S.K.A.T.E NEPAL - Full Documentary

2 months ago
Throughout April and May this year, Refurb Skate, a collective of female skaters from Europe and New Zealand traveled to Nepal to make the sport more ...

English subtitle

People talk about me like...
"She only skates with boys"
"Who will marry you?"
"Who will take care
of you in the future?"
Skating is not for
boys only.
It's for girls also.
My name is
Rezina Maharjan
I am from
I started skating
one year ago.
I am the first girl
of Kirtipur skating
When I carry my skateboard
and go to practice
Many people look
at me and judge me.
People think that I
act like a boy
Play like
a boy
"Are you a girl?"
I know I
am a girl
and I'm proud
to be me.
Old people
like my dad
has this image
of skate parks being
these grungy places
where kids go and drink
and smoke and hang out,
and just bunk off
school and stuff.
I think a lot
of people still have that image
in their brains.
Hopefully we put out
quite a good message,
and quite a good example
of how it can work really well
in a community.
I hope that
what we've been doing
helps at least
some small fraction
to change attitudes
towards skateboarding
for girls especially,
so that their elders -
parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles -
don't see it
as a negative thing
and don't
dissuade them against it.
That they have
that support from their families
to carry on
with something that they love doing.
We've met
a lot of people here
who couldn't even
afford a skateboard.
But given a skateboard,
or lent a skateboard,
or one skateboard
between ten people...
you're still
and you're still a skater.
When we first
got to the skate park
we met the little girls,
and they said:
"All the boys
won't let us in there."
Their mothers
are standing around,
sending the boys in,
but they wouldn't
send their girls in.
I noticed
things like that,
and thought:
"She wants to come, I can see it!"
All the other girls are looking
and they just
want to hang out with them.
I feel like
they're pushing the boundaries
for Nepalese women.
When I see
other girls skating
I feel really
Usually, Nepalese women
work in the fields
They are supposed
to stay home
They are supposed
to clean their house
Cooking, washing clothes
and dishes.
Girls are
not robots
They are not
supposed to only work
In my family I grow up
with gender equality
I have a
younger brother
We are treated the
same in my family.
The fact that men
can relax and eat
while women are
the ones working
That's not
In the beginning our
neighbours and friends
They would
On how my daughter
was dressed
And on how she would
skate instead of studying.
I would simply answer that
it was my decision to let her skate.
I never went
to school.
That's why I want
my daughter to succeed
It would fill our
hearts with joy
It's good that my
daughter skates
That's how
I feel.
There is definitely
a stigma attached
to skateboarding.
People think that:
"She's a bad person for skateboarding,
and hanging out with the boys."
I hope that
what we're doing has helped
just a small fraction
to work against that.
In Nepal,
they have so many expectations
Where would you
fit skateboarding in there?
Nepalese women
and women. Full stop.
If you feel
that sense of freedom
on a skateboard,
it has nothing to do
with your
physical ability
or how skilled
you are,
it's how much
you enjoy it.
If you enjoy it,
then you should be doing it.
So you pick
up a skateboard,
it's relatively cheap,
and that's it.
That's all you need.
Before skating I didn't
have any friends
I used to
be shy
I didn't
talk to guys
Now I am
more confident
It was not
that scary, right?
We did it!
We tried it,
we did it.
Proudest moment
was dropping in
front side
and back side turns.
My grandfather
"Did you jump?!"
I said:
"No, I'm trying!"
Now he's excited.
Maybe if
the girls will come,
I think I will
teach them
because there
are no girl skaters in Pokhara
so I think
I will teach them.
Even if you fall,
you try harder
and you'll get perfect.
I feel like
I'm flying
It feels
like flying
The boys are
so friendly to us
they don't
They teach us
to skate and teach more skills
It feels good.
No matter
what age you are
if you have
a skateboard or skate
you will
be friends with everybody.
doesn't discriminate.
Everything around
can discriminate.
When you're
in the park, that's all you're doing.
You can be
black, white, brown, yellow, poor, rich
and it's all the same.
Everyone is there
just skateboarding.
That is
what it's about.
We've been told
that there will be
more skate parks
being built here,
starting September.
They will be
government built.
So I'm hoping
that the skate scene
really grows over here,
and that maybe
it will start to produce job opportunities
for people over here,
that way
people don't have to worry as much
about trying to
make time for skateboarding
The Nepalese
are incredibly busy people
they work
six to seven days a week.
It would
be nice in the future
to see people
being able to merge
their sports passions
with their jobs
or with their studies,
as opposed to
one disrupting the other.
I think
all of us are on the same page
We're never
going to be pro skaters,
that's not our goal
but we're always
going to carry on skating
because it's fun
and we love hanging out together
and going skateboarding.
That's really
what we wanted Refurb to be about
It wasn't
"Come and start skateboarding
so that you can be a pro,
and go to X Games
and get magazine covers."
It's about
doing something new
that you love
to do with your friends
because that's what we do.