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I reflect on all the great times I've had with the vlog squad during my past 200 videos, and then David and I go on a mission to get a puppy, surprise liza with it ...

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DAVID>> Can you take care of a puppy?
Oh nooooooooooo
This is a bad idea
LIZA IN LOVE WITH THE PUPPY>> Aw this is so cute!
DAVID IN LOVE WITH LIZA>> This was the best idea ever Scott
*Scotty laughs*
[SCOTT SINGING] Hello everybody and welcome to my vlog-
me doing stuff 200
placeholder until zane sends me a video
SCOTT>> Cut. Thank you, Jason.
JASON>> Thanks for having me everybody, this was a lot of fun
Love you guys, see you tomorrow.
SCOTT>> Todd this is my 200-
TODD>> 200th, I already know that because I'm your biggest fan.
SCOTT>> Holy crap you knew that
TODD>> I knew that
SCOTT>> This is my 200th vlog. Do you realize how much has changed? Remember when David was the only vlogger and now we don't live in that house anymore?
We don't see the same people as much as we used to.
TODD>> Thank God
SCOTT>> I remember the old videos and there was something so natural about them you know.
Everything was real and I don't know it was just a lot different, but the point is things have changed man remember the ghost man?
I miss the ghost. We don't have anything scary here except for like this basement.
The basement it's not even scary because we never even see it.
Back at our old house we had a common enemy something to be scared of and now we have nothing to be scared of. It sucks.
I'm stuck in the basement. I feel like I'm going to die here. Why would the door shut like that out of nowhere?
I gotta start saying my goodbyes. Who should I call first? I'll call David.
David I'm stuck in the basement. I think I'm gonna die down here.
DAVID>> Uh.. I can't I'm busy right now dude I'm sor- *hangs up*
SCOTT>> What do you mean you're busy, what the fuck!
God damn it David, I'm gonna miss him so bad. He's one of my best friends.
I remember all the good times we had together.
If I jump in the pool you're gonna put me in the vlog?
DAVID>> Alright
SCOTT>> Did you get me?
DAVID>> Ah? Yeah
SCOTT>> I think I do a lot of fun stuff, anyways
DAVID>> You think you do a lot of fun stuff. You are one boring ass dude Scott.
Who has more subscribers on YouTube?
DAVID>> Right
SCOTT>> David. There's no recording in Target.
DAVID>> Scotty get the hell out of my face.
Scotty put that camera away. I swear. Put that camera away.
Scotty put that camera away. Put that camera away now.
Get that out of my face.
SCOTT>> Hey David
DAVID>> What's up?
SCOTT>> Nothing. I just been working on something. I wanted you to see.
DAVID>> Okay. What is it?
SCOTT>> This is my little dedication to you.
DAVID>> Can you please do it all over your entire room one day?
NO WAY! Come and see your new gift from your best friend to you.
SCOTT ACTING>> What a great guy that David is
Now I guess I should call my dad, let him know that I cherish all the moments we spent together
Hey, Dad. I'm stuck down at the basement. I just want to let you know I cherish all the moments we've had together and I love you so much
And you're the best father I could have ever asked for.
JASON>> I'm not your dad Scott, stop calling me.
SCOTT>> I'm stuck in the basement
He always denies it, but we have so many great moments together.
Alright we finished. I'm going home now. Bye, Jason.
JASON>> You're so good.
SCOTT>> You'd thought with all this shit covering, that you wouldn't be able to see this.
It's good to be home.
JASON>> Thanks Scott.
SCOTT>> So now that we live together we're gonna be going on these trips all the time right?
JASON>> Yeah
A handsome guy, a funny guy, a guy people like to be around. I love this guy right here. This guy? No, no, no.
SCOTT>> Hey Jason do you wanna watch a movie?
JASON>> Yeah, that sounds great.
SCOTT>> Jason, I said if you wanted to watch a movie?
JASON>> Oh yeah, I'm watching a movie
SCOTT>> I meant with me
JASON>> Oh, with you? Na, Im good
Scott, for the last time, I AM NOT YOUR FATHER. Stop asking me to do things that are fatherly.
I don't wanna throw the fucking football in the yard, I'M NOT YOUR DAD. So stop asking me to do things that your dad would do for you.
SCOTT>> And I can't forget my two best friends that I knew from the beginning of Vine, Zane and Heath.
Are you excited to be my friend?
HEATH>> I'm always excited to be your friend.
