Special Agent Oso A View to a Fire Drill Top Cartoon For Kids & Children - Anna Hayes

2 months ago
Special Agent Oso A View to a Fire Drill Top Cartoon For Kids & Children - Anna Hayes ♥ Subscribe Anna Hayes : https://goo.gl/6wrgqu ♥ See more playlist: ...

English subtitle

Beautifier drill
Where's Musa
Well oh hi Musa you sure are quiet
So be sure to stay on the caves path, I'm ready to lead the way
But I could use a little help finding the big cave
Which cave is the biggest?
I've never been in a fire drill. I'm not sure what to do me neither I
Know let's have a practice fire Jill my mom can show us how and we can't practice a fire Jill if we don't know what?
to do
Okay everyone remember to stay on the what's that whoopee?
It's all part of the plan
Help Marie and her friends practice a fire drill. Will you help me with this special assignment?
Marie's friends will be leaving soon
Special assignment accepted
Yes I
Agree, we need to practice a fired you so we know how to be safe in case there's a fire fire stand back
I'll put it out with my special agent pen pilot. What's our first step step one line up single file
Sure thing, but what does single file mean?
This is the quietest line ever what are doing great? I can't believe how quiet. We are oh
So what inquiry means no talking Murray's right?
Oh, so our family's safe spot is outside by the tree. I remember
No, I'll pretend to be the teacher and lead us to the safe spot everyone
Please walk outside to the tree stay together until the teacher says it's safe to go inside
More or less oh so Charlotte you have to stay with this that's the safe spot don't wander off don't wander off Hey
Assignment complete you girls did such a great job practicing a fire drill
Thanks, mom
Now you'll know just what to do at school tomorrow
Let us safely through the cave
outstanding also out
Standing more than lead your team to the cave. Also you also completed your special assignment. I couldn't have done it without your help
Look mister dose gave us another dizzy, man
Thanks to you now, I know the drill the fire drill that is
Clean fingers
- Philip repeats water tank fast
Which means fast fast in French wolfy says I need to open the water tank door, but I'm not sure which one it is
Which door is the one for the water tank oh?
The one with the water drop
Did you wash your hands charlie
That tickles
He needs to wash his hands before dinner, but he doesn't know how your special assignment help charlie wash his hands
Will you help me with this special assignment will do mr.. DOS now? Where's whirling?
Your service as always
I'm here to help you wash your hands
Pilot what's the first special step?
Step one rub your hands with soap and here's a tip you only need a little bit of soap
You only need to press the soap dispenser once like this
But how will we know how long 15 seconds is here's a tip you can sing a short song like twinkle twinkle little star
It was just the right amount of time now you're up to step 2 specially
You know so is you to help me wash my hands, but we need a grown-up to help us get warm water
I think I can help you with that. Okay. Thanks now. We can rinse our hands
Should do that before I take the hose out of repeats water tank in my training exercise
Thanks Charlie Charlie dinner's almost ready
He's right by my calculations dinner will be ready in six seconds great. Can you stay for dinner also?
Thanks, but I have to get back to my training exercise
Bye charlie
By yourself, don't worry repeat. Thanks to Charlie. I know to turn off the water before pulling the hose out of your tank
You've earned a special assignment digi metal look mr.. Dose gave us another ditch
We sure cleaned up on this assignment
Hmm the swamp sure is wet and muddy
I'll need my swamp boots. Let's find them together
Where are my swamp boots your painting looks terrific Nicholas grandpa's gonna. Love it. Thanks dad
I want to finish it before he gets here, okay
But he'll be here in a few minutes to watch the game with us
That ought to do it Wolfie and Dottie will never find me
Wolfie daddy, how did you find me?
Special Agent Oso mr. Dose here. It's a colorful
Situation Nikolas wants to paint green grass in a picture for his grandpa, but I could use some help with this one
Will you help me with this special assignment?
Beautiful leaves on that tree you want me to leave you on the tree. Well you got it ourselves
That's me in the plush. Did you bring me green paint even better Nikolas?
I'm here to help you make green paint by mixing new colors with the paint you already have here are all the paints I have
Oh, so well there sure are a lot of colors
Let's find the red paint first is this the yellow paint
Yes it is
We found the yellow paint now we need to find the blue paint is this the blue paint
I couldn't have done it without you great work everyone now
You're ready for step 2 squeeze the paint onto the palette a palette is what artist
I got paint on your picture. I'm really sorry Nicholas. That's okay
Oh, so I can paint over it, so it looks like fall leaf
Thanks Nicholas say that reminds me, thanks
Hey, we made a new color, but what color is it?
Orange cool red and yellow make orange, but I still need green paint for the grass. Oh so hurry
Oh, so Nicholas is grandpa will arrive. Let's mix yellow and blue and see what?
Hey grandpa look at the painting I made for you very nice work, Nicholas
You're welcome Nicholas I won't leave paw prints for Wolfie dotty to follow
You did more than cover your tracks. Also you also completed your special assignment. I couldn't have done it without your help
And for that you've earned a special assignment dizzy metal-look mr. Doe skip
We sure had to mix it up on this assignment
Special Agent Oso just press your foot down on the poo the harder you press the faster it goes
But if you go too fast you might lose control
got it Wolfie, but
We're ready tamales
Wonderful Carmen, let's get started abuela. I wanna show Morita and Xavier how to make tamales all by myself
What's Wrong Carmen, I've never made tamales all by myself, I'm not sure what to do
Carmen wants to show her cousins how to make tamales, but she doesn't know how
Your special assignment help carmen learn how to make tamales
Everyone thanks pop pilot special assignment for tamales with love accepted
I sure am Carmen, but first. I'll need to wash my paws
Come on. You know so you can wash up inside who is made from corn
Okay, I know corn is yellow so the masa must be yellow, too
which bowl do you think has the yellow masa in it and
You don't sound too hard
Don't press down too hard. I need to remember that when I'm on my water bike great job now
You're ready for step 2 add a spoonful of filling
We're filling our tamales with some yummy chicken okay, no problem. Oh
I see now
Thanks Carmen, it's almost time to cook the tamales Abuela's right. You'll need to finish those tamales in seconds
I'm sure it is how to make tamales. Oh, that's wonderful Xavier maritza. I can't wait to see
Now if you'll excuse me I have a water bike to ride
Enjoy your tamales bye everybody bye
adios bye
Rocks again, but thanks to Carmen I know not to press down too, so I don't go too fast
Outstanding also ow
Standing you've completed your water rescue training exercise
You also completed your special assignment
I couldn't have done it without your help and for that you've earned a special
assignment dizzy metal look mister dose gave us another clue gee
This assignment was excellent
excellent indeed