Super Easy Student Sausage Stew Recipe

10 days ago
With Nadia's nephew, Finn, having just gone off to uni and having to cook for themselves, we thought it was about time we did some quick easy and utterly ...

English subtitle

[MARK] What are we doing?
[NADIA] We are doing because my nephew - hi Finn - has just gone off to university
this year and he's cooking for himself. It's made me realise how many students
there are out there and how many of our
subscribers are students so I thought
I'm going to do loads of really easy student food
Are these Fifty Shades of Grey oven gloves?
Did you know Fifty Shades of Grey had released its own oven gloves?
[NADIA] They do look seriously weird don't they?
Sausage in a wok
[KAYE] I always use my Fifty Shades of Grey oven gloves to touch sausages
[NADIA] So this is the easiest...
[KAYE] I never touch them with my bare hands..
[NADIA] She's a vegetarian
You can of course do these with veggie
[KAYE] Can you?
[KAYE] They're quite difficult to get hold of with your 50 Shades of Grey oven gloves on.
[MARK] That's why we've left them downstairs..
[KAYE] There it is!
[KAYE] Look!
[NADIA] Urgh...
[MARK] You shouldn't be singing
[NADIA] Urgh...
[MARK] What she going to do with a sausage
What she going to do with a sausage?
[MARK] Bent over a drawer!
[NADIA] What's she going to do with a sausage!
[NADIA] You need to stir the sausages
[KAYE] I'm never going to take my eye off your sausage
[MARK] These are sausage bits
[NADIA] So this is.... Oh where the hell is that bloody chopper?
[KAYE] It's all going well. Going really well. It's a very organised kitchen this one
She is...
[NADIA] For the love of God where's my chopper!
[KAYE] She's asking me to keep my eye
on her sausage and then she's shouting for a chopper. It's all going downhill very very fast here
We have onion, bit of sausage, couple of sausages. It's only a bit of onion I'm
only using a quarter of an onion
[KAYE] Are you trying to be kind of hip and cool?
[NADIA] Yeah. Down with the unis
[KAYE] A bit of onion... There's going to be people out there thinking you're a sad old bag
So I'm only using a bit of onion because my
nephew said there's only ever a bit of
onion in the fridge so rather than using
a whole one..
[KAYE] How old is your nephew?
[NADIA] 18
[KAYE] Is he your oldest nephew?
[NADIA] Why are you pretending like you've just met me? Finlay
[KAYE] Yeah I know, but you've got an older nephew haven't you? What age is he?
[NADIA] 28
[KAYE] How old you are
[NADIA] I know
She's stirring her sausage
[KAYE] I'm just stirring my sausage
[NADIA] You could put in there some garlic as well if you want.
[MARK] Garlic sausage!
[NADIA[ But don't forget if you're vegetarian guys, just use a veggie sausage
[KAYE] ... if you've just joined us in the studio..
.. if you're vegetarian guys
[MARK] She's gone all Jamie Oliver
[KAYE] She has!
[NADIA] I know it's really weird, I've got to stop it! I'm making myself feel..
[KAYE] This is a very badly designed kitchen
don't you think?
[NADIA] You haven't usually got some other fucker standing there have I. I'm usually here by myself.
[KAYE] Mrs Grimshaw!
[NADIA] Garlic... if you haven't got any garlic don't worry.
[MARK] Poor students have garlic.
[NADIA] Stir it.
[KAYE] Do they?
[NADIA] Right we've nearly made this. It's nearly finished
So in to that
[MARK] This looks like narcotics
They will have lots of bags like that.
This is..
curry powder
Now you can...
[KAYE] Would students have that?
I would normally use curry paste
but curry paste is more expensive so I'm doing it cheap
[MARK] Nadia has broken
every cardinal rule she has ever placed in front of me
regarding frying spices first
[NADIA] Oh my god, I feel so sorry for you both. You're both so stupid
I am frying it first
[MARK] You're not you've been the sausage in
[NADIA] No you idiot. I mean fry it before you put the wet ingredients in you idiot
[KAYE] You're just trying to recover a situation
[NADIA] Are we or are we not frying the f**king spices
[KAYE] Just indulge her. Listen. Let's just go with her
It's her age. Her memory's not so good
[NADIA] Don't put your hand up as you won't get noticed
[MARK] As a student it's the only way to get heard in a seminar
[NADIA] Right so..
[MARK] Students will not be able to afford organic beans
[NADIA] Beans!
[MARK] Students will not be able to afford organic beans
[NADIA] That's why I'm putting my hand over it
[KAYE] They're Heinz
Are we not meant to say they're Heinz Beans?
[NADIA] No imagine these are
not Matalan.. Morrisons. Morrisons beans
[KAYE] Your memory is shocking
Student bread and butter not a ciabatta, not a french stick
This is what my nephew..
[KAYE] You're making an assumption about our young people!
[NADIA] Darling,do you have an 18 year old nephew? No
I do. Does he love this? Yes
Oh I didn't want to do it that way... there you go
[KAYE] We love bread cut in triangles
It tastes different when its cut in a triangle
How is that?
[MARK] And doesn't it look lovely when you take a bite and your teeth marks are there
[NADIA] Thick through the butter.. and you're young enough to not care what it's doing to your arteries
[KAYE] And obviously you're not worried about your teeth coming out in the bread
[NADIA] You're all still at that stage aren't you... where you don't worry about your teeth coming out in your bread
It is Student Sausage
Student Sausage Stew. I tell you what
that's gonna go flaming viral that is.
[KAYE] Triangles
Look at that. Meal in minutes. Students Sausage Stew.