Love you!
Why you lie to me?
SCOTT>> Heath's asleep
HEATH>> Not no more
Put your shitty vlog away.
Hi Internet friends.
SCOTT CRYING>> It's gonna be weird not living with you man
HEATH CRYING>> I miss you.
SCOTT>> Remember we made a pact a while ago? To see each other every day.
HEATH>> Every other day.
SCOTT>> We definitely broke that pact, but you know what? I get to see you know.
HEATH>> We gotta protect family.
SCOTT>> My dad used to tell me that.
You gotta watch your own back because no one else will but you know what. There are good friends that watch your back.
DAVID>> Okay now fight.
Now kiss kiss.
Now fight.
ZANE>> Scotty you're so fucking annoying
SCOTT>> Shut the fuck up dude.
So Zane's decided that he's gonna buy the exact same camera as me, so yeah...
ZANE>> I just want to be like you.
Scott, social experiment.
How do you feel?
SCOTT>> What the fuck are you doing in my fucking bed?
ZANE>> Shh
What I love about Scott is nothing and what I hate about Scott is everything.
SCOTT>> God I love those two guys, they're so much cooler than all my other friends.
And of course I got to call my girlfriend Kristen and let her know I'm not going to be able to spend any more time together.
No more sushi dinners, nothing, and death will do us part
Babe, I'm stuck in the basement. I don't think I can get out, a ghost shut the door. I love you.
Just don't even say anything because this is already hard enough.
I just want a moment to reflect on all the times that we've had together. Okay. Bye
Kristen>> I feel weird.
We look great.
KRISTEN>> Wooooow
SCOTT>> Wooooow
That was a nice dance, high-five!
And how could I forget I have so many great friends some of them I've done less things with than others.
But I think I have a little bit of video footage moments with them that I can pull up right here for a flashback sequence.
SCOTT>> I'm so excited to be here
JAY>> I'm so excited too
JOE>> Don't vlog me.
SCOTT>> What do you call me?
ELTON>> Daddy!
SCOTT>> Hello, everybody. I'm here with two lovely ladies Carly and Erin.
What do you think Gabbie?
GABBIE>> I'm tired.
SCOTT>> God, I love them all so much, and I think that's everyone.
I think I've covered all my friends everyone that's closest and the most dear to me.
I've gone back and reflected on the moments that we've had together, and I think I can die in peace now. Am I forgetting anyone Todd?
TODD>> *clears throat* Me.
SCOTT>> Oh yeah, I totally forgot you were even here.
TODD>> I'm holding the camera. I'm filming you.
SCOTT>> Oh right. How could I forget about you dude?
You're like my best friend. We have so many moments together. I have more moments with you than anyone else on this planet dude
I could never forget about you.
TODD>> You just forgot about me.
SCOTT>> You're right I did. Hey, listen I'm gonna make up for it.
Here's all the moments that I cherish between you and me.
TODD>> "Hey pal, heard you were having a bad day so I just wanted to send you this cute pic to cheer you up."
SCOTT>> Let me see it. It's me. Do you like the picture?
TODD>> Yeah, it's a cute photo. You should post it.
SCOTT>> I was trying to cheer you up, look at the teeth.
TODD>> It makes me so happy.
SCOTT>> Quit fucking following me around.
TODD>> I can't do it without you.
What if we weren't friends? What would you do?
SCOTT>> Get the fuck out of my room, get out of my room.
TODD>> Why? I like it here. Appreciate me now.
TODD AND SCOTT SING>> Flash! Bam! Alakazam!
TODD>> I leave everything.
SCOTT>> You would just leave me?
TODD>> I could never leave you
SCOTT>> So many good times with you man. Sucks we're going to die down here tonight.
TODD>> But you didn't even check the door.
SCOTT>> Oh, yeah, you're right.
TODD>> Just kidding.
SCOTT>> Let's get the heck out of here.
I have to say a big thank you to Victoria (@vanilladingdongvids) for helping me put all those clips together, she does a lot of edits
and she's really good at it. So I asked her if she could help me find some clips of me with all my friends.
She was able to do it and she did a really good job.
So if you guys want to check out her instagram account it's linked in my description below, she makes a lot of cool edits.
Thank you, Victoria.
JASON>> I am not gonna listen to David on this one, okay? I know David has a strange hold over me which is odd.
SCOTT>> David does control a lot of what you do in your life. But the question is here, should we get a puppy or not?
