up with things and I didn't have time for
And I wonder what I want to do next, in a few months
ok, but you don't give up motorcycles yet
As I have seen the report from Romania, VERY cool stuff
Did you record something here too?
Yes, I did, but the competition has a little bit different kind
Also because it's multi laps
It is easier to record it, also did not need my contribution to the middle of the track
Because we have spread out as many points as Red Bull TV
I did not need my ride on the track itself, but I was still with all the updates on the fly
for the fans
but in some other role
but in media way, etc. it was a long week for me, for sure
But at the end of the day, how these games looked like, I am very pleased
Oscar 12th place, closest for Poles
Very nicely done, this is a young boy, right?
You told him something, from what I saw from his interviews, you worked together
yes, this is a young boy, even from the same city as me
I was born in the same place
You know I don't live there for many many years, but it is cool that he is, that he puts pressure
We even had occasions before, he was in Catalonia as I was training in that place
He came and drove a few days on my track
So he knows the situation more less
We do not have the opportunity to train too much together, but always, I advise him how I can
You do not miss to stand on the podium at Hard Enduro race, like Jonny Walker did today
you know, I've been raceing my whole life, also surely, this is a big part of my life
But your record of six wins in a row, no one beaten
That's correct
I've been raceing my whole life and this is a big part of what I did
or who I am
As I said before, I do not exclude anything
I took a step back to get some air and some distance
and we'll see what happens next
Are you staying in Poland for a long time now? Or you rather go in a minute?
Unfortunately no, I have a few things to do at home
So I'll be gone on Monday
But I'll probably come back, hopefully before the end of the year.
I think that you will definitely return before the end of the year, because in December, we'll see you at the World Championships in Krakow
Yes, most likely, yes of course
will you be there for sure?
seems like
It looks like, you generally advertise this party together with Rafal Sonik, is it right?
no, this years no
the last year party was yours
yes, last years was promoted by us
We helped with promotions together
There are no findings this year
Your plan for next year?
As I said, the plan for this year was to have no plan and I still do not have it
Very well, I hope we will see you on December 9th because I plan to be there too
at the Super Enduro World Championship?
From us a package of Niemul stuff
Thank you,
Shall I check it?
Yes sure, you can check it, show us what you got
stickers, T-shirt
also a cap, sunglasses, wristbands
all the good stuff from Niemul
thanks a lot for meeting us
Once again, respect for what you show here and for what you have done throughout your career
- Thank you very much!