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2 months ago
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Hi I'm Thomas and I'm Sheena and we're
Chasing a Plate, tonight we're in Kuala
Lumpur Malaysia and we're at OUG Pasar Malam or night market to eat up
a storm. There are lots of stalls and
there are delicious smells wafting
everywhere we can't wait to get stuck in.
Let's eat!
I just picked up our first snacks a couple
of crowd favourites so I've got satay,
chicken satay, the vendor's just
covered the satay in peanut sauce and
then I've also got some keropok lekor which are a type of fish sausage we first
had this in Kelantan. I'm going to start
with the satay first, these look really
good. Look at that...
mmmmm there's a good amount of fat versus meat on there that is really tasty
you also get some red onion and cucumber
usually and that's really good cos it
cut through all the heaviness of the
flavour. Time for the keropok lekor
so it's like a fish sausage, what I really love about these
is the texture they're really chewy
and there's a spicy chilli sauce on top of
these ones
hmmmm very crunchy. We first tried these in a video
that we posted recently when we were
with our friends up in their home state of
Kelantan we'll link that video up there
and we were cooking them in the kitchen,
that's a really good snack
Pasar Malam are so great to visit when
you're in KL or in Malaysia
anywhere but when you're in KL the
awesome thing is there's pretty much one or I
think there is one every night in a
different location so this one happens
on Thursday nights but you'll find them
all over town just google it and you'll
find which ones on we also have some
other videos on other pasar malams but
we now need more food so we're going to
find another snack!
We found some carrot cake and I love this! It's
actually turnip so they cube the turnip
up they fry it in a huge wok with some
chilli and some soy sauce I think some
kecap manis, some sprouts all sorts goes in there
this is absolutely boiling hot but I'm
gonna try, try and get it down
so good the turnips really squishy
almost gooey and then the sauce on it's
really nice and sweet, I could do with a
little bit more chilli on there to be
honest I would probably next time I'd
ask for more chilli but that is really
really tasty but we want to know also
what are your favourite things when you
come to the pasar malam, let us know
down below so next time we're at one
we can order your favourites so drop a
comment let us know what are your
favourites and if you haven't subscribed
hit that subscribe button while you're
down there. Time for more food!
this pasar malam is so lively and fun
and I'm sorry if you are struggling to
hear me because there are so many
generators going but that I feel just adds to the
our next snack fruit except it's
deep-fried and a lot of our subscribers
have told us that we need to try this
fruit and it's called cempedak which
is a cousin of the jackfruit it's a
funny looking fruit, it's green and knobbly
and sort of spiky and then when you open
it up it's just got all these different
segments inside of the yellow fruit I'm
gonna give it a go, I've heard it's really
I lost the batter. Wow.
Oh wow. One minute...
all right so when I bit into that
fritter I got this huge aroma of what I thought smelt like banana cake
The fruit itself is so juicy and it's got this
beautiful fragrance and honestly it smells and tastes a bit like a custardy banana cake!
I'm a convert! I'm giving it a go now - it's
really nice
I'm a huge huge fan of fruit like
massive fan so personally I'd prefer to
try this fresh because I think it would
be a bit nicer it's lost all of its
crunch which I imagine it has when it's
fresh it's very much like Sheena said
though it tastes like a banana cake it's
tasty but I reckon give me the fruit
next time I want to try that
next up some fried chicken this is
actually a Taiwanese style fried chicken
but we've seen this at pretty much every
pasar malam we've been to in KL it
seems like this this style of chicken has
really crossed borders so they deep-fry
like a whole chicken chop and then I've asked for it with chilli on it or just
powdered chilli let's give it a go it
looks super crispy
oh my god, oh
it's so soft but the outsides all crunchy the
spice is really good it's caught in my
throat a little bit because it's got a
good amount of spice it's so, so tasty and a
little bit of a treat having something a
bit outside the norm that's really
really nice
time for something sweet a crispy apam balik, it's like a thin pancake that's stuffed
with coconut, peanuts, butter and
corn. Corn!
Wow and you can see the filling, the corn is like a creamed corn
and the peanuts are really sweet, oh that's delicious, I could eat a hundred of these
and that's us done another great
pasar malam, I love these things they're
so fun to visit this one's packing up
quite early it's only ten o'clock and a
lot of the stalls have packed up already
so normally they go a bit later but this
one 10 o'clock for some reason like I
said earlier when you're in KL if you're
a visitor make sure one of your nights is
spent at a pasar malam, they're great
fun and they're not just food you'll
find all sorts here, there's clothes, there's watches
there's cell phone repair shops, there's fruit so plenty to look at. Thank you so much
for watching we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist,
we'll see you next time, remember to give this video a thumbs up
if you enjoyed watching it. Jumpa lagi!