//OWC 2017 Team Russian Federation [English subs]

5 days ago
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English subtitle

Follon is the captain of russian OWC team this year
and has a substantial tournament experience
He has managed to participate in such tournaments as Dual Cup, OCWT, OHC, GAF and many others
Most of the times follon lead the team
On each of the tournaments he has shown how good he is at technical and alternate maps,
low AR maps, streams and jumps,
and any mod combination
Follon is famous for his scores on Gimme chocolate,
FCs on old Dragonforce maps,
numerous FCs on val0108 maps
including an SS on Scarlet Rose and others
Follon deserves to be the captain and we are sure that he will show his best on OWC to carry his team to victory
Talala - top 2 RU and top 30 W,
which is already something
With his fellow osu players talala has played on tournaments such as OCWT, OHC, GAF, OZT and many others
where he demonstrated his ability to play really difficult old maps with low AR, technical maps, streams
and other types of maps,
mods are also not a problem for him
Talala is famous for his DT scores on 8bit princess and Romantic fall, and high bpm streams performance,
which you can witness on maps like
Apparition and Cosmic Cortex,
and some other scores which make him
a pretty scary opponent on OWC
At the same time it's talala's 5th OWC which makes him the most experienced player in the roster
At the moment talala is lacking some consistency but hopefully we will see progress this year
Red Pixel is one of the most gifted CIS osu! players, acclaimed in Russia and on international competetive scene
He at first appeared on OWC in 2015 as a newbie and already then had one of the best performances in the team,
since then he actively participates
in every tournament he can reach for
Apart from his tournament play excellence,
Red Pixel has 10k pp
which he has farmed not on Best Friends or
Choco Cookie, but truly elite maps,
like burn that moment into retina of my eye 99.6%,
[Awaken's challenge] +HR
His non-pp FCs include gems like P8107 +HD, Dokkin Summer Adventure + HR, Camellia - Enantiomorphs
Just recently Red Pixel has participated in GOT where he destroyed most of his opponents, including russian figures
and string foreign players like Astar
He 4-0ed Talala and even FCed
XY&Z [Extreme] for 99% in lobby
It's no use listing Red Pixel's strong sides because he is sick at literally anything playable
and his skills on tech maps
are comparable to world legend Toy
Without a doubt, especially in the context
of missing _index,
Red Pixel is the primary secret weapon of russian OWC team and we all do count on him!
Haenes is one of the best HR players in Russia
He has significantly improved during the last year
and decided to try to apply for OWC
and participate in russian OWC qualifiers
where he proved his skill and joined the team
He will be sort of a replacement
for _index this year
Haenes has played on russian tournaments like ROC and GOT where he has shown fair results
Haenes' strong sides are spaced streams and high CS, which you can tell from his HR FCs on Ice Angel,
Revolution Deathsquad, Martyr Of The Free Word
and some other maps
He is also good at other types of maps as seen on his scores on Cycle Hit, Boogie and Yuudachi No Ribbon
Participating in OWC is a valuable experience for the player and we hope that Haenes will show his best
Aden is another OWC member who earned his
spot through OWC qualifiers
He is not a true tournament player even though
he has participated in GAF, osu!crews
and a couple of russian tournaments where he has shown his excellence at HD, technical maps, good aim and Double time
Aden stands out with his various scores such as HDDT on Insane Techniques and Aka no Ha,
HDHR on Tokyo and caramel heaven, nomod on Rolling Gothic mix and hidden on Fox4-Raize-
On the OWC qualifiters Aden has once again proven his skills and earned a well-deserved slot in the OWC roster
It's the first OWC for him but I am sure
that he will show his best and carry many maps
Shiawase is one of the most experienced
tournament players in Russia
Participating in three OWC, GAF, OHC, OCWT, numerous 1x1 and other tournaments provided him with a ton of practice,
thanks to which he is still
one of the most valuable players in the roster
On those tournaments Shiawase has shown his consistency and ability to aim, play high bpm and various mods
Shiawase hasn't set too many insane scores recently but a worthy mention would be #2 place on Forgotten +HDHR
Shiawase doesn't play a lot at the moment
but he is not out of the game and we hope
that he will be strong on the upcoming OWC
AxewB is the most recent addition
to russian OWC roster
He has been playing for 3 years and has gained enough skill to shine at OWC qualifiers and secure a slot in the OWC team
At the moment AxewB doesn't have
a huge tournament presence,
however he did play on OHC with his team
Kemono Friends with a fair success
AxewB has shown consistency and mods all-roundness, good aim and high accuracy even on scoreV2
You can see those skills in action on HD FC on From Under Cover, nomod FC on Sukisuki Zecchoushou,
HDHR FC on Everything Went Numb
We hope that little tournament experience won't stop AxewB from showing his best on OWC this year
Okinotori is arguably the strongest CIS mouse player
and a fan of old mapping
Besides he is the best in Russia at EZ and
has the first world FC on Santa-san with EZ
Apart from his love to big circles and big dohnuts Okinotori aka Vitya1337 is strong at nomod and hidden,
he excells at low CS,AR and bpm
His notable scores are Ikasama Life Game Skystar's difficulty HD FC, Fairy Tail Main Theme [KIRBY MIX] +DT FC,
nomod FC on [Skystar's Laziness] and
Monstrata's transform sliderbreak
He has already participated in some local tournaments and even faced Red Pixel & follon,
the strongest russian osu! duo,
losing 7-5 in the finals
Vitya himself says that he is bad at losing and can't stand the fact that someone in the world plays osu! better than him
With such a mindset he is rapidly
crushing the leaderboards
and we hope that he will show the world
he mastery at the upcoming OWC