Stunt Vlog #1

13 days ago

English subtitle

Hello everyone!
Today is Saturday
And our first stunt vlog
It's like 1 pm right now
Gonna do some riding today
Going to wait until Nerijus comes
load up the bikes and we are off!
I think I can smell him
Fresh tire for training
Talking about tires...
Thank you Virgis,
you gave me a racing tire
Not really a good tire for stuntriding,
but when you don't have any
It's going to work for now
Need some petrol before the training
Hello there Domantas
Oooh look, Golf GTI
It's so empty that the camera can't even focus on It
Gonna need to work on that marketing
It's because I was a basketball player
Oh yeah right...
Well that's a lot of coolant I am missing
Show me how It looks, because everything is boiling here
Your fans stopped working?
That's It! Let's ride!
Got some familiar faces in the spot, hey Šarūnas!
How was your trip?
Like a dream!
Best trip yet
So where to next?
Going to Dubai next
What happened there?
Just fell.
Just go
Almost died there bro
Dis you get it?
Look at my eyes
Do you see fear?
Me too, got scared
It's getting cold now, need to be careful
Need to warm up the tires more
Same story there
Come on dude!
Nope, he is not coming
So where are you rolling to?
Going to a photoshoot
With my mom
So you are leaving me with this beast?
This beast!
You are a real bro
We heard some weird noises
What going on with the sensors?
Yeah, so there are two sensors
You can turn the around
the holes are like egg shapped
So the sensors can easily be turned to any direction
So that the ECU could understand the rpms
Beacuse our rpm is at 3,5 or 4 k
while stock is at 1000 rpm
So when we ride the ECU doesn't understand
how much there is
So we have to calibrate those position sensors
that the bike wouldn't let down the rpm
lowe that we actually need
So this is like just trial and error situation?
Yeah, so I'm playing with them right now
Yeah I just cracked my frame
I don't know if we can see it
Holly crap!
So It's right from down there...
right up to some where here
Is it the same on the other side aswell?
No idea, but it's cracked at the bottom for sure
So probably in winter it's gonna happen
Is it because of stoppies?
It's like in the middle of the factory weld
Cheers to Shizas
So It's a problem to me with this weld
It's not the first time
First time I had a crack here two years ago
It was about time it happen to me again
Yeah when you are doing a stoppie
that force goes straight in that place
I was thinking why the bike made strange noises
Is it that noticable?
I don't know if it's for the frame being cracked
It's about time for a winter rebuild
My bike is also making noises
Did you weld your crack on the bracket?
You didn't?!
Was good for today
I don't know why it keeps happening
Same happened to Virgis
I think I know why it cracked
When your crashing
with all the wieght
It could be bending a bit
and causing it to crack
In short, our bikes needs some freshing up
Yeah they could use somw winter cleaning right about now
So that's it for this time, don't forget to like the video
let us know what you would like to see next
Maybe you don't like my voice
Maybe you would rather hear Šarūnas or Nerijus
behind the camera instead of me
Let us know in the comments!
So yeah,
that's it for this time, see you in the next vlog,