Surprising Way To Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

2 months ago

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Kris Krohn here on Limitless TV.
Oh how
do you get rid of those pesky negative
thoughts! How would it be if you didn't
have any?
What is a negative thought? If you want
to know how to get rid of negative
thoughts, we need to first understand
what a negative thought is and really
where it comes from. You know one of the
things that gets documented so easily
all around the world by so many
scientists and people is the idea that
everything is energy right? and some
energy is positive and some energy is
negative. Dr. Masaru Emoto took 10,000
pictures in Japan of of water molecules
as he spoke words to them. And some were
positive words and some were negative
words. And it was interesting that the
positive words end up showing like
crystalline formations of water
molecules and then whenever he would
speak the negative words, they would just
turn it to nasty globular clumps. And he
was so mesmerized that speaking a word
would change the molecule of the water
that she just did it over and over and
over ten thousand times. And you see
maybe online Facebook the rice
experiments right? Speak in the positive
words, the negative words. Well we talked
about what is a negative thought and I
believe that we are engaged in a great
epic battle between good and evil. Think
about it. Look at every popular movie
that's out there, look at everything out
there that's trying to promote the
difference of doing good and evil, take a
look at Christianity, its core. Take a
look at religion and it's talking about
this great epic battle. and the question
is, how does this really play out? is it
really angels and demons? well friends
every thought that comes out of our
mouth is either positive or negative and
there's an energy behind it. for a moment,
do words hurt when we cast negative
words in another person? well based on
the water molecule experiment that I
just said, guess what? Our bodies are 70%
water. your words have an impact on
consciousness. they have an impact on
people around us. so what if words carry
with them their own consciousness?
well positive words, negative words. what
if every time we were leveraging
positivity we were being kind, humble,
nice, gracious, doing good,
lifting, building, leaving the legacy,
creating value, what if every time we did
that we were doing God's work? and what
if every time we were stepping into the
infilling sadness and depression. what if
we were trying to tear people down? suing
people, taking advantage of people,
disrupting value. what if every time we
did those things we were actually on the
other side of the fence and instead of
doing God's work? what if instead we were
doing somebody else's work? so a person
that many of us know Napoleon Hill was
known for the great books and mastery of
thinking Grow Rich in his mastery series
and the power of positive thinking. from
his time documented from being with the
world's wealthiest people in his day and
age. There's a book that he wanted to
come out with that he wrote that did not
see the light of day until decades, many
decades after he died because the family
his wife didn't want to release it to
the public. And then their children and
posterity did not want to release it to
the public and only a few years ago did
it actually come to light. The book is
called, outwitting the devil. And it's a
conversation where essentially Satan's
been put on trial trying to defend his
case against God in the way he treats
mankind. It's very similar to CS Lewis's
book on the Screwtape Letters where
essentially the book is not written
from God's perspective but it's written
from Satan's perspective and his
hierarchy and his minions. And my
personal belief is that engaging in the
positive and engaging in the negative, is
engaging in light or darkness. And for
me, I know how I feel when I engage in
the darkness. It's not good.
Feelings of sadness and negativity
and despair or hopelessness and apathy.
Where does that lead? It leads to
addiction, it leads to disconnection, it
leads to people producing results that
they do not want with their life. Why am
I such a fan of the positive? why have I
decided to abandon the darkness? why am I
doing everything I can to be conscious
of the negativity that exists in the
world and embrace the light? For me it's
because there's a higher power that I
desire to serve and good things come
from serving that higher power. Why
eliminate the negative from your life?
because bottom bottom line is, if
you want to produce amazing results in
your life and if you want to leave a
legacy, and if you want to do a greater
good, that always comes from the positive.
So today when you're having thoughts
about the light and the dark, the positive
and the negative, and your choice is to
be happy or sad? your choice is to tear
someone down or build someone up. Stop
and think for a moment that there might
be a greater thing happening here then
you may be aware of. You may be enrolled
in a much greater army doing a work at
that time. And serving the light and
serve in the dark produces two very
different end results of your life. For
me, I've seen the results of being
committed to the positive. I've had, I've
been experimenting with it extensively
over this past decade. And when I take a
look in my life at the results that I've
been able to produce, how I transformed
in my body, how I finally got rid of the
way, how my wife and I finally discovered
an unconditional love for the two of us.
When I think about my business that's
done nearly a billion dollars worth of
real estate transaction, has sold tens
upon tens of millions of dollars worth
of mentoring and services to help uplift
and build, I don't think any of those
results would have been possible had I
not made a choice to purge the negative
from the positive and to no longer
tolerate both.
If we are engaged in a
great epic battle between light and dark,
then today is your opportunity. Today is
my opportunity to choose which side
we'll pick. And this is my advice for
you today, pick a side. Do not tap dance
from the light to the dark to the light
to the dark because you will get mixed
results and you'll find that opposition
is heavier, more difficult to manage and
deal with. When the reality is, we got
this one life to live. What legacy do you
want to leave? I'm gonna share with you
how next to leave the most amazing
legacy you possibly can by stepping into
the light and the positivity and
mastering it. So here are my four rules
to rid negative thinking. You got to cast
that stuff out of your life. Here's rule
number one, your manifesto. Do you know
that at any given moment you can call
upon the power of positive light based
words? There's energy in all of our words
and when you are proclaiming the right
words in the right energy you are
creating separation between light
dark and the negativity cannot operate
in the same place as the positivity. So
what I'm saying is get positive. What
would that look like? Well I might stand
up and get loud and start proclaiming,
I'm amazing. I love my life. I can do this.
I got this.
And that positivity, it chases away the
Rule number two for ridding negative
beliefs, every day I do a Power Hour. And
my Power Hour is where I'll wake up,
ground, I'm gonna take time for study and
prayer, and I'm gonna go work out my body.
I need to wake up my body to engage it
so I can engage my spirit. So I'm gonna
start my day off right every day so that
my full mental faculties are available
to me to live my life because I want to
be the most conscious person I can and
exercise in the body is an important way
of doing that. Ridding your negative
thoughts number 3, nutrition. What you put
in has the ability to actually weigh you
feeling lethargic, you can put in carbs
that you're not gonna process. A lot of
fatty foods that you're not gonna
process, you can put in processed foods
and just like words of energy, so does
food. So if you want to put in dead
processed food, guess what its gonna do?
It's gonna wreak havoc on your physical
body. And your physical body is your
connection to your spiritual body and
your soul. So by the way if you're not
waking up your body and working it out
and if you're not properly nutritional
your self then both of those things
are gonna hold space for natural
And number 4 for ridding your
thoughts and negativity, is be in good
company. Make some really good friends,
make some new friends if you need to.
Misery likes company and most of us
surround ourselves with people who
support our inadequacy. So instead you
know what you get to do? you get to
surround yourself with people that you
want to become more like. They say we
become the average of the top five
people that we spend time around. So who
are the top five that you're spending
time with?
And let me ask you,
do they
encourage you to be better? do they
challenge you to be more? do they
encourage that definition of nobility to
be greater today than I was yesterday?
are they encouraging the positivity in
the light in you? Are they up to really
great inspiring things? If not, get some
friends that are doing those things and
living that way. So friends, those are the
four ways to rid negativity. Number
one is, shout out and proclaim your manifestos
do them every day and do them
preventatively not just when the
negativity is mounting. Number two, do
your daily power hour. Wake up your body
powerfully. Number three, nutrition your
body and number four stand in good
company with good people that inspire
the most out of you.
Feels nice doesn't
it? not to have those pesky nasty
negative thoughts anymore? Well if you
want to learn more about that come to
one of our limitless events and we'll
give you plenty more tools where that
came from.