JASON>> I think you get the puppy because I love dogs.
SCOTT>> I love dogs as well.
JASON>> And I know you've been wanting one. You're a dog kind of guy, you're cuddly as ef.
SCOTT>> And I feel like everyone around here will benefit from having a dog, and Kristen, she you would kill you to have a dog.
JASON>> I'll be like this with a dog, I take his snout and I go
I'd mouth feed him.
Grow little pup.
SCOTT>> It's going to be like having a baby.
JASON>> We don't tell David, we get a little moustache and glasses
SCOTT>> And pretend like it's a human
JASON>> Yeah, cause David's allergic, when he's like 'achu achu'
We'll be like, 'Oh I don't know'
SCOTT>> What's going on
JASON>> Oh my god you got the dog already, Oh my god it's so cute.
DAVID>> No, it's me David.
JASON>> Oh David sorry.
DAVID>> I just heard whispers. Let me give you some word of advice, listen.
I really really understand why people like puppies, and I totally get it, but here's the thing you're in the stage of your life
where you're still establishing yourself. You're still finding out your career path. You're still figuring everything out.
JASON>> Not like me, where it's over.
DAVID>> A puppy is going to be a lot of work and it's at the wrong time, how about this, you give up drinking for a month and Jason and
I will buy you the puppy
JASON>> Oh my god, my mind is blown
TODD>> A great incentive I think
DAVID>> And Todd will be down too
TODD>> Yeah I'm down
DAVID>> No drinking
JASON>> And then what? After a month these two get drunk with dogs every night.
SCOTT>> You know what I have decided that I'm just going to go buy the puppy now.
DAVID>> I'm allergic to puppies and that's not even the reason I'm telling you no. I just don't think it's time yet. I really don't.
JASON>> I think it's time.
SCOTT>> I think it's time.
DAVID>> Alright fuck it.
SCOTT>> Thank you for your input David.
JASON>> Good job Scott looks like you won that one.
DAVID>> Wait can I come to pick up the puppies?
SCOTT>> Yeah, you can come.
DAVID>> Thanks.
JASON>> Oh that's odd.
SCOTT>> You seem like you're on the fence about it.
TODD>> Just, what if you leave me one day?
It's you and Kristen and the puppy and you take that cute little puppy
John Haiku if you take Chihiro away from me, one that I've learned to love, cuddle, play with.
SCOTT>> Todd we would never take away the dog from you because we would never separate man. All right?
So it's a yes as long as we don't take the dog away from you.
DAVID>> It's just that you literally had one thumbnail where you surprise your girlfriend with puppies, and it did well, and now you actually have to go buy one.
Scott that's not a good healthy way of thinking. Todd's not ready for it. I have to side with Todd.
TODD>> I don't want to be the bad cop.
SCOTT>> He said do what you want honey.
DAVID>> It's not being the bad cop is literally just looking out for his best interest.
I don't know. I don't know. I mean I'm all for it If it's a cute puppy. I'm fucking down. Yes it'll help all our views and he'll be a very cute friend.
But at the same time it's gonna be so much work, can you take care of a puppy?
Oh noooo.
This is a bad idea.
LIZA>> Aw this is so cute.
DAVID>> This was the best idea ever Scott.
LIZA>> Oh my god. I, you can't give this to Kristen.
DAVID>> Why?
LIZA>> You cannot give- look at this, I am clearly a mother. I'm about to start lactating. Oh you little pup.
Look at this. He's so cute. You're licking the tuna off my fingers?
DAVID>> Scott what are you titling this video?
SCOTT>> Probably 'Surprising David's girlfriend Liza Koshy with my girlfriend's new puppy'
But as you can see obviously David and I went to go pick up the puppy and then we surprised Liza with the puppy and
then after that David helped me surprise Kristen with the puppy by pretending that he was doing a spoof of my intro.
DAVID>> Pull it completely over your head, okay hold on.
LIZA>> I have to do that, just like this?
DAVID>> Yeah, but stay under, stay under
KRISTEN>> You all kind of like stretch when-
DAVID>> Hold on.
LIZA>> Dude this is a nice bed.
DAVID>> No, close it, close it, close it.
Yeah, three, two, alright go
LIZA>> Oh what does he do?
DAVID>> One more time, alright go, perfect.
Kristen can you do it too?
LIZA>> It's fine, it's whatever.
DAVID>> I think this is the best way to do it.
