Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show

2 months ago
In a "60 Minutes" profile of Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist reflects on President Trump's Pussygate scandal and defends his problematic views ...

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It's been almost a month
since President Trump
fired Steve Bannon,
his chief strategist
and human sloppy joe.
Now, during his time with Trump,
Bannon operated
from the shadows,
but last night he braved
the lights of 60 Minutes
to give his first major
TV interview.
And everyone immediately said,
"Okay, this (bleep) should have
stayed in the shadows."
The Republican establishment
is trying to nullify
the 2016 election.
That's a brutal fact.
They need illegal aliens
to fill the churches.
Where does this end?
Does it end, does it end
in taking down
the Washington Monument?
I don't need affirmation
of the mainstream media.
I don't care what they say.
I don't care what they say.
They can call me an anti-Semite,
they can call me racist,
they can call me nativist.
they can call me anything
you want, okay?
It's like Donald Trump took
a dump while he was tweeting
and then wished for that dump
to be a real boy.
(mimics Trump):
I will name it Steve.
Now, last night's
Bannon interview
wasn't particularly eye-opening.
I mean, mostly, he just
willingly confirmed
that he is
who we thought he was:
a radical nationalist
who believes that Donald Trump
will be instrumental in
tearing down the establishment.
But one moment,
one moment really showed
how all-in he is on Trump.
The campaign's biggest crisis

was an October surprise,
when a 2005 video surfaced
of Mr. Trump
using vulgar language

to describe his encounters
with women.

He made those remarks on a bus
to TV host Billy Bush.

"Billy Bush Saturday,"
to me, is a litmus test.
It's a litmus test.
When you side with a man,
you side with him, okay?
The good and the bad.
You can criticize him behind,
but when you side with him,
you have to side with him.
Man, that's loyalty.
Even after Trump fired Bannon,
he's still gonna fight for him
from outside the White House.
If Donald Trump
ever killed someone,
Bannon will be the guy driving
the white supremacist Bronco.
Oh, and, also,
I don't know if you,
I don't know
if you noticed this,
but, but Bannon has a very
interesting way of rebranding
the infamous Donald Trump
pussy-grabbing scandal.
"Billy Bush Saturday,"
to me, is a litmus test.
Christie, because of,
uh, Billy Bush, uh, weekend,
uh, and, uh,
was, uh, was, uh,
not looked as...
for a cabinet position.
You took names on
Billy Bush Sunday, didn't you?
I did.
I... Oh, I got him.
He wasn't there for you
on Billy Bush weekend,
so therefore he doesn't
get a cabinet position.
And that's what Billy Bush
weekend showed me.
Billy Bush weekend?
Poor Billy Bush.
Somewhere he must have been
watching that interview like,
"Come on, man.
Billy Bush wee...
I was just on the bus."
Like, you can't name something
after someone
who happened to be there.
That's like rebranding
the JFK assassination motorcade
"driver's bad day."
You could describe it that way,
but that's not why it's famous.
Now, now, if there's one issue
Bannon is known for as well,
it's, uh, it's his opposition
to immigration.
And on that front,
he did not budge an inch.
People have been able
to come here,
find a place,
contribute to the economy.
That's what immigration
has been in America.
You couldn't be more dead wrong.
America was built
on her citizens.
-We're all immigrants.
-America was built on her...
-Except the Native Americans,
who were here. -Don't-don't...
don't give the...
This is the thing of the left.
This is... Charlie,
that's beneath you.
America's built
on her cis... on our citizens.
Look at the 19th century.
The control of our borders.
Economic nationalism is what
this country was built on.
In the recipe
of how to make America,
I feel like Steve Bannon
left out a crucial ingredient.
Uh, he's just like,
"Uh, economic nationalism,
closed borders.
That's what this country was..."
If he was making a cake,
he would have been like,
"Why is the cake not ri...
"Oh, oh, yeah, slavery.
Of course.
"That's what was missing.
There you go.
That's how you ma...
I forgot the slaves."
You see what happened there,
my friends?
They took down the statutes and
Steve Bannon forgot the history.
They were right.
They were right.
I don't even know why
he's fighting about this.
Like, we all know America
is a nation of immigrants.
But you know what, just for fun,
we called a professional
who, uh, found out
that Steve Bannon's
Lawrence Bannon
arrived in the U.S. from Ireland
by the 1850s, right?
At a time when America's borders
were so open
that Irishmen could
just walk into the country
with no passports, no visas,
no background checks
of any kind.
So, in many ways, Steve Bannon's
great grandfather was a Dreamer.
Yeah. And his great-grandson
is a (bleep) nightmare.
Anyway... Anyway, Bannon...
(cheering, applause)
Bannon held his own in last
night's interview,
but-but there were times
when you could tell
that Charlie Rose
was getting under his skin.
Just... just look at his face
when he's asked questions
that he doesn't like.
You know that this White House
leaks like nobody's ever seen
a White House leak.
And that's where the reporters
are getting the story.
And they're getting a story
about conflict
between you and H.R. McMaster.
They're getting stories
about conflict between you
and Jared Kushner.
What the hell is that?
Like, just... What...
Like, what is that?
I almost felt like
if this interview
had gone on any longer,
I would have been
seriously worried
for the safety of Charlie Rose.
And that's where the reporters
are getting the story.
-And they're getting a story
about conflict -(rattling)
between you and H.R. McMaster.
They're getting
all these stories...