STRANGER JOKES : Jokes de Papa avec les teens de Stranger Things

6 days ago
Contenu commandité par Netflix France. Inspiré de Dads Jokes (All Def Digital) et Jokes de Papa (GaboomFilms). Chose étrange pour Guiz et Laurent ...

English subtitle

Hi Charlie.
Hello Guiz.
Eleven and Eight are on a boat,
Eight falls, what's left?
I don't know.
Who's the best chef in the Upside Down?
Demo-Gorgon Ramsay.
That was a good one.
That was good, that was good.
Hi Charlie.
What does Finn Wolfhard do
when he has made a good joke?
I don't know?
He drops the Mike.
Come on Laurent!
Well, yeah, they won this round!
Do you lose?
Yeah, yeah, you get the point.
One point for my team.
Tag Team!
Good evening.
Good evening.
They are all bad Laurent, it's fine...
No, no, no.
This one is genuinely funny.
You have to look at me though.
Otherwise it's gonna be too easy.
What music band is sure to give
Eleven a reaction?
I don't know.
The Mamas & the Papas.
What does Joyce do when she has
a flat tire and she needs to fix it?
I don't know.
Oh! Oooh?!
(What's the answer?!)
It's "Wheel? Wheel? WHEEL?!?"
(Will? Will? WILL?!?)
I'm sorry...
Sorry guys!
Hello Natalia!
What's the difference between
Eleven and Donald Trump?
I… don't know.
They both have an Eggo problem!
Not that one...
(OH! No Guiz, this count as a laugh.)
(We just lost this round because of this.)
His hair made me laugh...
What do people in the Upside Down
say on a Friday night?
No idea.
Do you wanna go to the Barb?
She's right... right there.
Do you know who was supposed to play
the monster in season one?
Demi Moore-gon.
(It's a smile... or it's a laugh?)
(It's a smile? Alright...)
What's the difference between
Barb and traditional TV?
I don't know.
Both were killed by Netflix!
(Nah... nothing?)
What's Dustin's favorite song?
No idea!
Tum, tum, tum...
Another one bites the Dust(in)!
And another one bites...
And another one bites,
and another one bites the dust...
Toum, toum, toum!
What do Fresh Prince and Will have in comon?
I don't, I *sight*...
They're both named Will,
and their lives both got turned
Upside Down.
I knew it!
That was a good one...
Sorry... sorry guys!
What does...
Is there something funny?
What does Joyce do
on Saturday nights?
I don't know?
Netflix and...
That's a good imitation.
I worked with her a lot...
You should have played that character.
A lot, I... phew...
I mean she's your mom, so...
She's my mom, you know... We, you know...
Why is Joyce always so confused?
I... don't know?
Because she lacks Will...
(That sucks...)
Gorgon wants to become a musician,
so he calls record labels
to get signed up and become a success.
After days of calling,
he finally gets a positive response...
Which is?
No idea.
"Send me a demo, Gorgon."
What's Steve's favorite musical?
What's Steve's favorite musical?
I don't know.
I made up one... I've just made up one.
(Ah! You can go ahead...)
(Oh là là!)
What's Gaten Matarazzo's
favorite song?
No idea.
Dust-in the Wind.
That's my next one!
(I have it!)
(No... I have it!)
You got it.
(I have it... they're the same!)
Are you kidding?
(Oh my God!)
(That's so funny...)
(Yes Joe, steal their jokes...)
(Yeah Joe!)
I don't get why they called
the show "Stranger Things".
They should have named it
"Good Will Hunting".
"Good Will Hunting", it's just...
Season one would be called that.
What's a Demogorgon...
What's the Demogorgon's favorite event?
No idea.
A Barb-ecue!
Not so terrible, that one...
What should Eleven's real number be?
I don't know.
One Millie-on.
What is Eleven's favorite Disney song?
I don't know.
Sorry, I can't...
(You laugh.)
I did!
(Well, tell... tell the punchline.)
Let it...
How does this song go?
Let it go... Let Eggo...
Sorry... I'm so sorry...
Somebody wrote this in. I can't...
Let Eggo... Let Eggo...
Thanks everybody for watching
this Dad's Jokes on Stranger Things.
Thanks a lot guys for coming.
Thank you.
Thanks for having us.
It's a draw, so we're both equally bad or good...
Equally Dads...
Equally Dad.
I hope you had fun?
Yeah, it was fun.
Oh yeah!
We want a rematch.
Oh! You want... a rematch?
Yeah, maybe for season three... if there is one.
We don't know!
So thanks for watching this video.
Don't forget to share, and to watch
Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix.
Have you seen it yet?
You binged it, you are up to date?
I so badly want to talk about Season 2,
but not everybody has seen it yet.
It's a shame. Go watch it
so we can start talking about it.
You can say "Bye..."
Au revoir!
See ya...