LIZA>> Okay ready?
DAVID>> Hop up.
Oh my god.
SCOTT>> Say something.
KRISTEN>> Hiiiii, what's your name? Oh my god.
SCOTT>> She doesn't have a name yet, you have to name it
DAVID>> It's so cute
KRISTEN>> Oh my god.
SCOTT>> You like him? I mean her.
KRISTEN>> It smells so good.
SCOTT>> It smells like a hamster.
Why are you guys crying?
LIZA>> It's my son.
KRISTEN>> Why is everybody crying? What's it gonna be like when I give birth?
Hi. Oh My God, you got a dog!
SCOTT>> Heck yeah!
I have no idea what to say now
DAVID>> You gotta name him- her- her
SCOTT>> It's a girl.
KRISTEN>> Girl, it's a girl. Oh my god I'm shaking.
SCOTT>> So is she.
KRISTEN>> I can't believe this.
SCOTT>> When are you guys getting one?
DAVID>> Never
LIZA>> Hi I'm Liza
DAVID>> Or Jeff
LIZA>> Or its first name could be 'My name' and last name could be 'Jeff'
SCOTT>> We gotta name the dog quit cuz
I got to make it an instagram
KRISTEN>> That's the only reason you got this pup
KRISTEN>> For views
DAVID>> Call him views
SCOTT>> Views?
KRISTEN>> It's a girl
DAVID>> Call her views
SCOTT>> Call her views
Hey, Karly
KARLY>> Holy shit.
Look, look what's on your door.
SCOTT>> "Go, explore, discover, consider joining, our depression study." It's like they know I live here.
KARLY>> You got a freaking dog? Is this a dog? Oh my god. You're so cute, come here.
Oh my god, it's such a cute little dog.
KRISTEN>> It's such a cute dog, you know what's cuter?
KARLY>> What?
No fucking way. No fucking way, you swear to god? You swear to God that's your dog? Shut the fuck up. No, are you serious? What.
Oh my god I'm crying.
KRISTEN>> I started crying too.
KARLY>> How is it that his face is a different color?
Holy shit, what kind of dog is this?
SCOTT>> It's a lab and a husky.
KARLY>> I cannot touch it. It's a lab and a husky?
KRISTEN>> A lusky!
KARLY>> Oh my god.
LIZA>> Karly please calm down I'm not actually a dog.
KARLY>> Wait, was that you or the dog? Oh it was you.
SCOTT>> How do you do that so well?
SCOTT>> Haku.
KRISTEN>> Bless you.
LIZA>> Kristen has given birth.
KRISTEN>> I just gave birth.
JASON>> How is it, how are you feeling?
KRISTEN>> Great.
JASON>> Scott. It's not yours.
DAVID>> I love Link.
LIZA>> I like Link.
SCOTT>> I like Link a lot too.
KRISTEN>> You may want to come.
SCOTT>> Okay, what do you think it should be?
SCOTT>> And then we'll get him a little doghouse. We'll write over it, says bio, and then whenever he goes at the doghouse.
KRISTEN>> We'll say 'Link in bio'
My name is Kristen McAtee and in the state of California I declare Link as the name for this puppy right here in front of me.
SCOTT>> All right everyone follow link on Instagram @WheresLink
Come on link, you're gonna chew up Kristen's shirt, go ahead do it, chew it up. It's yours now.
This is a treat, eat the treat instead.
It's right here, right here, It's in my hand stupid. Link it's right here. It's a whole new world out here man before today you've never been in a car
Never left your litter and now you're in the vlog house better get used to the camera being in your face
You got to be a good dog, okay? Well Link all I got to say is
Welcome to the vlog squad!
Come here, get over here link, water, you haven't drank any water since I picked you up.
That's what I'm talking about you gotta stay hydrated all the time, baby.
Oh. Don't throw up the water.
You okay? Probably the wrong pipe.
Uh, you got a good gallop going on.
This is pretty cool now that you're the vlog dog everyone's going to be able to watch you grow up,
you get to watch this little guy *girl* turn into a big guy *girl*.
And that's all folks! Thank you guys for watching please leave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more
from me in the future usually I give a shout out to someone with my notifications on but today
I'm not going to do that because it was kind of a long special video
Thank you guys for sticking around and watching all my videos. I really appreciate it and now let's roll out to the credits!
KRISTEN SINGING> I'm addic- I'm addicted to you
DAVID>> Dude!