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13 days ago
Sofia The First Gone with the Wand Top Cartoon For Kids & Children - Yellow Rabbit ♥ Subscribe Yellow Rabbit Channel : ♥ See more ...

English subtitle

Gone with the wand, I think I finally got it were me
Enchancia to visit him in his legendary Tower of Dragon hold this afternoon
Do you realize what an honor this is there's more? This is going to be the?
Eye for doctor boom Cordelia the conjurer mr.. Pikula stop, I'm Sofia
I'm a friend of your uncle Cedric's any friend of uncle cities is the bestest best friend of mine Wow?
About that Cordelia I am only in enchancia for a few days
And I'm determined to make the most of it shopping it spells Fifth Avenue lunch at the old you can conjure buffet
Oh, and I'm having an enchanted better no Cedric
You're such a dear for doing this, but now I'll be back at sundown to pick up my little angel fit
The indication says I can bring two gasps why don't we just take Calista with us? Oh well I suppose McCool? Oh?
It's just a little phase Callisto's going through she's been taking things. I'm sure she'll grow out of it before too long
Come along what if she keeps doing what she's doing?
Let's go in there's lots of stuff to play with here
Hmm I
Was just practicing a new spell that can put a person
Inside a mirror all you need is some water from a reflecting pool and a shiny silver bowl. This is mr.. Ban oh?
Would you like to try some fungus among them
I'll give you the grand coule of my tower. There's so much to see I'm not sure I've seen everything and I live here I
Have so much in here is the fall where I keep all my things my wonderful Wong's my radiant rings
Inside of that awesome special memento I swear
You will see
That was only the tip of the iceberg ladies and sorcerers there's much more to show you
Amazing wizard uncle ceddy
Yes, well meeting Merlin was a dream come true for me
He even gives powerful one of the greatest wizard in the world you have to give it back right away
Ooh goodie old wizard
It's not yours that didn't seem to stop you from taking it. I couldn't so only he can use it
You're no match for Merlin then
I'll just take this one back to my fortress and figure out how to unlock it. Then I'll be able to use Merlin's
What are we going to do Merlin invited us into his power he trusted us, and this is how you repay him
I'm sorry
I'll go get the owner back for you, and everything will be okay, right we'll take care of this together. Yes
Verities more ganas portraits
Wait collector who knew gives away from that song
You can escape me
What this
Burglar, that's what shake. Thank you - Morgana with pleasure
I know I didn't think something this bad could happen
That's the problem you didn't think at all you just took things
You're right, okay?
I'm sorry. I took your wand if you help us save uncle ceddy
I promise I'll never take anything ever again. What this calls for is a clever plan
Hmm you know Morgana has so many mirrors in her fortress it's like
Place the wand you wish to unlock on the ultra of unravelling
Excuse me your evilness
Did I say not to disturb me? Oh you did it's just that I thought oh, don't see
admirers closet okay open it
Wait I mean where
or the one with the glass slipper oh
Well, that's better I suppose you can stay
Put it over there boys once the dome is attached twisted in a counterclockwise direction
Next drop three troll tears on the dome
Mirror behind us
Wherever someplace where you can reflect on your evil deeds for a while Oh
Nonsense I haven't had this much fun in years
Farewell I shall always remember the name Cedric the sensational
Which is what I'm going to do from now on that's really good to hear Calista. Let's go home uncle ceddy
indeed Calista let's
Screamo cats
What happened to all my apple slices
Watch the fireworks sorry you know I've recoup we all the time. I can't help it. Well. I can't help breathing fire
Had a boy frito, it's not his fault this playground is too. Small I
Can't believe I'm saying this, but you're right
I am
We should really bring our pets to a bigger playground can sneak them in and go out to the playground when no one's looking
Let's do it tomorrow. Okay. I don't know guys. It doesn't sound like a very good idea, but Sophia
Trailing stay hidden
Now we just have to get through sorcery class and Men so I will be your substitute
Luckily I am a Popov of many talents and today
I will teach you my favorite an orange. Oh
Apples are my favorite. Everything is my favorite cover
sorry, finally we stand back and
Refreshing now children it is your turn to try
Their children I will be back start mixing your potions now come on mix mix mix
So many apples offer me. Hey save some for me. We're supposed to stay
What happened to you
Oh, this is worse. This is even worse. We have to get them back before the teachers see them. We'll be right back
They are so going to get in trouble those birds. I'm covered in scales parts of me are blue. This is not okay
Holding where all the classrooms are excuse me miss flora yes dear do you mean?
I have to be inside a classroom all day long think of it as a grand
Endure it go on to relieve their kingdoms. It's a baboon with a peacock tail oh
We wouldn't have anything like that, but you did say yes guys look
Peacock feathers, let's follow the trail you know Sofia if there's anyone to blame here. It's James's monkey oh
I feel
What are you doing I got excited by you just
See, that's what happens flying would be easier than this I always thought hopping would be easier than this
Huh I guess I never really knew what it would be like to be you until I started oh
Okay, I'm cool mostly all right to the playground crackle
There they are we have to get them to class before professor Popov gets back
Look a flying rabbit and is bad hulking dragon
Don't you tap away from me?
Look they went that way, but I wouldn't say that um where clover and crackle they left they left, how could you let them leave?
What could we do Sofia?
Amber told us not to move James and I can make a new potion to unmix our pets while you and Vivian
Roundup crackle and clover you two can make a new potion the instructions are right here
Kluber Sophia, sorry, I'm so glad you're alright
Everything's going to be okay the emerg aims are working on a new potion
He's headed toward the gym Sophia you
Don't go in there. No. I'll get him to come back. Just wait here trust me okay
Thank you do you have any questions?
Someone, please explain why there is a giant baboon bird beast in our ginseng see mr.
Toomy but it's not all his fault
Well, it's not all my fault either. No matter what you think
You're right amber. It was your idea. We can explain miss flora
We brought our pets to school
We knew it was against the rules and we shouldn't have done it and then there was an accident this gymnasium, but first things first
Better fix these poor pets this will unscramble them all
Okay for you don't move. Okay. We're on it
Crackle clover I need your help catching freedo done poisoning crackle. Can you use those breath? How's this Sofia perfect?
Okay here goes
Fire breathing sure comes in handy
Please home over well at least I got my legs back I
Better not be missing a single feather Bertha's Queen Avery. I'm so sorry
Let me assure you that this kind of wild behavior will never happen again
Got to use a key source
just kidding I
Think this is the school for me, Mom