Step 3: How to make Roti.

2 months ago

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In case you're really really new at cooking
Which everyone does things differently...
I'm going to show you how I do potatoes
So I just strain them and I'm just going to mush them up. Right when they're hot you want to add butter. I
would recommend
Unsalted is fine. You can do salted, but I wouldn't do any kind of sweet butters and
Honestly, you can do half of a butter stick or a whole and depending on your diet
Then we'll salt and pepper and my grandparents who just so differently
They're very adamant about peeling the potatoes
but I like to keep the skin for the nutrition and
They use their blending machine which I don't have. So I didn't do the good old-fashion "if-you're-new-to-cookin" type of style
Been married for ten years, and I did some baking. When I was growing up I did not know I could cook
But like my like my Grandma says, "If you can read, you can cook."
honestly, I don't think my mom loved cooking so
my Dad went to cooking school maybe
You learned your skills from a friend or from YouTube but
I honestly love to learn those things I got some
very diverse friends more than I ever used to have some friends from Nigeria and India and I love
to learn new things
So I can have a, "taste of Africa," as my friend calls it. Alright. I'm gonna add some milk.
Milk helps it get fluffy (for eggs too). If you've never tried it and
It is a nice additive. I guess you can add water if that's all you have.
So you'll be amazed at how well milks does
My friends always ask me. How did you make that? I'm like, uh milk and butter.
Kind of like my friend that makes roti. She just does flour and water you're like, "wow."
My friend uses wheat flour, but I'm using what I have until I run out of it
I usually bake cookies with my flour
But now I'm actually making food. This will work folks,this will work. All right. Just add
the salt and pepper in there
I'm a teacher at heart. That's why I like to show people what I make
Or how I do things because I learned from others, and I can't help but share it
Alright. The fun part is coming up.
All right, I do apologize this camera might be a little bit. Oh there.we go. Okay now
We are going to put the
potatoes in the bowl
I'll back up a little bit for ya.
All right, potatoes in the bowl. Mix it with our vegetables
And we got some red onion
you got some
Serrano peppers. If you want to use habanero peppers then of course do not use your hands. But the Serranos are
kind to my hands, some cilantro
some cilantro that stuff smells so good when I was a kid I had some friends from
Honestly their countries no longer exist because they were persecuted and they left
but they're always your breath always smelt like this
and I didn't know what it was because I was
a kid that didn't eat cilantro, and now I as an adult
I don't normally like it in my foods, but man when we mix it in here. It gives it a nice
flavor. If you don't like cilantro, leave it out
I'm going to add some of my
crushed vegetables from earlier thinking that the potatoes will soak up some of that juice,
Oh, and garlic oh yeah, there's garlic in my crush material. Here we go.
This is the fun part
Okay, and where's that salt? I'm going to just add a little bit more here
Mix it up if you don't do salt because of diabetic or something, then don't do salt.
My friend is really good with her hands because
that's what she always does. So she was doing this with her hands (as I am).
Potatoes! Flavored potatoes pretty much what we're doing.
My friend suggested to make this
extra thin. Some people like it thicker.
Okay, now we're going to fold it
And now we're going to make it thin, and I'm going to start heating my pan up to like medium
Medium because my stove runs hot.
Use butter. You can use Pam. My experience with too much butter, it will be kind of soggy, so.
Don't do too much
Let's see, okay
This part be careful because as you might be able to see it starts to come through you know there's potatoes in here and liquid
so just
Experiment with it. It's better to have it thin though. I think we're going to have two of these. I think that would be wise
Yes, sweetie ...watching Tarzan
The only time I started cooking a lot was
When she began to sleep, and then I realized maybe I can actually do this
Okay, let's do this guy first (veg. oil)
Okay, I'm gonna heat my pan.
the flour on your roller
[I need to find a more efficient way to do this. Any suggestions?]
I think it's good to go roll it one way set it back and forth
There we go
Once you want to, then just start pushing with your hand and once it's see-through
And when you know that, it's good
I'm going to do a little bit of oil
Because it helps when you're pressing it
too much oil of course will make it gooey and...
This is going to be nice.
So when you feel your hands pretty much touching your counter or even showng holes, that's actually good if you like, it's thin which is
Because it will rise up because it's dough
Okay, we're going to put this on the burner (pan).
making a brophy
I'm going to spray last time I used butter, and it was just too watery, so
I like the heat a little high so it can be you know, sizzling.
All right, I want trying to heat up a little bit
Of course you don't want to rush cooking. That's probably why I didn't do a lot of it before. I'm kind of like a
one and done type of person
first time I made some Nigerian
rice, I was in the kitchen for an hour
That was before I had a blender. I was chopping up all the
Habaneros and
Had added my turmeric, and then my husband said I've never... It was only an hour
But my husband said," I've never seen you in the kitchen that long
was pretty comical
Butter might give it a nice flavor
Oh, you got some cool moves
of course the first one will be longer than the rest of them, so
This morning. I did this and I did
sugar for my daughter
So she had like sugar bread like brown sugar and cinnamon and she ate it with honey and pretty much like toast
Serrano. Onions. Garlic.
There's potatoes in there, so pretty much doing fried potatoes with bread. It's a it's a hearty snack. You know
Mean there's kind of like no stopping what you could do with this idea
So that's pretty much it. I mean it's always a nice kick to it with Serrano peppers in there
It's not even that strong. It's just like a
really simple recipe . See how if it's thicker, I got bubbles.
If you really want to go all out you can make them
Turn over heat down a little bit. You can make
a heart shape. You could dye the dough. I thought about that actually I had dreams the night that my friend taught me
I had dreams I was dying the dough green and red. I mean I was obsessed with trying this. All right looks good.
So if you prepare the dough I suppose you could make it all happen much quicker
But it's really delicious. It's homemade and it's
Kind of fun, too
Well, my guess is a hobby
Have a good night or a good day
Try something new today.